Prompt a diet on which it is possible to throw off for 2 weeks 4- 5 Kg!

Prompt a diet on which it is possible to throw off for 2 weeks 4- 5 Kg!

  1. - on this site you will choose a diet to your liking.
  2. Hello! On the refrigerator, hang a photo of a slender model, and when you want to eat something in the evening, you will have an obstacle before your eyes, you will want to become as slim and close the refrigerator door. There are many different diets, you can follow different, but you can follow my easy advice. You can eat foods that help lose weight:

    Cabbage (Vitamin C dissolves fat, potassium regulates water exchange + few calories)
    YOGHURT (Calcium accelerates metabolism, lactose extinguishes hunger)
    MARINE FISH (Improves the thyroid function, accelerates the metabolism accordingly)
    GRAPEFRUIT (Vitamin C and bitter substances regulate digestion and improve metabolism)
    MATE (A large number of trace elements + accelerate metabolism)
    ANANAS (In his pulp there is an enzyme called bromelin, a cat that breaks down fat). EAT the BUT, BUT THE BEAUTY !! !!

    BROKCOLES - vitamin C (large amount)


    Kefir. Kefir promotes the removal of the final products of fat metabolism, improves digestion, relieves feelings of heaviness in the stomach, improves complexion. The positive effect is felt for an hour - during this time 91% of kefir is absorbed. Know-how: 1,5-2 l fat-free yogurt, acidophilus, curdled milk or yoghurt without sugar is divided into 5-6 servings and drink during the day. To avoid hunger, take 5-6 tablets of food pulp each time, creating a feeling of a full stomach.

    Orange. Have breakfast, have dinner and have supper with oranges - not less than 1,5-2 kg per day. In each - 45 mg of calcium and 100 mg (daily dose!) Of vitamin C. Orange pulp acts as a mild laxative, helps to remove from the body the toxins and excess of fatty acids supplied with food. In orange, a lot of fiber, satisfying hunger, and only 40 kcal for 100. Know-how: You can prepare an orange salad from 6 oranges, 4 carrots, 0,5 kg of cabbage, a cup of grape berries and 4 teaspoons of sesame. Carrots rub on a small grater, the rest cut, fill with lemon juice, mix - lettuce is ready! Mix freshly squeezed orange juice with grapefruit (to taste) - this cocktail acts as a fat burner and reduces appetite.

    1. Bread, pasta, all without exception cereals
    2. Sugar, honey
    3. Buns, candies
    4. Potatoes
    5. Alcoholic beverages
    6.Mayonnaise, coats, sausages

    Required intensive sports, at least 3 times a week, running, classes on the press, twisting the hoop, jumping rope, bicycle, gymnastics, swimming, dancing! And there are baths with sea salt, massages.

  3. A hungry diet with diuretics. And why so quickly? Kilograms per week, not faster, doctors are recommended to drop. So quickly the weight is driven by athletes before the competition to fit into a smaller weight class. But with a healthy lifestyle this has nothing to do. Like starvation. The diet should not be hungry so that there will be no breakdowns for gluttony. Because of the breakdowns, the weight returns and the motivation to lose weight fades. The best option: a moderate diet with calorie counting and sports that will bring joy. My sport was fitness in a special suit for muscle electrical stimulation (went to the club Newfit in Omega Plaza, next to the metro Avtozavodskaya - it's in Moscow). Dropped 17 kg for 3 months, once and for all, I hope
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  5. diets are harmful !!! !!
    just exclude from their diet sweet, flour, fried, alcohol, potatoes, crisps crisps and so on, soda; count calories; move more;
    personal experience: lost weight on 7 kg for 2 weeks.
  6. carbohydrate, do not eat foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates: bread, sweet, pasta, a little cottage cheese, meat, cereal can not, cereals, too, eggs a little, potatoes are not desirable, fruits can but not too much. In the morning, natural pineapple juice or fresh pineapple slices.
  7. My diet:

    Morning: (6.00-8.00)
    Green tea or coffee without sugar. (For the time of a diet, throw sugar out of the house altogether or give it to an unloved neighbor =))

    I advise you to try a variety of supplements, it brings a variety in the diet =) For example, green tea with ginger or coffee with lemon =) I once liked mint coffee. It is done like this: a small minty candy (such as Orbit or Dirol) drops into ordinary coffee without sugar and mixes =) The fragrance is inexpressible =)))

    hours in 11:
    a glass of freshly squeezed (preferably) juice (tea, coffee - the main thing is not soda)
    + something sweet
    a) Pancake with a small amount of jam,
    b) syrnik with condensed milk (a puddle is not more than 5 ruble coins),
    c) a little cottage cheese with raisins,
    d) a puff of some small (Without a filling),
    e) raw vanilla for children,
    f) hematogen)

