Products of the company “Teplomir”: radiator. Reviews, types and specifications

Today, many people have heard about the products of the Teplomir company. Radiator, reviews of which sometimes they allow you to make the right choice, will be presented in different forms below. The Teplomir company is known in the market of heating systems since 1992. Since then, she has been engaged in the design, packaging, installation of technical equipment for water supply. Today on sale you can meet the equipment of this company. The company has long convinced the consumer of the effectiveness and reliability of its products.

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Company profile

The company provides professional installation, repair and dismantling of old equipment. Specialists are engaged in the replacement of elements of thermomixers, as well as the installation of meters and filters. That is why you, too, should pay attention to "Teplomir", a radiator, reviews of which would be useful to read. Such equipment may be the best solution for heating your home.

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The main types of radiators company "Teplomir"

Visiting the store of relevant goods, you can find radiators in a large assortment. They may have different technical capabilities and installation features. The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a product is the material at its base. Radiators "Teplomir", reviews of which it would be useful to read before making a purchase, can be made of aluminum, copper and aluminum, two types of metal, cast iron. Buyers claim that you can also find steel tubular, panel devices. In addition, radiators are sold, which belong to the design class. They are made of stone, glass and wood.

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Reviews of aluminum and copper-aluminum radiators

You can read reviews about aluminum radiators of heating “Teplomir” below. Such devices are intended to be installed in an autonomous system in a private house or cottage. These devices are inexpensive, but effective, which is especially true for the replacement of outdated heating equipment. As for the copper-aluminum radiators, consumers speak of them as of those that have a small mass. They are calculated on the small volume of the heat carrier. As practice shows, such devices quickly heat up, but also quickly cool down.

More about copper-aluminum radiators

Radiators "Teplomir", reviews of which interest consumers, can be made of copper, as well as aluminum. The key to the high controllability of such devices is a small amount of water and a small own weight. All these characteristics are characteristic of copper-aluminum radiators. Their advantages are especially evident during transition periods: in the fall and spring. At this time, temperature drops are significant, so there is a need to raise the temperature inside the room very quickly.

This can be achieved through copper-aluminum devices. They, among other things, allow you to quickly stop the heating process. After all, sometimes there are additional sources of heat. Due to the small initial energy consumption, such devices receive maximum power. They are able to quickly respond to the signal from the controller and almost immediately after starting they begin to warm up to full capacity. Radiators "Teplomir", reviews of which it will be useful for you to read, cease to heat as soon as the set temperature is reached. People say that heating with these appliances is economical and comfortable.

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Technical characteristics of aluminum radiators

When buying batteries, according to users, it is important to pay attention to such a characteristic as the distance between the axes. The standard values ​​are 200, 350 and 500 mm. However, you can find radiators, the distance between the axes of which differ from the above values. Thus, the pitch can vary from 200 to 800 mm. For aluminum radiators, the standard value of pressure is the limit from 10 to 15 atmospheres. It is important to take into account the heat transfer coefficient. It is indicated in watts. If we take as an example the battery, the distance between the axes of which is 500 mm, and the heat output of one section is 150 W, then the number of sections must be multiplied by this value. This will allow you to get a total heat transfer. Thus, the thermal power of these devices can vary from 82 to 212 watts.

Aluminum radiators "Teplomir", reviews of which were presented above, are easy to install. According to buyers, their price is significantly lower compared to bimetallic. In addition, such devices are the most economical. The consumer will be able to find different in terms of heat transfer, design and production method of the device from aluminum, which can be manufactured by casting technology or extrusion technique. The weight of one section can vary from 1 to 1,47 kg, but its capacity varies from 250 to 460 ml. Despite the longer service life, the manufacturer usually gives a warranty from 10 to 15 years. This value will be true if the limiting coolant temperature is no more than 110 ° С.

