Stylish manicure on round nails: fashionable design options

For owners of round nails invented many variations of manicure. Some patterns can easily be repeated at home, others require additional training. For quite a long time, manicure has become a separate part of the image of a girl.

french manicure on round nailsTherefore, the pattern can be completely different, regardless of makeup and color of clothes. The creation of a manicure is welcomed creative experimenters, creating ultimately unique masterpieces.

So, today shades of red are in fashion. For example, plum, burgundy and even brown. Therefore, a manicure on round nails with the use of one of these colors will always look stylish and fashionable. At the same time he will attract the views of others. What can be done independently beautiful manicure? Round nail shape will not spoil french.

French manicure

French for several years remains at the peak of popularity. This is not surprising, because such a manicure for round nails just do it yourself, while it is suitable for both holidays and weekdays. In addition, this method of applying varnish has a huge number of varieties, with which it is very easy to emphasize their individuality.

manicure on round nailsTo make a French manicure on round nails, you will need:

- semicircular stencils;
- two types of varnish;
- a transparent varnish basis.

Before embarking on a manicure, be sure to prepare the nail plate. In this case, the preparation should be done regardless of the application of varnish.

First, you will need to wipe off the old varnish (if any). Secondly, you will definitely need to trim the length of the nails using a nail file. Third, remove the cuticle (the skin near the base of the nail). This can be done in two ways:

1. Remove dead skin with nail forceps. However, to do this, it takes a lot of experience, so if a girl is not confident in her abilities, you should not experiment with the cuticle. After all, one wrong move can lead to injury, which will heal long enough.

2. Having pared the nails in warm water, the cuticle can simply be moved back to the beginning of the nail with a special hard stick. This way is easier. Therefore, it is used much more often.

After finishing the preparations, you can go directly to the manicure. Initially, nails should be covered with a layer of colorless varnish. It will serve as the foundation, leveling and strengthening the nail plate. When the layer dries, it can be applied varnish, which she chose to highlight the semi-circular tips. After this layer is completely dry, you can stick stencils on your fingers. The length of the selected area of ​​the nail can be completely arbitrary. After that, the main varnish is applied, and the stencils are removed. At the very end of the plate are covered with colorless varnish, which will protect and strengthen the manicure on the round nails.

The choice of flowers entirely depends on the girl. So, the combination of black and white, black and red or yellow, red and white and so on looks very interesting.

beautiful manicure round nailsIf classic French manicure is applied, then white and transparent (pale pink, beige or peach) colors should be used. It is also recommended to highlight the semicircular area using a special white pencil. It is applied to the inside of the nails, highlighting the crescent area to the maximum.

Помимо классического френча, существует «френч наоборот». Он так же популярен, как и классический, только выглядит намного эффектнее. Его создание происходит по вышеописанной технологии, только полукруглые трафареты наклеиваются на нижнюю часть ногтя. То есть полукругом выделяется не конец ногтя, а его основание. Делая такой маникюр, стоит знать, что большим успехом пользуется вариант использования тёмно-красного или чёрного оттенка в сочетании с золотистым или серебристым лаком. При этом в качестве основного цвета должен выступать тёмный.

Apply a beautiful pattern sometimes much easier than it might seem at first glance.

Pea pattern

What is a manicure for short round nails? For example, in peas. For a manicure you will need:

- two types of varnish;
- dots or hairpin.

manicure on round nails photoApplying a transparent base, you can varnish your nails, which will serve as the background. When it dries, you can apply a pattern of peas. However, their size and quantity may be different. A combination of white and red will look very interesting. Having a little fantasy, you can make a very interesting manicure. For example, on some nails the peas may be red, and the background is white, on the remaining ones the opposite.

Another option - imitation of dice. To do this, put on the nails white lacquer, dotted the same way as on the dice.


What else you can do a manicure on round nails? The ornament of the correct geometric shapes always looks stylish, and it is done very simply.
First, the nails are covered with one color, and after the layer dries, half of the plate is closed with a stencil. It is better to have a sticker diagonally. Next, the nails are varnished in a different color, and the stencils are removed. Selection of varnishes can be completely different, starting with the classic options and ending with bright and unexpected combinations.


In general, simple patterns can depict anything. If a girl has at least some practice, she can create a cartoon or floral pattern on her nails. Such a manicure will not only please the very owner of the nails, but also amaze others. Famous emoticons that convey different emotions look very interesting. To make such a manicure, you need to paint your nails with yellow lacquer, and then put black dots. Mouth can be portrayed with a thin brush.


Undoubtedly, an even monochromatic manicure on round nails will always remain in fashion. manicure on short round nailsEspecially if matte varnish was used for the application. To make the manicure look more interesting, you can decorate it with rhinestones, lace or even feathers.


Now you know how to make a manicure on round nails. Photos of some interesting ideas are presented in the article for clarity. We hope that you will be able to recreate your favorite nail art on your nails.

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