What is the quality of cosmetics for Willows Roshe?

What is the quality of cosmetics for Willows Roshe?

  • To me from cosmetics Willows Roshe like only agents on care of a skin of the face, and even only those on which the prices high. On these creams I do not have allergies and they are perfect for my skin. Decorative cosmetics I do not like there, I think that for this price you can buy a dekorativku very high quality.

  • Good afternoon!

    The quality of this vaunted French cosmetics is far from the Belarusian. Here, cream PURE CALMILLE Pure chamomile is simply horror: methyl-ethyl-propylparabens. About their harm has been said a lot, but what really shocked me in the makeup of ECO cosmetics of this brand, how they position themselves is the presence of phosphates! In Europe, even detergent powders with phosphates are prohibited because of their possibly deleterious effects on the skin when they wear things washed by them. And then rub it into your face! What do you think, what effect can you get after using such cosmetics? It is not promised advertising!

    And the smell of this cream is just horror, you sleep at night and you hear this sugary smell of a table of useful chamomile.

    I described this cream as an example. Virtually all cosmetics IV ROSHE has nothing to do with IVF - it's enough to get a grasp of the composition, and not to listen to their advertising.

    And the price is not justified. There is no point in paying such dubious quality for money!

    All criticism concerns and their decorative cosmetics: in powders talcum, which clogs pores, in shine of parabens the basic component ...

  • And I would say that the average quality at a fairly high price. I did not buy much, but the cosmetics that I bought did not impress me much. Mascara smeared under her eyes, lip gloss slid. Toilet waters have a good smell, but are kept medium.

  • Good quality.

    You can safely use.

    I like scrubs and body creams, face masks are also good, although average, there are also better. Avtozagaras at willows are generally the best.

    In Yves Rocher, I prefer the means for the body, rather than the means for the face.

  • I once bought a lot of things from this make-up, I will say that there is nothing special about it, ordinary cosmetics, only the price is expensive. Willows Roshe lure constantly with gifts, but no matter how much I bought from them, nothing supernatural came across. And now they have a lot of make-up in St. Petersburg and the quality has completely deteriorated.

  • Once I wrote in great detail (even in length) that I thought about this brand as a whole. For two weeks my opinion, by God, has not changed to the opposite.

    The concept of quot; qualityquot; very stretchable. To begin with, you need to determine what you are investing in this concept.

    • If you are scared of horror stories about parabens, you will be looking for cosmetics without them, and then you will get the product from "Yves Rocher"; quality does not seem. But I'm more frightened by the fact that instead of parabens put in cosmetics instead of parabens - bronopol and armatrol - that's why they are not available for quot; Yves Roshequot; I consider it as a positive moment, and I'm not afraid of parabens, as they have been blackened without any evidence.

    • If you do not know that perfume fragrance can cause both an allergy and irritation on the skin, then you will be attracted to the "tasty smells" that generously provide all the products of "Yves Rocher", and if you know, and even more so, if you know for sure that you can not use products with perfume, then this brand will generally have to be abandoned.

    • Если Вы знаете, что гамамелис может вызывать сильное раздражение кожи, то Вам придтся очень внимательно читать список ингредиентов любого продукта от quot;Ив Рошеquot;, потому чт его кладут практически во вс, даже туда, где он не заявлен на лицевой стороне упаковки (на тыльной, в квадратике, где обязаны указать вс в порядке убывания, я часто обнаруживаю неприятные сюрприз, и гамамелис - один из них.

    • If you know that lavender, rose, lemongrass and many other "quot; ingredients can cause skin irritation and allergies, then you will very carefully read the list of ingredients (all in the same box in the backyard) and give up many products "Yves Rocher". If you know that these plants do not harm you (only in this you need to be absolutely sure), then the attitude to the products will be different.

    In general, the cosmetics "Yves Rocher"; meets European and international standards, it is certified in contrast to all cosmetics of the countries of the Customs Union. This is the middle peasant, who has better and worse products, but for myself, I found very few suitable products there.

    О decorative cosmetics brand "Yves Rocher"; I can only say that shadows, lipsticks and tonal creams are lower than any criticism. Lipsticks to indecency are poor in pigment, tonalnikov can not find a natural shade. Mascara (different versions) behaves in a boorish way, if not one flaw, then another, and often - a combination of flaws:

    • crumbles
    • annoying eyes
    • dries in a week
    • mascara for 360 degrees of volume made my eyelashes skinny in appearance - that's really not expected to "lose weight in the eyelashes". And she did not ask me to visually compress me there.

    Used, gave quot; esch one chance; repeatedly, refused them completely. And here varnishes I use it willingly, although the liquid for removing the varnish is so stinky that I had to give up and from not.

    If quot; Yves Rocher; somewhere and saves on otdushkah, it is on the toilet waters (EdT) and quot; perfumesquot; (that is, perfume waters - EdP). Sometimes, you will find a pleasant aroma, and after half an hour it disappears! The purchase of additional funds (gel for the shower, milk, deodorant) with the same smell resulted in a considerable amount and red spots on the skin, but the effectiveness of the perfume did not increase. This brand makes sense to buy only the EdP version (Eau de Parfum) and only from the most expensive fragrances - only they behave in any decent manner.

  • Along with Avon and Oriflame, just that prices are 1,5 times higher.

    Oh yeah, well, perfumery is more persistent and unearned.

    For this money you can safely buy Maxfactor, Pupa, Loreal and be satisfied with the best quality 🙂

    The only thing that they have very good and inexpensive are shower gels (99 rubles).

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