Washing powder “Eared Nyan”: composition and reviews

With the development of new technologies, all washing facilities have been divided into several separate subtypes. The main criterion by which this product is divided is the type of laundry used. All detergents can be divided into powder for hand washing and products for use in automatic machines.

The latter species, in turn, has additional criteria for division. This may be a regular powder, gel or special capsules. It should be noted that it is separately possible to allocate funds for washing baby clothes. It is about them that will be discussed in this article. Nowadays, many manufacturers offer various products made specifically for children.

eared nanny powder composition

"Eared Nyan"

Under this brand comes a lot of children's tools. These include washing powder “Ushasty Nyan”, body and face creams, soaps and shampoos, bath gels and stain removers. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of its products and eliminates any allergic reaction of the child. That is why all these tools are called hypoallergenic.

Since children have more sensitive skin, as well as a tendency to various allergic reactions, it is necessary to choose separate products for them. Dishwashing detergents, powder, shampoo and bath gel must be selected individually. It is not recommended to use classic products intended for adults. Otherwise, you can provoke an unexpected allergic reaction in a small person.

baby laundry detergent

Children's powder "Eared Nian"

This type of laundry detergent is manufactured by Neva Cosmetics. As is known, recently Russians prefer products of domestic producers. Therefore, powder "Eared Nyan" will be an excellent choice for the care of your baby's clothes.

Produced goods in different quantities. You can choose the packaging that is most convenient for you. The following packages can be found on store shelves:

  • detergent in a carton weighing 400 grams;
  • plastic container having a weight of 800 grams;
  • convenient package, including 2,4 kilogram of bulk funds;
  • plastic container weighing 3,5 kilogram;
  • Powdered Nyan powder - 6 kg;
  • big pack on 8 kilograms.

It is worth noting that each type of powder is suitable for both machine wash and manual dressing.

washing powder eared babysitter

Powder Eared Nyan: reviews

For a start it is worth saying that this tool has a lot of positive qualities. Consider in detail each of them.

If you once get the powder "Eared Nyan" for washing your baby's clothes, then forever refuse any other similar products. This detergent perfectly washes any type of contamination. All mothers know how hard it is to wipe baby products from a diaper. Powder "Eared Nyan" will help you to forget about the constant wasting up of children's things. Also, he will be a great helper to mom at the very beginning of feeding. During this period, the baby can not yet be careful in food. Traces of vegetable puree, soup or fruit can always be found on the child’s clothes. As is known, red varieties of berries and bananas are very poorly washed. Such things, many moms immediately set aside and dress the baby only at home. Powder "Eared Nyan" and then easily cope with stains.

This washing detergent is also suitable for washing the clothes of older children. Powder perfectly remove stains from grass and dirt from light children's things. Any contamination from food can be wiped off with this product: juice, tomato sauce, fatty oil. Powder "Eared Nyan" reviews has only positive.

powder eared nanny 6 kg

Opinions of experts

Many mommies prefer to wash baby clothes with ordinary soap. They rub it on a grater and fall asleep in a drum or put a whole bar in a washing machine. It should be noted that such a soap solution is very poorly washed out from the fibers of the fabric. What can be said about the products of the brand "Neva Cosmetics" Also soap can greatly damage the internal parts of the washing machine. "Eared Nyan" - powder, whose composition is ideal. It contains special machine protection particles. They do not allow the formation of scale and prolong the life of the automatic washing machine.

Also, the manufacturer takes into account the fact that in some cases, the powder may not be well enough washed away from the surface of clothing. This usually occurs during hand washing. In this case, the tool has a hypoallergenic structure.

It can also be noted that this powder can also be used for washing adult clothes. Due to the ability to perfectly launder stubborn stains, the powder will easily cope with the washing of clothes for adults.

baby powder eared babysitter

Additional detergents

For particularly complex and old stains, use the Eared Nyan stain remover. It is also well washed out of the fabric and can be used to wash the things of a newborn baby. After applying the stain remover, it is recommended to wash the fabric with ordinary detergent.

After washing, you can use a rinse of the same brand. Things will feel soft and have a great fresh scent. Many mothers use trick to avoid ironing. Baby diapers treated with rinse look like they have just been stroked.

powder eared nanny reviews

The composition of the detergent

It is worth noting that the bulk substance contains almost no dust. While falling asleep in the compartment of the washing machine, it does not rise up. Due to this, there is no irritation of the respiratory tract. Even a child can use the powder as intended.

Also, the laundry detergent contains soft additives that do not allow the shade of colored things to be washed out. You can wash the fabric daily, in spite of this it will remain bright and not shedding.

“Eared Nyan” - powder, which contains the following components: sulfates (up to 30%), phosphates (up to 30%), bleaching agents with oxygen (up to 15%), anionic active substances (up to 15%), silicates and carbonates ( up to 15%), non-ionic active substances (less than 5%), optical brightener, enzymes and perfume.

After washing things have a pleasant aroma and softness.

Price category

eared nanny powder Price

Depending on the region in which the product is purchased, the cost may differ slightly. So, what is the average price for Eared Nyan (powder)?

The smallest package containing 400 grams of the product costs 60-100 rubles.

The package in which there is 800 grams of detergent has a cost within 100-150 rubles.

A package weighing a kilogram of 2,4 has a price within 200-250 rubles.

"Eared Nyan" - powder, the price of which is consistent with the quality. The cost of a package weighing 3,5 kilogram varies from 250 to 300 rubles.

Packing in 6 kilograms costs from 500 to 600 rubles. The biggest package with a weight of 8 kilograms has a price from 800 to 1000 rubles.

It is worth noting that the more packaging you get, you get more savings.

eared nyan powder


As you already understood from the article, “Eared Nyan” powder is the best tool that you can buy for washing your baby's things.

Quite often, the manufacturer holds various promotions, taking part in which you can win good prizes. The most common gifts are various packages of powder, toys, backpacks and other gifts. To participate in promotions you need to purchase goods and monitor the conditions of the draw.

To get started, buy a small package and try. Surely you will no longer want to return to the detergent that you used before. Buy products "Nevskaya Cosmetics" and you will be satisfied!

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