Cream Libraberm Librederm with hyaluronic acid: reviews? Who used it?

Cream Libraberm Librederm with hyaluronic acid: reviews? Who used it?

  • Ordered first hyaluronic water Libibridm, I really liked it, it acts like a cream. In the morning, there was no sprinkling and no stiffening. I decided to buy a kit and a cream to buy this series. It's not bad, but I would not say it's worth your money, for 200 rub. you can buy like that.

    Поэтому гиалуроновый крем Либридерм - нет, а термальная вода этой серии - да. (цена на нее кстати 200 руб.)

  • This cream does not remove wrinkles like botox or injections with hyaluronic acid, it only moisturizes the skin, does not allow it to dry and wilt, and also imperceptibly tightens the skin, thereby preventing the appearance of new wrinkles.

    They should be used periodically for several years to notice that there are no new wrinkles and the skin becomes elastic.

    It's just a cream, not a plastic surgery.

    The cream, according to my wife, is very good.

  • I bought this cream, bought on the promises of an apothecary, that he would transform the skin. The cream is expensive, costs about 500 rubles, so I expected from him at least some effect. I was very surprised to see advertised hyaluronic acid at the very end of the list. This means that there it is negligible. The cream did not impress.

  • I, too, on New Year's Day received a set of Libibridm, where there was a cream with hyauric acid. I use it until now - until it is over. But my opinion - a cream good, well humidifies, feeds a skin, the skin becomes fresh. But the special effect of "quot; I did not notice. The cream is like a cream. There is a cream is better and cheaper. Therefore, after the vial is finished - I will not buy it anymore.

  • Reviews about cream Librederm with hyaluronic acid contradictory. For some reason it seems to me that all the positive-enthusiastic are written to order, they are too of the same type. But the negative are different. Someone complains about the price, someone that Libre derm can not cope with the main task. The skin moisturizes, and wrinkles (even small ones) do not remove.

    Cream Libraberm Librederm with hyaluronic acid: reviews? Who used it?

    Anti-oxidant cream Librederm, in my experience of use, does not remove dark circles under the eyes and swelling (as claimed by the manufacturer), and this is what I needed. So I will not buy any more.

    But the thermal water of Librederm seemed to me quite good, although it is also not cheap. But beauty requires investments.

  • I had such a cream, moisturizes the skin well, but only when the room humidity is high. In winter, the room is not very comfortable skin. If the house has a moisturizer and it constantly works, then the cream will help get rid of peeling.

    From my experience I can say that there is a cream of this price category that better moisturize and transform the skin.

  • Давно пользуюсь кремом для век от Либридерм с витамином Е Тонизирует, укрепляет стенки сосудов, кожа без морщинок, темных кругов нет. Крем с гиалуронкой и сыворотка на гиалуроне прекрасно впитываются, увлажняют кожу. Следов не оставляют. Сыворотку используют перед нанесением крема или отдельно без крема. Подтягивается овал лица. На мой взгляд оправдали все ожидания.

  • I used this cream, I somehow bought it, and the skin was dehydrated too. The cream is pleasant, light, quickly absorbed (even too much), moisturizes well, but with dehydration failed. I can tell you, since it is liquid and absorbed very quickly, it consumes a huge amount of consumption. So for the C grade ...

  • I think that everything is individual. Therefore, the reviews about Librederm cream with hyaluronic acid are different - both positive and negative. I want to note that it absorbs well and moisturizes normally. But no miracles have happened - wrinkles have not disappeared anywhere. In principle, he made me, a regular cream.

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