Garden care in the fall. What to do in the fall in the garden?

Every real owner knows that a garden in the fall needs a lot of attention and care. The work done during these months is intended to reclaim the soil, enrich the land with necessary substances and provide plant protection during the winter care in the fall

Formation of landscape design

Gardening in the fall includes planting young fruit trees. Since the soil has not yet cooled after warm summer time, the roots of young seedlings quickly take root in a new place. Moreover, plants in the fall do not emit extra energy to the growth of leaves and the formation of fruits. Therefore, they direct all their strength to the roots. What to plant in the fall in the garden? This is up to you. Virtually no such perennial plant, which would not have taken at this time. Although autumn is considered to be the rainy season, it is recommended not to neglect the watering of newly planted trees, since the wind can dry the top layer of the earth too quickly.what to plant in the fall in the garden

Best fertilizer

Of course, a lot of time is taken by the garden in autumn, tillage and tree trunks. You can independently prepare fertilizer. Many believe that the main task of working in the garden in autumn is to clean fallen leaves. Their summer residents usually rake in heaps and burn. This is the biggest mistake. Why burn or throw away life-giving substances, and then buy fertilizers separately, if you can make them yourself? We suggest you to act rationally and not to spend extra money to feed the garden in the autumn. Wait until all the foliage has fallen, then walk on it with a lawnmower to grind it well. Next, around each tree carefully, without damaging the root system, make small holes. Experts recommend raking the crushed leaves in them. It all starts to decompose quickly. Our small leaves will turn into an excellent organic additive for the soil. In this way, you will still mulch and warm the tree roots for the winter. Here is a triple benefit for your garden!top dressing garden in autumn

Preparing fruit trees for winter

Usually in the summer in the garden no work is carried out. During this period, a considerable number of pests accumulate here. Caring for the garden in the fall also includes the treatment of trunks and trees. When will it be best to do this? Immediately after harvesting, fruit trees are recommended to be treated with urea. In this regard, prepare a solution. We will need 500 grams of urea per 10 liters of water.

In cases where scab or more crop crops have been damaged by rot, the diseased plant needs to be treated with copper sulfate. Prepare a tool easy. Its solution consists of 100 grams of vitriol and 10 liters of water. And the fruits that have suffered from rot, you need to remove from the territory of the garden plot. Trees must be carefully dredged. To do this, it is better to use forks, so as not to damage the roots. After that you can apply fertilizer and water the tree. It is not recommended to level the soil after digging. There is an explanation. Uneven surface absorbs moisture better after rains and melting snow. They subsequently perfectly level the soil. These are the tasks to be performed by summer residents, preparing their site for the winter. Now you know what to do in the fall in the autumn processing

Pruning trees

Pruning fruit trees usually make twice a year. This should be done in the spring and autumn periods. Consider the procedure for preparing plants for winter. Pruning the garden in the fall takes place after all the foliage has fallen, but before the onset of frost. Experts are of the opinion that this process increases the possible yield for the next year. But you can not overdo it. It is better to adhere to certain rules in order not to bring trees harm. One of the goals of pruning is thinning the branches to improve air flow and penetration of sunlight to the entire tree crown. And in young seedlings, this procedure is performed to form the correct crown. As for mature trees, their thinning consists of cutting branches that grow towards the trunk or downwards. They are not needed. Also remove the branches that intersect with others. Thus the crown is formed correctly. The branches should be evenly distributed in all directions. So the plant will get enough light.

An important factor is the shortening of branches, which is performed to control their growth and set the direction in the right direction. The simplest purpose of pruning is to remove dry or diseased processes. They need to be removed from the garden and burn. So do so that the disease does not spread to other trees. Pruning dry branches does not cause any damage to plants. This procedure does not require additional manipulations. But the diseased branches are, in fact, alive. The places of their cut for wood are like open wounds. They need to be processed. To do this, it is best to use linseed oil or oil paint. It also doesn’t hurt to water trees well and add fertilizer to the soil after pruning.what to do in the fall in the garden

Secrets of the formation of crowns of fruit trees

Caring for the garden in the fall is pruning trees, as we have already mentioned. But it must be carried out not chaotically, but based on the established norms. Not worth much pruned young trees. This will slow down their growth and set aside the time to get the fruit. To form a strong skeleton of a tree, it is necessary to leave only one main branch-tip, and all competitors should be removed. If the annual growth of the plant is too weak, then a more pruning is needed. There are cases when it is better to remove one large branch than constantly remove a lot of small ones. If the diameter of the slice is larger than 1 centimeter, then it should be treated with garden pitch, linseed oil or oil paint.

Pruning of trees should be carried out after the leaves fall and before the onset of frost. There should not be branches that depart from the axis at acute angles, they need to be removed. Pruning each tree is an individual task. The intensity of the procedure depends on the type and variety of plants. If the tree has suffered from freezing, its cutting should be postponed to the spring. Then exactly the affected area will be visible. For old trees and bushes, you can use a strong pruning to rejuvenate the plant. All waste must be removed from the garden plot and burned. All tools must be sharp so that during the procedure they do not pull the bark off the plants.pruning the garden in autumn

Cleaning tree trunks

We are increasingly convinced that the garden in the fall, the processing of trees require a lot of time. Attention also needs to be paid to cleaning the trunks of fruit plants. This type of work is usually carried out once every two to three years. Use a metal brush or scraper to clean off the dead layer of bark. But this is done very carefully, so as not to damage living tissue. This process is also aimed at the destruction of pests that often live in layers of dry bark. Having cleaned the barrel, it needs to be whitened. This is done in order to protect against changes in temperature, wind and new pests.

Planting trees in the fall

Many ask the question: “What to plant in the fall in the garden?” In fact, all fruit trees. It is possible to replant in the autumn everything that pleases you. The most popular plants are apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots. The main thing - to properly prepare the soil and seedlings. Also, autumn is a favorable period for replanting shrubs such as gooseberries, currants, honeysuckle, raspberries. At the same time, we do not forget to water them abundantly and fertilize them properly.Garden care in the fall. What to do in the fall in the garden?

The value of autumn work

Caring for a garden in the fall is an integral part of the work of each summer resident. Thus, he takes care of his plants, prevents their diseases, contributes to the best growth of trees. The quality of the autumn works determines the future harvest. The condition of the trees after winter will also depend on the preparation for the winter. Therefore, do not neglect the autumn works in the garden.

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