Help me find ... very urgent! analysis of the attended math class in kindergarten ..

Help me find ... very urgent! analysis of the attended math class in kindergarten ..

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  2. I give my self-analysis. if you need a lesson or model analysis write in a personal

    Self-examination of the lesson

    The lesson is designed for children preparatory to the school group.
    Type of employment integrated: mathematics with elements of developing TRIZ education, modeling, health preservation.
    The form of employment is a journey into a fairy tale.
    Justification of the choice of the topic: in the senior preschool age, the level of children's independence in games increases, the children regulate their behavior in accordance with the rules, learn to act in a peer group. Getting used to the events of the fairy tale, the child becomes, as it were, its actor, which increases cognitive activity, lively interest. This contributes to the development of the basic components of educational activities by children, which is a prerequisite for further education in the school, its effectiveness.
    In terms of the degree of complexity: parts of the class are selected taking into account the age characteristics of children, in the development mode.
    I believe that a three-edic didactic goal is revealed in program tasks: education, development, education
    I chose this type of occupation, because the travel fairy tale is the source of creativity not only for children, but also for the professional creativity of the teacher himself. The use of children's fairy tales, included in various activities, is an incentive for the child's self-development.
    The structure of the lesson consists of several stages:
    1.Organizational, which includes emotional and psychological attitude to the activity using the artistic word, elements of TRIZ: Salad of fairy tales, tactile-developing game Magic bag, creating situations that allow children to show their individual qualities.
    It helped me to establish contact with children, to learn their personal development, so that in the further stages of using a differentiated approach.
    2.The main.
    Several tasks were solved here at once:
    creation of conditions for the development of the subject's position of the child:
    - actualization and enrichment of the subject experience of the pupil
    - access to previously accumulated experience (knowledge of mathematical concepts)
    - Creation of situations of moral choice (heroes are good evil, glade is gloomy-beautiful, Baba Yaga's house is old, ugly-spacious comfortable house)

    - the organization of knowledge through experience, the actualization of sensory experience (immersion in a fabulous atmosphere, the desire to intervene in the situation and affect it: save the fairy-tale heroes.)
    - stimulation of children for independent choice and use of various ways of performing tasks (drawing a cat picture, working with Z. Mikhailova's table, situation-game Labyrinth)
    - creating a situation of independent search for the question (Open the castle, decorate the glade drawing up the map)
    - implementation of an individual approach: providing dosed care, creating a situation that allows children to show their abilities, creating success situations (emphasizing the achievements and successes of the child)
    - Creation of situations of mutual assistance between children, use of such study assignments, where the interdependence of the results of individual and group work is strong (drawing up the silhouette of the cat, labyrinth, choice of transport), emphasizing the importance of the achievements (successes) of each in solving the general learning problem
    3. Final. (reflexive-analytical)
    Creation of conditions for the development of the child's readiness for self-determination (including personal responsibility for learning outcomes):
    - Motivation of children to self-esteem, self-control, self-analysis of activities (We decorate the apple tree)
    - Help in understanding the motives of one's own actions, behavior, activities
    - enriching the child's social experience, forming a positive self-image, feelings We
    Thus, I believe that children are able to hear and accept teaching assignments, express their thoughts, fulfill tasks according to plan, are able to listen to the comrades' answers and help them.

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