What is push-up?

What is push-up?

  • Such bras were invented in order to visually increase the size of the breasts due to its uplift. Decollete in girls with a small chest becomes thanks to push-up appetizing and quot; richer;)) Personally, I did not wear such bras, as there is no reason for this, but I know for sure that they are great help women.

  • Bra "push-up"; it can be said, an artificial breast, because it performs part of its volume or role, in one word increases the volume of the breast, and adjusts its shape.

    An overhead chest - that's what a "quot; push-upquot; in Russian.

  • Oh yeah! When I had a good, cheap bra from Jolidon with the effect of push-up, I just felt like a woman. A beautiful and voluminous chest gives such confidence that with your 2 size you just feel like a super model. I loved to wear tight sweaters and turtlenecks. Also has got rid of one feeling of inferiority in occasion of the small breast which suffered very much for a long time. Push-up is a great invention of mankind.

  • Bra with a push-up effect designed to visually enlarge the breasts of a girl who does not have a magnificent bust. But my man's opinion on this matter: How push-up bras are estimated by men.

  • There are not only bras, but also panties push-up.

    These are toilet items that give extra volume in the right place. If it's a bra, then adds extra volume to the breast with inserts in cups of a bra.

    Inserts are foam rubber, silicone.

    Depending on the thickness of the interlayer and the features of the cut, there are those that slightly raise the chest, there are those that increase the chest volume by size, and there are those that greatly change the shape of the breast.

    What is push-up?

    These bras help girls with a small chest feel more confident.

  • This bra visually makes the breasts larger, more magnificent, of course this is a real gift for women whose nature has not been awarded with a big breast, I already experienced this bust myself and consider it a real gift.

  • Yes, before only such bras and bought! For girls and women with not very large breast size, push-up raises not only the breast, but also self-esteem and mood. The last three or four years I wear ordinary bras (the chest has grown and has become the form that is necessary!)

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