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Tsubaki - one of the most common female names in Japan. That is how the name of a camellia flower sounds in the language of this country. The Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido, using this word in the name of the brand and its products, launched a number of hair care products. Tsubaki shampoo is very popular with our women. japanese shampoo tsubaki reviews photosReviews of consumers of these products confirm this. We will tell about them and try to find out how high-quality the products of this Japanese manufacturer are.

A few words about the brand Tsubaki

The Japanese are seeking to introduce new technologies in all areas of their production. This also applies to the beauty industry. Shiseido company relatively recently launched its new brand called Tsubaki. Shampoo, reviews of which we consider here, contains the most valuable camellia flower oil. shampoo tsubaki reviewsThe fruits of these employees are collected manually. Oil from them is obtained in its own factory, where it passes several steps of quality control. Why does this manufacturer use this ingredient in hair products? The fact is that the main problem faced by modern women is the lack of time to thoroughly care for their appearance. Irrational food, frequent blow-drying, the use of curling irons have the most negative impact on the health of hair. Bad ecology and sun exposure also harm them. Hair becomes dry and brittle, split off, fall out. Natural oils - this is what will help them quickly recover. Camellia oil is rich in vitamins A, B, E, minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron) and polyunsaturated fatty acids. That is why this most valuable component is added to all types of shampoos of this brand. The tools here are represented by three lines, which we consider in detail.

Where to buy?

You can purchase products of this company in specialized stores or on the official website of the manufacturer. It is not recommended to buy these shampoos on third-party Internet resources. Shiseido products are not cheap, so there is a great danger of running into fraudsters and buying a fake.

Red Line: for shine and shine

What do women care most about hair care? That they look healthy, shiny and elastic. In order to achieve this quickly and without hassle, the Japanese company has released a number of funds, united under the name "Red Line", or Shiseido Tsubaki Shining. These include shampoo, conditioner, spray, balm and mask. We are interested in the first remedy. What is so good about this Tsubaki shampoo? The reviews about him are mostly positive. tsubaki shampoo reviewsIt is suitable for those who have too dull and unruly hair. The manufacturer assures that it foams well and washes the scalp. Hair after it becomes soft, elastic, shiny and docile. True, the product is not cheap: for a bottle of 550 ml will have to pay 680 rubles.

“White line”: for damaged and split ends

If the hair is severely damaged by dyeing, curling and other means, then they need more thorough care. For this purpose, Shiseido has released Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo. shampoo tsubaki damage care reviewsReviews of consumers about it, we also consider. He is a member of the so-called “White Line” hair care products. Means possesses light fresh aroma, gives plentiful gentle foam. This product is additionally enriched with vitamins C and B, as well as necessary damaged hair. With it you can forget about such a problem as split ends. Only one disadvantage has this Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo. Consumer testimonials say that its cost is high. A bottle with a means of volume 550 ml costs from 810 to 1100 rubles.

"Yellow line": SPA care

Many modern shampoos have one major drawback - too aggressively act on the hair, cleansing them from dirt and grease. But it can be said with certainty that this minus is deprived of the means of this company, which is included in a series of products called the Yellow Line. This is a product such as Tsubaki Head SPA shampoo.shampoo tsubaki head spa reviews Reviews of it are very positive. Below we look at why our women appreciate him so highly. Its composition is richer than in the first two lines. In addition to the camellia oil, it contains essential oils that provide deeper penetration of all active substances into the layers of each hair, and ginger root extract, which has a beneficial effect on all vital processes in the scalp. What good is this product? It cleans the hair and scalp very carefully, without disturbing their structure. A bottle of 550 ml is worth 890 rubles.

Yellow Line: Extra Purification

There is another trustworthy product in this series. This is Japanese Tsubaki shampoo, reviews of which are pleased with good grades. It is declared as a means for extra cleansing hair. It consists of essential oils and menthol, which instantly illuminates the scalp. True, it is not suitable for daily use. The instructions to him said that it should be used no more than 1 times a week. A bottle of 280 ml worth 570 rubles.

Tsubaki product benefits

And now let's summarize all of the above and conclude that Tsubaki shampoo is so good. Reviews of our customers confirm this reasoning. The advantages of shampoos of this brand are as follows:

  • perfectly wash the head, without drying out the skin;
  • restore the structure of damaged hair;
  • contain natural ingredients of excellent quality;
  • help accelerate hair growth;
  • give plentiful foam;
  • have a pleasant light smell;
  • economical to use;
  • make hair soft and silky throughout;
  • eliminate the split ends problem.

shise shampoo tsubaki reviews

Positive customer reviews

And now we will listen to the opinion of those who often buy cosmetics from the Japanese brand Tsubaki. Shampoo, consumer reviews of which are divided, really has a light pleasant aroma and well foams. And it is also washed off perfectly. After the procedure of washing their hair, in the opinion of many women, they become soft and pleasant to the touch, smooth and healthy looking, they smell pleasantly.japanese tsubaki shampoo reviews And more in demand shampoo from the "white" and "yellow" series. But here you need to be very careful. After all, these lines are designed mainly for damaged hair with split ends. As these users write, these tools cope with these problems ideally. But for people with normal hair, they are not suitable for the reason that they weigh down. This effect was noticed by many consumers. In this case, you can recommend them shampoos from the "red" series. Another plus that our women noticed is a convenient release form: a large bottle with a dispenser, and a small one has a form that is comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand.

And other reviews of women

Negative comments in the direction of these funds a bit. The high price is the biggest drawback of a product like Tsubaki Shampoo. Customer reviews suggest that not all of them are willing to pay that kind of money every month for a bottle of money. It is for such a period one package is enough. There are comments where it says that people “got acquainted” with this product when they were given it to them. After the facility was over, and some of them turned to the store to buy another bottle, they were unpleasantly surprised by its value. There are still a few negative reviews, one way or another connected with the price of this product, where it is said that people expected more from such expensive funds. There are lots of similar shampoos with similar effectiveness, only several times cheaper. Some buyers have noticed that these products dry hair. They complain that after the procedure, their curls became tougher. Perhaps this is due to the fact that, on the recommendation of the manufacturer, shampoos should be used along with the balms of the same brand. In this case, perhaps, the effect of their use will please users. Another nuance - the right choice of means. Perhaps buyers who were unhappy with the result of applying these shampoos, just picked the wrong line for themselves.

We found out that Japanese Tsubaki shampoo is very popular with our women. Reviews, photos - everything can be found in this article.

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