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A real man knows that a lot depends on his appearance: what impression he will make on a lady, how his friends and colleagues will appreciate him, whether he can become a standard of beauty and charm. To create a perfect and complete image, you need to choose a dress according to all the rules of layout, using necessary accessories. Those who want to demonstrate their character, a special strict style, combining practicality and reliability in the image, choose an army watch. Swiss Army is the most sought-after brand among men's accessories. Swiss army watch reviewsIt is these watches that won the confidence of the strong half of humanity and became a real fetish. But what exactly these accessories stand out among other similar products? What are the distinguishing features of products? Why are men so fond of army watches?

About brand

Многие знают, что эталоном качества и стиля считаются швейцарские часы Swiss Army. Оригинал, производимый знаменитой компанией Victorinox, появился на витринах магазинах еще 25 лет назад. При этом фирма «Викторинокс» знаменита производством лучших швейцарских ножей, которыми радовала покупателей до 1989 года. Сразу после этого компания решила изменить политику своей деятельности и начала изготавливать еще и армейские часы, проявившие себя как самые надежные аксессуары среди всех имеющихся. Swiss Army Army WatchThe brand itself is considered the benchmark of quality and so-called brutality. All products express particular rigidity, practicality and sophistication in style. Real men are trying to choose exactly the products of Victorinox - reliable, stylish and so durable.

Watch for real men!

Naturally, this type of product is provided exclusively for the strong half of humanity. Female models were not and will not be, as manufacturers say. But what else makes such an army watch different from its competitors? The Swiss Army is used in the army in Switzerland and in the French Legion. They were going with Swiss precision and unique army reliability. Today they are the standard of lightness, comfort and durability, and you can be sure that, even in extreme situations, such accessories will not let you down. And, of course, such a watch is distinguished from many others by its diversity in styles and designs. army watches swiss army reviewsHere technologists have tried to make them as comfortable and super-durable as possible. At the same time, designers have brought in such accessories not only complexity, massive construction, but also refinement and refinement of forms.

What is used in the manufacture of such accessories?

Each piece of Swiss watches is a unique finish and shape, design and style. The production is based on:

  • Woven super strong strap.
  • Mineral glass, resistant to scratches and falls.
  • Dial with large numbers (easy readability).
  • High quality quartz movement.
  • Hypoallergenic materials.
  • Minimum weight
  • The ease of materials.
  • Stylish color range.

reviews about watches Swiss Army

All this combines army Swiss watches. Swiss Army is the choice of a real man! Such watches will definitely emphasize the chosen image and will be accurately appreciated by colleagues and comrades. Not to notice such an accessory is extremely difficult!

About goods

But what other qualities do the Swiss Army army watches combine? Reviews of thousands of customers claim that the accessories of this company express a special novelty and originality. It is not by chance that army quality and novelty are taken as the basis for the production of goods of this category. All fashion trends are not just picked up in the production of this brand, but are dictated by them. That is why, choosing such a Swiss watch, you can be sure that you will definitely succeed in fashion. What else is important to consider when choosing accessories?ultra modern army watches swiss army reviews Naturally, this is the price range for the Swiss Army (watches). Customer reviews claim that such high quality cannot be cheap, so you need to be prepared for the fact that the selected copy will be valued at several thousand dollars (from 40 000 p. And above).

Popular model

Like many other companies, among the products of this brand there are sales leaders, the most popular models of Swiss Army (watches). Customer reviews stand out among the entire range of Victorinox Dive Master 500 Black Ice. This is a very large watch - the diameter of the dial is 43 mm. The style is a courageous and sports accessory. There is a steel case and a massive PVD-coated bracelet - processing in vacuum medium with atoms of zirconium and titanium. Such a detail makes the product solid, even microcracks and pores are absent, which means that the life of these watches is much longer - about 10 or 15 years. Also, this coating is waterproof, not exposed to rapid temperature changes. The design of the bracelet has a folding clasp, the total length of which is 23 cm. It is assumed that these athletes will wear just such models of the Swiss Army (watch). Reviews also note that there is an ultra-precise quartz movement, thanks to the caliber Ronda 715. The case of the bracelet is equipped with protective functions and there is also a unidirectional bezel.

Durability and reliability - two extremes of one whole

At the same time, the figure in the name of the Dive Master 500 Black Ice model is the ability to dive to the depth of 500 meters. This means that the watch is not amateur, but professional. The accessory is waterproof, the glass used as a cover over the dial is sapphire. But what else is important to note is the arrows - they are luminescent and have the same color as the numbers on the bezel. There is a calendar in the structure of this watch model. Thus, the Swiss Army models (watches) are considered the most reliable and durable. Reviews also note that there is a trademark on the back of the case: a cross inside the shield.

Why do men choose this brand?

When creating products of this brand, all the fashion trends are taken into account, because they gained fame as the ultra-modern Swiss Army watch. Customer reviews point out that this accessory has become the subject of a peculiar fetish - men perceive it as a necessary purchase. Indeed, the company's products inspire confidence: high-quality, reliable, modern and stylish. Men refuse expensive Swiss watches of other brands, preferring practicality and long standing instead of radiance, chic and brilliance. Of course, such watches have become not just a functional accessory, but an element of reflection of the inner world, views. Seeing a man on whose wrist there is a model of the Swiss Army, you can immediately understand - such a person appreciates stability, has a fighting character. Victorinox swiss army watches reviewsВ разных кругах данная деталь является своеобразной «фишкой», так что тем, кто любит быть в центре внимания, стоит выбрать именно Victorinox Swiss Army (часы). Отзывы российских покупателей отмечают тот факт, что они смотрятся на руке массивно и идеально подходят к любому образу.

Customer's opinion

Before you buy any accessory, you should know the real reviews about the watch. The Swiss Army is a popular brand, but it has earned the trust not by a marketing ploy, but by really high quality. Such watches will last 10 and 15 for years and will be in immaculate condition. What else do buyers say about brand products? The most important thing that can be noted in such accessories is a catchy and at the same time classic design. The feature of the models of this line includes an emphasis on strict geometric shapes, which all Swiss Army watches have. Reviews are impressive, and if you study them long before the purchase, then you can decide on a particular model that is right for you.wrist watch swiss army reviews

Summing up, it is worth noting that the Swiss brand Victorinox has a long history of production and has earned the popularity of the high quality of its products and the absolute accuracy of the time shown. Due to the electric current, the crystal inside the clock reproduces pulses (32 768 pulses per second) of high resonance frequency. The quartz mechanism works perfectly, and the error per month can be just 2 seconds. The best technologists and designers work on the products of this company and take into account the wishes of customers. The army watch is an accessory for a real man who does not sit still, but travels, finds himself in extreme situations. Such an adornment will not only emphasize the brutal character, but will make the image more massive, courageous and sexy.

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