    On a diet you sometimes need to pamper yourself, otherwise it's very easy to break =) The main thing to do this in the morning and in small amounts =)

    hours in 2:
    a plate of lettuce (either without refueling, or with a teaspoon of olive oil)
    + main course:
    a) chicken cutlet (preferably cooked in the oven or steam)
    b) cooked or steamed chicken (legs and wings at the time of the taboo diet, give preference to the breast, it is the most dietary and most useful)
    c) pilaf (I do not recommend mutton and pork, choose a plov with either chicken or vegetarian (my favorite, you can add Bulgarian pepper, mushrooms, string beans, broccoli, peas, corn, carrots, etc.))
    d) Stuffed pepper (better vegetarian and steamed)

    hours in 4:
    a) 1-2 yogurt (without sugar)
    b) green apple (I recommend to exclude other fruits completely during the diet, they have a lot of sugar, and this can negate all efforts)
    c) 100-150 gram of fat-free cottage cheese. If there is a simple form is not very tasty, you can add any melkonarezannuyu greens and a little salt

    hours in 9: a glass of yogurt 1%

    I'm on such a diet for a month at 11 kg lost weight =))) (from 63 to 52) =))) With the growth of 170cm. The weight keeps already 7 year =)

    in fact, it's difficult only the first 2 days, and then you pull =) and you start to get high from the right way of life and from every kilogram you throw =))))

  8. girl, do not get carried away by diets (Dolinsky, Kremlovsk), it only will do harm to your health, listen to advice "light" -delly ... get used to proper nutrition .... try it! !! we exclude sugar, SALT !, flour ... after 18-00 we do not eat, we drink plain water, we eat, boiled meat - gvjvodina, white meat of chicken (fillet), boiled fish ... in the mornings porridge, cottage cheese skimmed, lunch , vegetable soup (cook on the water, and then add already a plate of boiled meat) .... you can eat boiled without salt and washed rice, he will take from the body excess salt, drink rice with juice .... the result will be, , just do not give yourself indulgence, because there is a goal !!!! SUCCESS! !!
    after allik tips, as soon as stop eating so constantly, get even more weight and get problems with the stomach, and goodbye good mood and gaiety ((((
  9. Buckwheat

    For a week (maximum allowable period of two weeks), this diet allows you to reset to 10 kg. Buckwheat can be eaten as many as you like, but usually one cup is enough for a day. In addition to buckwheat allowed to a liter of low-fat kefir (1%) and in extreme cases one or two apples or a little fat-free yogurt. Mineral non-carbonated water and unsweetened green tea can be drunk without restrictions.

    In the first days, you lose weight very much to 1 kg per day, as the excess fluid leaves the body, then the process slows down, but still it goes. If you decide to repeat courses, lose weight will be even slower, but without jumping to pasta and cakes after a diet, you can keep the result achieved.

    The main trick in the way of making buckwheat. It does not need to be cooked. Groats should be taken from the same calculation as when cooking porridge (a glass of buckwheat on 2,5-3 a glass of water), pour it with steep boiling water and put overnight under the lid. If you want to speed up this process, you can pour buckwheat into the thermos, pour it with boiling water and close tightly. Groats will be ready in a couple of hours. Neither salt nor spice is added. If this food seems too fresh to you, you can pour porridge with kefir (allowed fat content in the allowed amount), crumble into it an apple. After 19.00 you can not. The optimal time for dinner is 4-6 hours before sleep.

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  11. Sand: 1-th day-by-floor buckets of sand in each hand and on the 9-th floor. 5 times The second, third and. t. d day-a week later you are slim as a cypress.
  12. You can and without diets)) I'll tell my story, everything works)

