Sea fishing: tackle. Features of fishing at sea

If you are bored with freshwater fishing, and pike or carp weighing 5-6 a kilogram does not seem to be welcome trophies, then welcome! Sea fishing is just what you need. In it there is a certain extreme, and even experienced fishermen who constantly produce cold-blooded people on a river or a pond, and having there, as a rule, the most “catchy catch”, may well suffer a fiasco at sea. Easily! After all, sea fishing presupposes the presence of certain skills, and the fish that lives in salt water has completely different characteristics than freshwater, and its species differ significantly. The nature of fishing, bait, bait and tackle is also different. But you should not get upset right away, because where is ours, the fishing soul did not disappear (correctly: it never disappeared anywhere)! Therefore, we prepare carefully and find out what sea fishing is and what it is “eaten” with. And then, taking with you the necessary gear on the sea, you surely, like the most avid fisherman, will get maximum pleasure from the rest.sea ​​fishing

Fishing on the sea. Features

Of course, this kind of fishing has its own distinctive features. First, sea fish is characterized by greater activity and vigor, as it lives in more difficult conditions than freshwater, especially pond fish. The entire water space is filled with creatures fighting for their survival, looking for prey. Therefore, it is much more difficult for us, the fishermen, to get sea fish (it does not hurt to at least superficially study the main types of inhabitants, the ones we are going to catch, their habits and eating patterns) before the trip. Secondly, sea fishing is more like a sporting competition than ordinary. Because it requires fisherman and good physical training, and ingenuity, and skills, almost never come in handy river fellow hobby. And thirdly, it should be taken into account: fishing from the coast from the shore is the least effective. It is necessary to prepare to throw from the pier or to the open sea on a boat, which also requires careful preparation and some caution and even courage (especially if a storm begins, and you are a kilometer away from the coast on a fragile rowing boat). But we are not accustomed to difficulties. So let's get rich already with knowledge, and even leave on the nose.sea ​​fishing

Who can catch when and what

We will not go far beyond the sea fish, say, to Norway, since not many can afford it today, but turn to our southern favorite seas. How good, for example, sea fishing in the Crimea, at almost any time of the year! Which fish can be successfully caught in this shallow and gentle sea? And what is best to catch on what tackle? What bait and lure to use? We asked around to all this experienced fishermen, who often fished on the sea surface, and this is what they told, according to their own experience.sea ​​fishing in the Crimea


Of course, this familiar fish is the easiest to catch. And not a single sea fishing in the Crimea, probably, can not do without this big-headed miracle. Since he is greedy for bait of animal origin, and clings to the hook, even when he doesn’t really want the fisherman himself. There were cases when, for example, five gobies were hunted at the five-hook donk at the same time in one cast. Of course, this is in the presence of the so-called zhora. But in general, the goby pecks almost all year round (in winter, however, it is less active). And on the bottom and float tackle for sea fishing. And you can catch it into pieces of fish (experienced fishermen, so as not to waste too much time and money on the bait, the first caught bull is dismembered right there into small pieces and used as a nozzle for hooks), mussel meat, shrimp, squid. Well used worm, marine and normal. The main thing is not to forget that the bull loves meat dishes and swallows them with pleasure. Yes, it is swallowed, because sometimes you can remove the hook from this predator only by slightly gutting, the tackle goes so deep! Beautiful and productive sea fishing from the shore, stones, piers. For a large specimen (and a goby can be not only small), you have to go by boat or boat.tackle for sea fishing

Scad, flounder and other

Of course, one bull, as they say, you will not be full. But there is still plenty of other fish in the Black Sea. A productive time for successful fishing is the mid-end of summer and warm autumn. Mackerel, sargana, kalkan, glossa, sometimes - mullet, Leban, pelengas, even katran. All of these fish, of course, with a certain scenario and accompanying success can be fished on various tackles for sea fishing. By the way, it's time to talk about them in more rod

Fishing rod

If you are not too big professional fishing in salt water, then the float rod for sea fishing - what suits you most. However, it should also differ from its lake-river companion in some respects. They relate not so much to the design features as to the quality and strength of the tooling, the use of much thicker woods and strong hooks.sea ​​fishing from the shore

How to catch?

  • A fishing rod is usually caught from the shore, where it is possible to throw the bait at least half a meter deep, from rocks and rocks, from piers and moorings. Yet, despite all the specifics of fishing, it is a mass phenomenon.
  • It is best to take an ordinary telescope to a goby with a length of just over 4 meters. The reel with a reserve of fishing line on 20 meters, inertial, is not very bulky. Leads with fishing line no thicker than 0,10-0,15 mm.
  • But the floats in most cases without any need (on the bull). Since, if this fish pecked, then you instantly feel through the hand.
  • Hooks - from 4 to 7 numbers.
  • On the other fish on the modification of the gear may be slightly different.

Spinning for sea fishing

This kind of fishing is both modern and most sporting. After all, indeed, fishing spinning should be well prepared both mentally and physically! Judging by experience, the greatest catchiness on the Black Sea coast can be observed immediately after sunset and up to the very darkness. What is there to watch - better to participate! Bring good luck and night fishing on the lunar path (though not superfluous to stock up and headlamp), although at night and slightly bite, and in the predawn hours. Spinning harvested from the shore. It is preferable - in quiet, deserted places, away from the beaches and bustle. The bottom is best pebble, rocky. You can use stones protruding from the water along the coast.

  • Rod stronger, long to 2-meters. Coil inertialess. As a tackle - braided cord with a good margin to tear, hooks of medium size.
  • As nozzles - silicone and wobblers. For scorpions, for example, the best is rubber octopus. With an average load of coastline stones, it is better to use wobblers, from those models that are closer to the bottom. Silicone is held closer to the stones where the fish can hide, alternating jerks and further fence the fishing line slack (with a broach). Cutting done immediately after bites, giving the fish how to taste the bait.spinning for sea fishing

Bait, bait, bait

We return to the perennial question: what to catch and what to lure? After all, the bait in marine conditions should also be different from freshwater. The very bait places are used quite rarely. You can feed the ground with fish in a meat grinder, crushed mussels, which are dark on the Black Sea!

  • Among the baits are the most popular mussels. After all, they stock up on all the time fishing is not difficult.
  • Crayfish (small shrimp) are also in demand, especially in summer. Walk with a net on the coastal zone, and now - the bait is ready. If laziness - it is possible and very cheap to buy on the market!
  • Fresh fish meat. It is mainly used for catching the same goby from a pier or rocks.
  • Sea worm (Nereis) is a universal bait that lives in coastal soil. If, again, it is too lazy to dig, then you can buy a couple of boxes at the nearest bazaar - one fishing trip should be enough. And practically any sea fish of various size bites at it. Successful fishing!
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