Hair fats every day. You have to wash your hair every day. What to do?

Hair fats every day. You have to wash your hair every day. What to do?

  • Try to wash them every other day, hair "; get used to"; to such a regime and become less zhirnitsya. Do not wash them with hot water. and make water at room temperature, because of the hot water, sebum is produced more actively.

    You can try to rinse your hair with broths of nettle, oak bark, sage.

    Choose a shampoo for greasy hair (not for colored, dry, etc., namely for fatty).

  • This question is for me. I am the owner of thin and prone to fatty hair. For all my life I just tried not to wash my hair every day. For today, my recipe is this:

    1. To grow hair below the shoulders (long ones are dirtied less than a short haircut).
    2. As little as possible touch the hair with your hands or comb.
    3. Wash with shampoo for fine hair, prone to grease. Balm or conditioner should not be used more often than 1 times a week. To finish washing your head with cold water (not ice).
      Hair fats every day. You have to wash your hair every day. What to do?
    4. Hair drying naturally, hair dryer in rare cases.
    5. Be sure to use the mask that I painted in this answer.
    6. The day after washing walk with her hair loose, the second day with a tail, the third with a scythe.

    Observing these simple rules, the head can be washed no more often than 2-3 once a week, and not every day.

  • There are several options. It is desirable to do everything:

    • choose a new shampoo. It is better to buy a can of shampoo without additives, and then add ampoules of mint, honey and what else you like. In a pharmacy, you can buy it.
    • do vitamin masks once a week. Just mix the ampoules of vitamins BA AE. They are cheap in the pharmacy.
    • Wash your head every two days.
      Hair fats every day. You have to wash your hair every day. What to do?

  • A good and relevant question for many. And many good answers. Only there is one problem: shampoo is good and quickly laundered hair. Due to what?

    And due to the fact that it removes (destroys), together with grease and dirt, the upper layer of the hair. Think about the damage to hair! Therefore, as I have repeatedly written here, it is best not to use shampoos. None. Never.

    What to do? The answer is simple: only natural natural remedies. By the way, they are also more cheap.

    Details in this answer.

    Yes, it can be troublesome, it takes time, effort.

    And here it is already necessary to decide for yourself - what is more important to me. Or keep beautiful healthy hair to a very old age, or quickly, in a few minutes to finish with this sink, but then, with age, generally lose hair and cover the rare hair on the bald head with a wig. But save a few minutes to make it ... Where?

    Where do we always hurry?

  • I periodically also have this problem. But I try to wash my hair in a day or two. I noticed that they start to get fat more often after I start eating bread and butter more often. When I remove it from the daily diet, then the hair does not settle as quickly. I read somewhere else that lavender oil helps in this case, you need to drop a few drops into the shampoo that you use, while shaving it well before washing.

  • Hair needs to be washed as it gets dirty. If you have the opportunity / time to wash your head every day - then continue in the same spirit.

    If not, then try to change care. In fact, the oily scalp also needs moisturizing, then the skin will not emit excess sebum. You need to choose the care for your type of scalp, consultants in professional cosmetics stores will help you with this. From simple methods: you can rinse your hair with a decoction of the bark of oak, a decoction of nettle - they dry it. Also, you should not comb the hair with a massage comb, do not touch the scalp with your hands - any effect will increase the production of sebum. You can also try not to wash your hair for a few days, for example on the weekends, on the day when you start to zhirnitsya - do tails / bundles / braids. the main thing to suffer without washing. Over time, the scalp adapts and you will wash your hair in a day, not everyone. Back in the days of "patience without washing"; you can use a dry shampoo (for example Dove).

  • Hair, this is basically dead tissue. They can not quot; zhirnitsyaquot; (covered with fat). Fat secretes the scalp, and you yourself carry this fat through your hair. And even the reason can be in the excessive fatness of the hands. At me so. Hands (palms) are always fat, and during the day you have to touch the hair repeatedly with your hands, that's fat from your hands and goes to your hair. Although I'm a man, I think women are also possible. Try more often (about every half hour) to wash your hands with soap (not dirt, but because soap helps water dissolve fat), and less often touch the hair with your hands.

