Fire Foam: Characteristics and Applications

Fire fighting foam is sometimes required during construction work. It has a lot of advantages. For some time, the material is able to withstand an open flame, as well as maintain its quality characteristics. If you do not protect some objects with such a composition, then their integrity may be violated, which is sometimes completely unacceptable.

Scope of use

fire fighting foam

Fire fighting foam is used today in many areas of industry and construction. When choosing such material, you should take into account the fact that it can be designed for a certain period of struggle with fire. If we are talking about industrial buildings with sufficiently high requirements for fire resistance, this time should be the maximum.

Fire-fighting foam is applied when it is necessary to fill the joints and cavities of stoves and fireplaces. Sometimes there is a need to seal the communication networks, where this material also comes to the rescue. With it, you can seal the holes in the zones of exit or transition of heating pipes, as well as ventilation and water supply. Foam helps with the installation of door and window structures in swimming pools, baths and saunas. You can use it when filling the cavity in the exit zone of the chimney or fireplace equipment. Before you get fire fighting foam, you need to pay attention to the flammability and the availability of certificates.

Features of the use of fire-fighting composition

fire fighting foam

Initially, you should be prepared surface, which must be treated with fire-fighting composition. To do this, the base is cleaned from oil stains, dust, all kinds of dirt, as well as greasy traces and debris. Next, the surface should be well moistened with water. As the most suitable temperature for carrying out these works can be called 20 degrees. If the foam bottle has remained in the cold for some time, it must be kept indoors for several hours before use. After the container should be lowered into warm water. However, it is not necessary to heat the package more than 50 degrees.

Fire-fighting polyurethane foam must be mixed before direct use, for this it must be shaken for about a minute. Next, the foam is installed on the mounting gun upside down. Packaging should not be tilted or turned in different directions. Filling the seams with foam is only necessary on the 1 / 2 volume. If you have to work with the vertical area, the sealant must be applied from the bottom up. On top of the foam should be sprayed with water. However, it is impossible to allow the formation of individual drops.

Technical characteristics of some fire fighting compounds

fire foam macroflex

When it comes to firefighting foam brand Nullifire FF 197, it must be remembered that it is designed to fill the seams in those areas that have high fire safety requirements. It is often used in the construction of refractory projects. This fire fighting foam has excellent insulating, sealing and insulating characteristics. It is characterized by excellent adhesion qualities.

Among its features, it can be distinguished that it has a fire resistance class В1. The material is able to hold open fire up to four hours. The volume of the original cylinders is 880 milliliters. After applying the foam will show the quality of resistance to precipitation and all kinds of chemical reagents, which is especially important in industrial conditions.

Macroflex FR 77 brand foam features

thermally expandable fire fighting foam

Firefighting foam "Macroflex" has the qualities of a professional one-component sealant. The material hardens under the influence of moisture. He is also able to undergo an open fire for four hours. Store foam can be about one and a half years. The most suitable temperature for application is 20 degrees. After curing, the material has a medium pore structure. In order for the composition to reach a final state suitable for use, 12 hours will be required. However, the master can perform initial processing after 20 minutes.

Features of fire-fighting foam "Titan"

polyurethane fire-fighting polyurethane foam

Fire-fighting foam, the characteristics of which are presented in this article, has excellent adhesion indicators with materials of various structures. Among its qualitative characteristics, it is possible to distinguish fire resistance, heat-insulating abilities, as well as strength. Within half an hour after application, the foam can be subjected to preprocessing, if the need arises. Whereas full drying occurs in a day.

The material is resistant to moisture and mold. He is not afraid of toxic gases and has a red color. The material can be used at minus temperatures from -5 degrees. At the stage of polymerization, the foam can settle on the volume from 3 to 5 percent, this should be taken into account when applying. Flame retardant compounds have not very good adhesion with polyethylene, silicone, and also Teflon. Polyurethane fire-resistant polyurethane foam after curing needs to be protected from ultraviolet radiation.

additional characteristics

polyurethane fireproof polyurethane foam nullifire

It is important to take into account all the features before using the described compositions in order to avoid possible problems. Thermo-expanding fire fighting foam must be used under certain conditions. In addition to the above, it is worth considering that the surface must be hard. It is advisable to apply a coat of primer on the substrate, if necessary. It is recommended to have a cleaning agent on hand.

If the cylinder is heated above the temperature mentioned above, there is a risk of an explosion. If it was left in the car in the summer, it must be cooled in water before use. Periodically, the balloon should be shaken to allow it to reach the desired temperature.

Foam Wizard Recommendations

fire fighting foam characteristics

Polyurethane fire-resistant polyurethane foam Nullifire (this also applies to other brands) must be used according to a certain technology. It is important to exclude the possibility of seams overflow. Fresh traces of foam must be removed only with the help of PU Cleaner. It is necessary to moisten the surface of the composition after application in the optimal amount. If you regret the water, it can lead to cracks. Among other things, the composition may expand unnecessarily after the period allotted by the manufacturer. If you opened the bottle of foam, but did not use it completely the first time, you need to work out all the remaining volume within four weeks. After this period, it will not be possible to use the composition, since it is considered unsuitable.

Cost of fire foam

The described material can be purchased at the price of 350 rubles per 880 milliliters. This price is retail. If there is a need to purchase foam in large quantities, then the price can be reduced to 330 rubles. Some manufacturers are more expensive product. Thus, you may have to pay 500 rubles for 750 milliliters.

You can choose for yourself that manufacturer whose product will suit you not only at a cost, but also according to quality characteristics. That is why before purchasing it is necessary to study the entire range of products that are on the market. You should not overpay for the foam, the temperature limit of which is higher than required. In some cases, the required volume of material is large enough, while savings on the foam can be very impressive, if you choose the right quality characteristics.

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