    For a long time had problems with being overweight, very complex, nothing helped. I tried everything from fortune-tellers and magicians to folk remedies.
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    For the first 3 weeks, I lost weight by 8 kg.
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  13. well, just to shut your mouth, you do not have to eat anything, and die immediately after rattling to the hospital. All you have to do to get a loan I promise!)
  14. for me, the real discovery was a link blocked by the decision of the project administration, normal, healthy, gradual, without a constant count of calories and the need to abandon your favorite products, as often happens.
    And in combination with the bodyflex simply works wonders
  15. Summer is already on the threshold, I already want to go to the beach, and the figure is still so far from perfection ... What to do? You need some effective and quick way to lose weight. And at the same time you do not want to torture your own organism with unthinkable loads or extreme products. So, we want to lose weight, while remaining cheerful and cheerful. That is, we need a diet that will help to effectively reduce weight and not starve while doing so.
    Such a diet exists buckwheat. It is designed for one week, but the most resistant ladies can withstand up to two weeks. It's about it that we'll talk to MirSovetov.
    Products for buckwheat diet
    The essence is simple: we take one glass of crushed buckwheat, pour two cups of boiling water and leave to insist on the night. In the morning I eat only buckwheat, washing it with 1% kefir. Salt, sweeten and add butter in buckwheat can not. Eat at a time you can how much will fit in - unsalted buckwheat has such a specific taste that it is unlikely that you will eat more 10 spoons at a time. Kefir must be fresh and not sweet. On the first day of the buckwheat diet, one glass of brewed buckwheat (that is, two glasses of the finished product) will be enough. But if you feel that you can eat more, on other days, brew more cereals (the proportion is the same: 1 part of buckwheat, two parts of water). But with any amount of buckwheat, you can drink no more than 1 liters of kefir per day. Those who do not think their own morning without a cup of coffee, you can not deny yourself this pleasure, only coffee should be weak and sugar-free. The same can be said for tea lovers. At the time of sitting on the buckwheat diet, it is better to switch to green tea. If it's really hard to eat one buckwheat, you can make yourself an indulgence in the form of one or two apples or oranges a day. In principle, you can eat any fruit except bananas and grapes. It all depends on the amount of fruit eaten, if you eat too much, then just can not go back to the severe buckwheat diet. When it becomes completely unbearable to eat unsalted buckwheat porridge all the time, you can sprinkle it with soy sauce. Only the sauce should be low-calorie and without salt. During buckwheat, as during most other diets, it is highly advisable to eat after 6 hours of the evening. But if you find it difficult to follow this rule, leave half a cup of kefir for the evening, top up with water until full and drink it before going to bed.
    What happens to the body during the buckwheat diet?
    To begin with, buckwheat is very useful, it contains such trace elements as iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium. In addition, buckwheat strengthens the walls of the vessels. In addition, the vitamin B contained in buckwheat increases the body's resistance to stress and improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails.
    The negative side of the buckwheat diet is that you will not get any salt or sugar. Therefore, this diet should be used with caution to people who have diabetes and / or hypertension. Unsulphured buckwheat removes from the body slag and excess water. Due to the fact that the body does not receive salt, headaches are periodically possible, and it can also trigger a drop in blood pressure. While we are sitting on a buckwheat diet, we deprive ourselves of our body and sugar. And sugar is glucose, which is so necessary for the brain to work effectively. Therefore, during the buckwheat diet, you can feel that the head began to think worse and madly want sweet. There is a way out: dilute a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and drink this drink. Do not worry, all the glucose will get to the brain, and not postponed on the hips.
    While you will only eat buckwheat and drink kefirchik, the body will have to put into circulation its reserves to burn fat to provide the body with missing nutrients. As a result, metabolism will accelerate and fat burning will go quickly and easily.
  16. Good afternoon! I do not recommend different diets, they are not safe and one-sided! It is important in the diet to include proper nutrition -80% success and the correct training process -20% success! And everything in the complex gives a result! I got the result that I need! Interestingly-the e-mail address. address: [Email protected] I'll tell you!
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  18. Two-week diet: it is safe to lose weight for 2 weeks on 5 kg --------------------------------------- --------------------------- All of these products should be divided into 4 meals - breakfast (8-9 hours), lunch (12-13 hours), snack (15-16 hours) and dinner (no later than 18 hours).
    During the whole period of dieting, you can drink only plain or mineral water.

    First week

    Monday: 3 eggs or 5 medium-sized potatoes.
    Tuesday: 100 g cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream, 200-250 ml kefir or curdled milk.
    Wednesday: 2 small apple, 0,5 l kefir, 1 l fruit juice.
    Thursday: 400 g of boiled beef or chicken meat, unsweetened tea.
    Friday: 0,5 kg of apples or pears.
    Saturday: 300 ml kefir or curdled milk, 3 boiled potatoes.
    Sunday: 0,5 l kefir.

    The second week

    Monday: 200 g boiled beef meat, 1 egg, 2 small tomato.
    Tuesday: 2 apple, 100 g of boiled beef, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with vegetable oil.
    Wednesday: 100 g boiled beef meat, 70 r rye bread, 2 apple.
    Thursday: 2 eggs, 100 g boiled beef, 150 r rye bread.
    Friday: 3 boiled potatoes, apples (no more than 700 g), 0,5 l kefir.
    Saturday: 300 g of boiled chicken meat, 2 cucumber of medium size, 2 eggs, unsweetened tea.
    Sunday: 4 boiled potatoes, 2 apple.

    2 weeks of compliance with this diet will allow you to lose weight by 5 kg.

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