  • The problem is familiar. When the hair is short (I already passed it) I had to wash them every other day and nothing to do. Short haircut and especially model requires cleanliness and styling. With long hair, there are more problems in terms of washing. Dry it, you can spend half your life. Only here frequent washing provokes active work of sebaceous glands.

    What I do, since I wash my hair in the morning and have time to dry it before work - it's just not real (if without a hairdryer, and just the hair dryer I recommend to remove from everyday hair care). You need to start with a shampoo. We choose it strictly according to the type of hair and better without any inscriptions "Two in one". It is these balsamic supplements that make hair greasy and do not allow it to be washed properly.

    Let the conditioner be separate from the shampoo. Water for washing the head should be warm and comfortable (not hot, not cold). Before washing, you should comb your hair well and massage your scalp. After washing, use the conditioner and rinse it thoroughly. Now rinse your hair with a cool decoction or just boiling water.

    Cool water will smooth out the structure of the hair and will have a beneficial effect on the steamed pores of the scalp. Hair dry only in a natural way. Hair dryer (in fact) dries the hair itself, and the scalp becomes fat and the picture at the roots - bacon, and at the ends - straw ... This is very sad.

    Hair fats every day. You have to wash your hair every day. What to do?

    I bought a dry shampoo for my hair. A chicken-feed full. Nothing special procedure does not date, can dry the scalp and is harmful in application. Once the label says "Do not use in an unventilated room", then the composition is overflowed with chemistry to the brim.

    Henna. Masks from henna dry your hair. You can at least once a month to make a mask for the roots of hair according to the instructions on the package. There is a variant of colorless henna.

    Dry shampoo at home. Flour, but she fits the blonde. I tried this option on my dark hair, then the problem is to get rid of the powder in my hair. Now, once a week, I grind the bran (granules) on the coffee grinder and I use it for rubbing the hair roots. Such a method is harmless, it will help to postpone washing the hair for a day.

    There is another way. Use for very fatty hair as a shampoo mustard (powder diluted with water). It should be noted that it is often not necessary to resort to this method.

  • My hair is fatter very quickly, if I eat a lot refined carbohydrates: halva, sweets, chocolates, cakes, biscuits. Any food where there is sugar. There is no such thing from honey.

    Try less to eat sweet, where sugar is contained. And do not mix carbohydrate-starches with carbohydrates-sugars. That is, do not cough porridge, do not add to honey. Honey can be eaten separately, but not with cereal, not with buns. Cookies, cakes, cakes are evil, because they are with sugar and it's starches. Starches are cereals, potatoes, cereals, flour, flour products.

    Discard all shampoos. Wash your head with tar soap. It removes fat and dandruff does not give a chance. Until you bought a tar, try the economic one.

    I first used tar tar soap for hair, then transferred to mustard powder. Pour a couple of teaspoons of mustard powder in a bowl, dilute with water, as if it were sour cream. Do not let stand in the water! Immediately put wet hair on the hair, spread it over the head, hair, wash it off. Foam will not. All. Head clean. Mustard powder in warm water diluted, not hot.

    Good luck!

  • It is believed that the hair becomes fat due to excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. But in fact, this affects a lot of factors, ranging from heredity, medication, care and ending with improper nutrition. Before dealing with the problem, it is necessary to find out the reason for its appearance.

    Today, the representatives who have a fat type of hair, the market offers a lot of means for care. Although pharmacy products, rather than market ones, should be preferred. the first though certified.

    If there is no money for special drugs, then always at hand natural means. after washing your head, get yourself a rule to rinse your hair with a decoction of nettle, cones of hops, chamomile, birch buds. You can use mustard in the ratio 1h. on 1l of water.

    Give preference to warm water, you can even cool, not hot. It will also have a beneficial effect on the hair itself, tk. The higher the temperature, the more it opens its scales, which is not good.

    Well, do not forget about the mask for oily hair.

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