Where in the house to store money on feng shui?

Where in the house to store money on feng shui?

  • It is best to store money in the eastern or south-eastern parts of the house. Put them in a red box or envelope. Well, if you clearly formulated the reason for the accumulation and storage of money (to cover the debt, for a gift, etc.), then on the envelope, for example, you can write the hieroglyph quot; justice; or "good wishes". Now even such envelopes are sold. When you leave the house you can leave a note in the hallway, putting it so that it reflects off the mirror, then your money will multiply.

  • The southeastern sector of the house by feng shui is the most favorable for storing money. It is advisable to choose for the storage of money a box, upholstered inside with red or golden material. These colors attract money and lure luck.

  • There is one more nuance. If you belong to the Western group (you can find out if you can calculate the number of the GUAM), then the South Eastern direction for YOU will be unfavorable. And all quot; ritualquot; component (boxes, envelopes, red color) can not just not work, but shake financial stability. I do not activate this zone. About financial well-being in my house are taken care of by heavenly assistants in the north-west sector

  • Хранить деньги по фен-шуй можно в юго-восточном секторе, но обратите внимание на прогноз негативных звезд, который я для всех пользователей БВ составляла перед наступлением китайского года Обезьяны.

    Do not put money in negative sectors in 2016. General rules advise not to keep money openly, store them in an envelope in the right sector, if any sector you do not have in your apartment, then keep money in the kitchen, this is the hearth, the heart of the yield and the fertility of your home. Feng Shui is the science of elements, and money is metal. Therefore, I recommend to keep money in a metal box, it's better from carved silver, they are expensive, but believe me, it works. The element of wood, which is so loved by many as generating growth and development, is not suitable for every year.

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