Masters of manicure, build-up, who do not mind, share how to untwist the beginning master? how to find customers?

Masters of manicure, build-up, who do not mind, share how to untwist the beginning master? how to find customers?

  1. if you are not very good at the master, then go to the salon and until you have clients fill your hand, if you are not yet ready, post advertisements on the entrances in places where you can reach without transplants so that they are comfortable, do not write or write the price, because when they call and ask how much even if it’s expensive for them not everyone can refuse) unwind yourself on all sites and with the best works, be sure to set a neat french-dress, and if the materials are not cheap, then be sure to tell about this company, which is enough for yourself and pretend that you have dead clients and run, I myself am a master for only half a year, but I already take 1000p by the nails)
  2. Attracting customers (lead generation) is the main process in your business if you decide to take clients for a manicure at home. I will describe several paid and free ways to promote.

    1) Free ways:
    Briefly, coverage will decide here (number of sites where you place an advertisement about your services). The first thing you need to do is to make a list of sites (minimum 100) on the subject of manicure (those places that are visited by your audience). The easiest way is to look for requests that are driven by users (this service will help, then go to Yandex and see which sites are shown by these requests. On them you need to be placed.

    2) Paid way to promote.
    I will say right away that if the budget is small, then it is better not to look for an advertising contractor, but to do everything yourself (for this you can take training courses). The easiest way to learn social. network, for this you need to look for the groups in which your audience is located and run advertisements.

    In general, the process is not fast, so be patient. From the training courses I advise you to go through this one, it is specially designed for manicure masters:

  3. link is blocked by the decision of the administration of the project - a new service that allows you to find new customers and helps to work with existing ones, I recommend that you register on this site, you can pay for paid packages, and receive additional advertising.
  4. Beginner master can unwind only due to his reputation, which is achieved by the quality of work. The best advertising is word of mouth. At the initial stage, the clientele is the easiest to turn out in a decent cabin. And when word of mouth will work and people will go to the wrong salon, but to this particular master, then you can start a personal promotion in social networks and ad forums. Prices can be raised only when you level of your work will exceed the level that everyone makes for this money. You cannot get stuck on three hundred ruble gonnogues, but many of the “talents” that sculpt your nails in four digits, I would chop off my hands without hesitation. Beat into the upper price segment and firmly and reliably sit down in it can only be constantly working on their professionalism, which is difficult to achieve without constant level training. Conclusion - live and learn.
  5. Very sharply raised the price))
  6. Go work at the salon. To work well, what would customers go exactly to you. Resign and work with these clients at home.
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