Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant): athlete's biography, height and weight (photo)

One of the greatest basketball players of our time was born in Philadelphia (Pa.) 23 August 1978. Kobe Bryant, whose height at this point is 198.12 cm with a weight of 100 kg, is indeed one of the greatest players. Noteworthy is the fact that his father, Joe Bryant, was also one of the players in the NBA and achieved considerable heights in sports. During his entire professional basketball career, Jelly Bean (as they called Joe) played 606 games in the League of the Association, where on average he gained 8.7 points per game.

Kobe's childhood and adolescence

The future NBA star was in elementary school in Italy, and his acquaintance with basketball took place there. After Kobe returns home, this sport becomes his main occupation. Daily trainings, father's advice, viewing and evaluating videos ... Thanks to everyday games, Kobe Bryant begins to grow quite quickly as a player - not only physically, but also morally. After Bryant enters Lower Merion High School, thanks to his work ethic and, naturally, his talent, the young basketball star almost immediately attracts the attention of scouts who are looking for good players. Needless to say, regular training has led to the fact that in the 4 of the year, his team, which was frankly called “bad,” has become the state champion. And basically it is Bryant’s merit. In the end, Kobe Bryant becomes the most productive player of the state in its history. In total, he managed to score 2 883 points. As a consequence, in the 1996 year, he won the title of the best player among schoolchildren. Naturally, after that the door to the world of the NBA was open to him.

Kobe Bryant

Start a professional career

The first team in the professional basketball association that chose him was “Charlotte Hornets,” in the draft, he was under the 13 number. But soon they exchanged him at the Los Angeles Lakers on Vlada Divac, who plays the centering position, which the Hornets needed. Kobe Bryant, by the way, was a shooting guard. Meanwhile, in the Lakers, a young star began to actively show himself and declare himself more often. I especially want to mention him during the Weekend of all the stars, where he became the most productive player in that match when the novices played.

Kobe Bryant when she returns

After that, he even won the Dunk Contest (ring tops from the top). Already at the end of the first season, Kobe was included in the 2 National Team of the National Basketball Association, where the athlete gained an average of 7 points per game. And already at 19, in the All-Star Game, which took place in 1998 in New York, he is chosen to be the starting line-up of 5 people in East All Stars. Due to this, the young star was now officially recognized as an NBA superstar, thus becoming the youngest player in the entire history of the association. He achieved simply breathtaking success. Spending on the basketball court just 26 minutes, he managed to throw an average of one game on 15.4 points.

Meet the Spouse

Kobi's wife - Vanessa Bryant (before marriage Lane) - met the star
basketball parquet at the age of 16-years, at a time when Bryant was already 20. At that time, Vanessa was trying to earn money in dancers for various music videos. The novel spun quite quickly, and as early as April 18 of 2001, a solemn marriage ceremony took place. It is noteworthy that Kobe's parents were initially against marriage with Vanessa, all their arguments were based on the fact that the spouses were too young for such a serious step. As a result, Kobe Bryant completely stopped communicating with his parents, and this went on for several years in a row.

Championship in the Lakers

Kobe then goes directly to the NNX team 3, where he shows excellent Kobe Bryant Growthresults and on average scores per game on 20 points. And despite the fact that he had to miss the first 15 matches due to injury from his right hand, Kobe Bryant, when he returns, will soon show phenomenal results. Between 1999 and 2000 a new coach comes in, named Phil Jackson, and under his command the Lakers become NBA champions. Needless to say, Kobe and Shaquille O'Neil were among the main stars of the team. In those years, they were recognized as the best game pair. But soon some disagreements begin, as a result of which Shaq leaves, and soon the coach leaves him. But Kobe’s career continues and grows only upwards, he progresses further, and in 22, in the match against the Golden State, he has his first personal record - 51 point. Plus, his performance now reaches 30 points in one match.


Nearly two years after the wedding, the Bryant family is a significant event. In January, the 19 number 2003, the first child is born. This is a girl who was called quite loudly - Natalia Diamant (in short, simply Natalia). In the same year a small scandal broke out. According to US law, Kobe was charged with the rape of a minor girl who was 19 years old. But soon all charges were dropped. By the time the first child appeared, the basketball player was able to communicate with his parents. After another 3, the family has a second child, also a girl, who was named Gianna Maria-Honore. She was born 1 May 2006.Coby Bryant biography

Our days

Kobe Bryant, whose biography is truly magnificent, continues to set records. The brilliant career of a great basketball player continues, and Kobe with his 8 number on the T-shirt "Los Angeles Lakers" will bring a great amount of pleasure to all his fans and fans of the beautiful game. Some consider him to be the heir to the basketball throne of Michael Jordan, and the public will say many times a drawy “Wow!” At each drift that has become his trademark card.

lebron james and kobe bryant

At the moment, it is worth noting the fact that Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, according to the official version of Forbes magazine, are the highest-paid basketball players, ranking first in the 2 ranking. The basketball player constantly sets new records and participates in almost all star matches exclusively in the starting fives. This confirms his status as a true basketball star of all time.

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