What should be the weight with the growth of 155?

What should be the weight with the growth of 155?

  • The weight for growth 155-45 kg is considered normal. That is, the growth is minus 110. But in fact, and this is a lot)) So the ideal weight was considered, it was called French. And for men, not one hundred and ten is taken away but simply one hundred. That is, a man with this weight should weigh-55 kg.

  • It is generally believed that a person's weight should correspond to the last two figures of his growth. For example, if you have a height of 155 cm, then the weight should be 55kg. In this sense, of course, there is, but it is not necessary that all this should coincide exactly. If a person is overweight, he will surely feel it: a violation of the proportionality of the figure, shortness of breath and in general the corresponding health problems. And if you do not have such problems, then everything is fine, even if the height and weight do not match.

  • My height is 155,5 cm, the ideal weight is 51,5 kg.

    At least so gave out electronic scales + a meter of growth in one

    at you at such growth weight 51 kg

    Stop, this is if we talk about the female field, in men the weight is different

  • Normal weight or normal body weight, we calculate similarly, as in previous cases, for example, as well as with growth of 175 cm proceeding from the formula body mass index.

    We get the normal mass of the body with the growth of 155 cm = 1,55 m, located between the two limit values:

    • lower limit: 44,5 kg (18,5 x 1,55 x 1,55)
    • upper limit: 60 kg (25 x 1,55 x 1,55)

    If the body weight is less than the lower limit, then physicians are advised to gain weight, if the body weight is greater than the upper limit, then it is recommended to lose weight.

    ... now my own thoughts on this matter ...

    I will notice a curious fact. Valery Zolotukhin all his conscious life kept weight on one level. I watched and wrote regularly in the diary that I should lose weight. In 70 years weighed as much as in 18 or 20 ... But, excuse me for the bitter truth of life ... lived only 71 a year.

    Excuse me for another truth of life. My grandmother never saw the problem of her weight and did not bother about this topic, ate what she wanted, and how much she wanted, and lived 93 years.

    It is considered proven that longer live not thin and normal, but well-fed people, whose weight is more than normal at 10-15%. Fat in the waist is a defense of the heart, it's immunity, and not a problem for the heart and blood vessels. Atherosclerosis can not be avoided. Atherosclerosis is a protective mechanism of a wise nature, so that a person could not die so painfully and terribly ... I mean, it's better to die stupid, in marasmus due to atherosclerosis, and not smart and healthy.

    I will also note. Normal weight is not an indicator of health in our time, since the more body weight, the more a dose of poison can be transferred painlessly to the body. And this is important in bad ecology:

    • dirty water, which we drink,
    • dirty air, which breathe,
    • dirty (with chemical additives ... all sorts of E-shkami and pesticides) food that we eat.

    That's the truth of life.

  • The lower chapel for this height is forty-four kilograms, and the upper chapel is sixty kilograms. But about the upper chapel, it should be noted that it can be justifiably violated. If a person goes in for sports and obesity is formed by muscular tissues, then everything is fine to worry and lose weight is not worth it.

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