Electric stove 4-x konforochnaya, glass ceramics: description, specifications, reviews

Four-burner electric cookers are suitable for large families. On average, device power is about 9 kW. Before buying a model, it is important to consider the volume of the oven, the package bundle, and the power consumption. Some slabs are manufactured with interlocking controls. This is a very useful function if there are small children in the house. The standard set of the device consists of a baking sheet, grill and guides. There is an average stove for four burners in the 35 area, thousand rubles.

4 electric cooker x hotplates glass-ceramic

Zanussi ZCV95 Model Description

This 4 hotplate electric stove (glass-ceramic) has the following characteristics: the volume of the oven is exactly 47 liters, the power is 9.2 KW. Indication of residual heat in the devices is not provided. If you believe customer reviews, the panel of the model is able to withstand more load.

It is cleaned without problems. However, there are some drawbacks to the stove. First of all, it is a weak lighting of the oven. It is also important to note that there is only one baking tray in the kit and the electric cooker itself. Instructions are also attached by the manufacturer. The user can purchase a slab at a price of 32 thousand rubles.

Characteristics of the plate "Bosch EC55"

These "Bosch" electric stoves (glass ceramics) are in great demand because of the high power in 9.5 kW. The width of the model itself is equal to 52, see. The manufacturer does not provide an automatic boiling system. Rings are installed in different diameters. The weight of a large pot will withstand calmly. Among the shortcomings, it is important to mention a weak sound signal. The oven in this case is illuminated normally. If you believe the owners, then there are no problems with cleaning the burners. Repair of electric stoves should be carried out only in service centers. The price for this model fluctuates around 28 thousand rubles.

What is interesting model "Burning 637"

This "Burning" electric stove (glass-ceramic) is equipped with a control interlock. It is also important to note that in the automatic mode the overload protection system operates. If necessary, the power of the individual burners can be adjusted. The power rating of the electric cooker is 7.9 kW. In turn, the power consumption does not exceed 25 watts.

Automatic boiling system at the electric stove is missing. Indication manufacturer provided standard. According to customers, heating elements rarely break. However, it is important to note that it is worth replacing them in the service center quite a lot. The specified electric stove for sale at a price of 34 thousand rubles.

electric glass-ceramic burning stove

Hansa FCCW90 Reviews

These are very compact and inexpensive electric stoves for the kitchen (glass-ceramic). In this case, the power of the device is only 7.5 kW. However, cooking users does not take much time. Directly power consumption - no more than 22 watts. In this case, a protective layer in the oven is provided. Thus, it is very easy to clean.

The oven is designed for 40 liters. Due to this, it is possible to bake large dishes. The lighting of this model is simply wonderful. If you believe customer reviews, the control panel fails rarely. The electric stove of various flowers is on sale. You can buy a model for 25 thousand rubles.

electric stoves bosch glass ceramics

Hansa FCCW78 Model Description

These electric cookers (glass ceramics) reviews receive mostly positive. Electricity consumption is extremely low. It is also important to note the compact dimensions of the electric stove. The width of the hob is only 52, see. The oven in the presented model is designed for 37 liters. The protective layer in it is provided by the manufacturer. Directly power model is equal to 5.7 kW. For devices of small size this is considered normal.

According to buyers, the model is great for defrosting dishes. Panel lock in the device is not provided. It is also important to note that the model uses an audible alert. If necessary, the user can adjust the timer for cooking dishes. Repair of electric stoves should be done only in specialized workshops. This model is sold at a price of 37 thousand rubles.

electric cooker instruction

Hansa FCCW63 board features

This is an inexpensive and very practical electric stove. Its power - the whole 6 kW. In turn, the power consumption is no more than 25 watts. Lock panel in this case is provided, and this is good. Also, consumers praise the model for an interesting design. If necessary, you can heat up large containers. The volume of the oven is exactly 41 liter. The automatic boiling system of the model is not used. The specified product is sold in various colors. You can buy an electric stove for just 28 thousand rubles.

Beko CSM 67460 Reviews

This 4 hotplate electric stove (glass-ceramic) gives you the opportunity to set a timer and clock. It is also important to note that the model has a high-quality convection system. After cooking, you can always hear the beep. In the oven, the lighting is very good.

According to customers, the heating element of a product fails rarely. Enamel is used as a protective layer. Electricity consumption is no more than 20 watts. Expansion zones in the device are not provided by the manufacturer. There is a model in our time no more than 29 thousand rubles.

repair of electric stoves

What is interesting model Beko CSM 67455

This 4 hotplate electric stove (glass-ceramic) is sold with pizza and casserole functions. If we talk about the characteristics, it is important to note that its power is no more than 70 kW. Electricity consumption is only 21 watts. The heating element in the device is of high quality.

It is also important to mention the strength of the regulators. If necessary, you can choose the cooking time. There is no panel lock in the device. The oven is installed on a liter 43. Her lighting is acceptable. Among the shortcomings, it is important to mention the absence of a cover. Also, some complain of a weak beep. For these electric cookers (glass ceramics) prices fluctuate around 26 thousand rubles.

Beko CSM 67300 Model Description

This electric stove has everything you need for cooking various dishes. Many owners praise the product most for the oven. The grill comes as standard. It is also important to note that in the electric stove there are two baking sheets.

The model's power is directly equal to 80 kW, and the power consumption does not exceed 23 B. The lighting is very good. Heating zones are provided in various sizes. The automatic boiling function in the device is missing. You can buy this electric stove for 31 thousand rubles.

electric glassware prices

Characteristics of the plate "Hotpoint"

The specified electric stove 4-x konforochny (glass-ceramic) has a pretty good performance. First of all, experts note the high power of the product. If necessary, you can adjust the timer to individual burners. Power consumption is 23 watts. The oven is provided for an average volume. Two trays and a grill are supplied as standard. For cooking casseroles device fits perfectly.

If you believe the customers, the panel is cleaned quite simple. The heating element is provided spiral type. In total, the device has two expansion zones. It is also important to mention that the model is manufactured with a control lock. Thus, families with small children can not worry about security. Indication of residual heat in the model is not provided. At the end of cooking you can always hear a loud beep.

The backlight in the oven manufacturer provides a standard. If you believe the customers, the clock is configured without problems. To connect the device to the 220 B network, it is better to involve specialists. For these electric cookers (glass ceramics) prices fluctuate around 32 thousand rubles.

electric stoves for kitchen glass ceramics

Zanussi ZCV95 Reviews

This electric stove has a lot of functions for cooking different dishes. In particular, modes for pizza and blanks are provided. Automatic boiling system in the device is available. The power of this electric cooker is equal to whole 7 kW. Electricity consumption does not exceed 25 watts.

The timer in the device is installed electronic type. Directly heating element, according to experts, is set to high quality. You can buy the presented electric stove for just 35 thousand rubles.

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