What are the national sports in Russia?

What are the national sports in Russia?

  • If we speak by origin, and not by popularity, then these are all sorts of historical types: lapta, towns, wrestling, Russian hockey (hockey with the ball). If by popularity, but quot; come " Sports - football, of course, and hockey. With football, however, is not quite clear thing.

    It is a pity that such a once popular sport as chess, for which there were broadcasts, reviews, journal publications, is now not in high esteem. The intellectual level of the masses falls together with the love of the "difficult"; entertainment and skills.

  • Russian national games we have, albeit not as much as we would like, but still they are. The old Russian game of fun is a paw. Sambo and small towns were also invented in Russia. Small towns, by the way. very ancient game.

  • Fortunately, Russia is a multinational country. And 160 peoples of Russia have their own national sports. Unfortunately, we do not have national sports other than international ones. But inside each nationality you can find your sport.

    I do not know if the links to third-party projects are allowed here, but here is a link to the news, there are a couple of national sports there.


  • It is hard for national sports in our country, apparently costly. I wonder how much stadiums are worth for competitions for baseball, American football? And Americans are wasting, apparently paying off. And they are not interested and do not look back at others. Why do not we organize the Federation of Russia in the game of bunting, towns, because many stadiums are empty in the country. Apparently this is a problem after all, Mr. Mutko. Maybe he played baseball as a child?

  • Our national sports, that is, the kinds of sports that we invented, are the Russian Lapta (known since the time of Peter the Great), Sambo (appeared in the 20-that century, immediately after the revolution), towns (the older game, the first The mention can be found since the days of Ancient Rus.

  • Russian national sports are: Russian lapta, gorodoshny sport, sambo. They have a centuries-old history and they have survived to our days, passed from generation to generation, absorbing the best national traditions.

  • Russia is a northern country, that's why winter sports are mostly national ones - ice hockey, ice hockey (we are much more often champions of the world than usual hockey), cross-country skiing, biathlon.

  • If we take those sports that really represent their country with successes, then this is of course:

    -Hockey, since in this game sport, Russia can count on any places and titles in the world, namely at the national team level. Club hockey is also one of the strongest on the continent. Most importantly, Russia almost won everything in it.

    -Box, I mean amateur, because in it Russia at the Olympics is always one of the strongest teams in general.

    • Freestyle wrestling. Russia also has many nationalities in its federation, which are among the best and even the best in the world. Greco Roman, too, what only Karelin costs, and there are new stars, too.
  • Recently, much attention has been paid to physical culture and sports. They increased the number of hours for physical culture at school, all the more they open different sports sections, mass competitions are held, such as, the Ski Track of Russia, the Cross of Nations. Accordingly, I can conclude that our sports are Skiing and Running.

    If we look at the last Olympiads, our athletes showed results on Cross-country skiing, Biathlon, Figure skating, Synchronized swimming, Gymnastics. There were high expectations from Hockey players, even the president came to cheer for our, but something of a hope for them was not justified.

    Judging by the mass of fans, fan clubs, ... the most popular sport is Футбол. Oops!

    And if you plunge into history, after all, national sports are created for centuries, passed from generation to generation, gradually improving, influencing the education of certain qualities of a person, and the nation as a whole, we will see that

    The most popular game was considered Lapta gamebut for some reason she was not recognized as a sport. 🙁 Although I know similar games that have turned into sports. This is American baseball, British cricket, Cuban pelottes, Germans have a barrier,

    Beautiful old, purely our Russian fun Wall to wall. And again, without the status of a sport. Maybe because it's fisticuffs, Fights without rules ...

    Game Townships

    Fight Sambo Self Defense Without Weapons, appeared in Russia relatively recently, after the revolution.

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