How to become physically stronger? Power training. The development of physical strength

It is no secret to anyone that physical strength is not only a vital resource, but also security and one of the criteria for attractive men. All men want to know how to become physically stronger, even if they do not speak about it out loud. But, unfortunately, only a small part takes any action for this. In order to become stronger, it is necessary to develop all the muscles of your body. The development of muscles is mostly influenced by proper nutrition and strength training.

Physically strong person

Physically strong person

Let's figure it out. Who is such a physically strong person? This is the person who can protect the girl on the 12 floor as well and protect the girl in the late evening. Nature provides that instinctively attracts women power. Physical form - this is what saved our ancestors from certain death thousands of years ago, and now it helps us to feel more confident in the conditions of the modern city.

Proper nutrition

How to become physically stronger

The nutrition of a person who is concerned with the development of physical strength must be balanced and correct. We'll have to stick to a certain diet and eliminate foods that either have no effect or lead to fullness. No matter how many people attend strength training and not iron, he will constantly see the same numbers on the scales and wonder why the weight is not growing. As in any business, in nutrition it is necessary to have some understanding of what and how it affects the body.

Food should solve the following tasks:

  • Contain enough calories to keep your body from feeling hungry during the day. The feeling of hunger is the main enemy in the development of muscles. When the body needs resources for burning, it will start burning not only fatty layers, but also protein elements.
  • Nutrition should also affect the decrease or increase in total body weight. It all depends on the tasks. Gaining weight and strength training is an integral part of becoming a beginner strongman.
  • Nutrition should reduce the amount of fat and increase muscle mass.
  • Also, nutrition affects hormonal levels. In order for the development of physical strength in men to proceed quickly and efficiently, the male hormone testosterone must be released.

Muscle training

physical strength

In addition to proper nutrition, which is 30 percent success, you need to remember about sports. It is advisable to conduct classes in the hall and with the coach, but if for some reason there is no such possibility, you can use a set of home exercises or join the “Workout” movement. It is also important to remember that any strength training is traumatic, and it is advisable to properly prepare a training plan before proceeding.

Training may vary depending on what interests you more - relief or strength. Exercise in these cases will be fundamentally different. If we talk about strength, then the main rule here is that it is better to do fewer repetitions, but with more weight.

Each exercise is responsible for working with a single muscle group. Conventionally, muscle groups are divided into parts of the body: arms, back, chest, abs, legs. Training is built in such a way that each muscle group is worked through every other day. The day of work is a day of rest. This is the best training option, as many coaches say.

Additionally amino acids and protein can be obtained from special sports nutrition. Many people confuse sports nutrition with the so-called chemistry, or anabolic, but this is another story. Sports nutrition - these are the same nutrients that can be obtained by consuming chicken breast or a glass of milk, only in a dry, powder form. They do not harm health and do not change the hormones, but help to strengthen muscle mass.

Fitness equipment or free weights

development of physical strength

Many athletes mistakenly believe that the preference should be given to the deadlift, bench press and squatting, and then the question of how to become physically stronger, will disappear by itself. This opinion is erroneous because every person has a very individualized body, and deadlift, for example, is absolutely impossible for people with weak back muscles. First you need to train them, and you can do this with the help of pull-ups and simulators.

A newcomer who has just arrived at the gym should give preference to the simulators, at least until he normally pumps the stabilizing muscles. The simulators are designed in such a way as to give maximum load, eliminating the possibility of injury. On the simulators, a muscular corset is formed, stabilizers, and the technique of basic exercises is practiced. After two or three months of active training on simulators, you can move on to free weights.

The number of repetitions and weight

power training

As mentioned above, when practicing relief and strength, there should be different approaches. If you are interested in the question of how to become physically stronger, then remember: less repetitions - more weight. As a rule, athletes try to take weights in such a way as to make 10-12 repetitions for 3-4 approach to the projectile.

Of course, there are pitfalls here too. To exercise even with large weights were effective, you need to pay great attention to the technique of implementation. At first, beginners are recommended to do more repetitions with less weight, in order to practice the technique and bring the exercise to automaticity.

Additional recommendations on how to become physically stronger.

  • Do not forget to eat right, and remember that you need to eat 1,5 an hour before class and one hour after, so that the workout is most effective and you can digest as much protein as possible.
  • When recovering, the body builds up muscle mass, and this happens only in a sleeping state. Strengthening and muscle growth occurs in a dream, so you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day, preferably not to interrupt sleep.
  • To avoid unnecessary injuries, use additional equipment, such as elastic bandages and other accessories. When working with very heavy weights, it is better to use special retaining corsets for the back.
  • Before training, there must be a warm-up. During the warm-up you need to warm up the muscles and body. For this great treadmill. The working temperature of the athlete's body is 37 degrees. In addition to warming up the muscles, be sure to stretch and stretch the joints.

Only through constant, heavy physical exertion and proper nutrition can one become a physically strong and healthy person.

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