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Reviews of bimetallic and steel tubular models

Heating radiators bimetallic "Teplomir", reviews of which allow consumers to make the right choice, can be bimetallic. This type of technology is today the most popular. Many people call it the best option for heating living space in apartments that have central heating. As buyers emphasize, the bimetallic “Teplomir” radiator, which reviews are only positive, is made of two metals: steel and aluminum. This allows you to get maximum productivity of the device.

In all types of heating systems are used and steel tubular models. They have a beautiful appearance and are characterized by ease of maintenance. According to buyers, steel tube radiators have good heat transfer, which makes this type of equipment universal. But such devices are recommended to be used with caution in systems with high pressure and low water quality.

Feedback on steel panel and cast iron radiators

Quite often today consumers buy products of the Teplomir company - a radiator. Product reviews can be found in the article. People buy such batteries in any store of the corresponding goods. For example, you can be selected steel panel devices, which are widely spread among residents of cottages and private houses. As owners of dachas mention, steel panel radiators “Teplomir” (reviews about them are presented in the article) are also quite often purchased for the heating system. They are characterized by high heat emission, and also differ in two types of connection: lateral (traditional) and lower. Choosing a particular model, you will note that steel panel radiators have a wide range of sizes. They quickly heat up and cool down, treated with a special polymer coating. Products fit almost any interior.

If you are going to equip the heating system in an apartment or house, you can also pay attention to the products of the Teplomir company. A radiator, reviews of which will be useful for every consumer to read, may also be cast iron. According to users, such devices are well suited for independent heating systems. If you prefer cast iron, you can take advantage of a wide choice in power and height. In addition, you will have the opportunity to also pick up the original appearance of the device, which allows the use of cast iron batteries in unusual and special rooms. However, you should note that such devices are used with caution in high pressure systems. Therefore, installing them in a regular apartment is not recommended.

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For your information:

Design radiators are becoming more and more common lately. They differ in a variety of materials, colors and shapes. The consumer has the opportunity to order such devices in private, by choosing a specific style. In the manufacture of artificial or natural stone can be used, some types of wood and even glass.

Reviews bimetallic radiator brand 500 / 80

Bimetallic radiator "Teplomir 500 / 80", reviews of which will be mentioned below, is a heating device that you can purchase for 4000 rub. Equipment weight -12,8 kg, if the number of sections is equal to 8. Device power is 1,52 kW. According to users, these devices are designed for heating small and medium-sized residential buildings. First of all it concerns apartments and offices. The heater combines the best properties of popular metals: steel and aluminum. According to buyers, it is precisely because of this that the radiator boasts an impressive service life, which is 20 years old and more.

Instrumentation features such as strength, resistance to high pressure and mechanical damage. All this can be said about heating radiators "Teplomir." Customer reviews indicate that the products are characterized by concise modern design, attractive value. They have a steel core that is resistant to hydraulic shocks and corrosion. Buyers claim that the radiator instantly responds to thermostat commands, and the outer aluminum case allows the room to warm up quickly.

This model, like the others, which are made of two metals, you can purchase by listening to the opinion of the majority of consumers. They agree that aluminum has high heat dissipation and efficiency. The body is made of it. While the steel is able to reliably protect the radiator from the contact of aluminum with aggressive media and water. High heat transfer is capable of undergoing considerable pressure in the system. All these properties are indispensable for an apartment.

bimetallic heat sink radiator 500 80 reviews

Reviews of radiator made of aluminum brand 500 / 96

If you are also interested in aluminum radiators "Teplomir 500 / 96", reviews of them will be presented below. According to buyers, the device can be purchased for 3700 rubles. Among its advantages should be highlighted reliability, universal design, durability, and excellent thermal conductivity. This product is manufactured according to the casting method, and the installation kit is missing upon delivery. Sometimes consumers pay special attention to this. After all, in addition you will have to purchase some parts. The weight of the equipment with 8 sections will be 9,4 kg, and the width in millimeters is equal to 80. The material used is aluminum, which is durable and reliable.


Unique characteristics allow the use of devices made of copper and aluminum to work in tandem with boilers in an autonomous system of the private sector. Such devices have a fairly long service life, which reaches 25 years.

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