And because of what a cyst in the kidney was formed, please explain and is it dangerous?

And because of what a cyst in the kidney was formed, please explain and is it dangerous?

  1. Kista of the kidney. What is this disease and how widespread is it?
    The kidney cyst is a rounded shape that is a bag of liquid. According to various authors, about one quarter of the adult population suffers from kidney cysts.

    What are the causes of kidney cysts?
    The kidney cyst can be a consequence of pyelonephritis, that is, inflammation of the kidney, previously transferred or existing at the moment. The most common cause is posttraumatic, when the cyst occurs after some kind of trauma. Another reason - age changes. It is believed that the appearance of a cyst is a sign of kidney aging. Therefore, most often kidney cysts occur in people after fifty years. Although they can appear at any age, even in children.

    Are there any symptoms that indicate this pathology?
    Most often, the kidney cysts are asymptomatic and find them, as a rule, accidentally on ultrasound examination. Although sometimes there may be pain in the projection of the kidney. It happens that the cysts are first manifested by increased blood pressure. There may be changes in urinalysis. Even such minor signals should serve as the basis for at least ultrasound of the kidneys. This study in terms of diagnosis of kidney cysts is absolutely. Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to differentiate, a cyst is this or another kidney disease, then additional tests are prescribed. But the urologist decides.

    If the cyst, as a rule, does not bother, is it necessary to treat it?
    Of course. It has already been proved that cysts measuring 4 cm in diameter and more violate kidney function, their blood supply and urodynamics (urine outflow from the kidney). Can vomit vessels in the walls of the cyst. Rarely, but there is malignancy of the cyst, that is, cancer develops. In general, cysts can lead to certain complications. And when complication is added, the treatment is more problematic and long-term both in time and in costs.

    What is the treatment?
    The main goal of treatment is to remove the cyst. Remove liquid contents. Today, an open surgery for an uncomplicated kidney cyst is not performed. There are two minimally invasive methods of treatment. The first method is the treatment of kidney cysts under ultrasound control with the help of a special ultrasound machine equipped with a computer program. The needle through the skin is injected into the center of the cyst. Through this needle, liquid is removed. Then, with the same needle, the cyst is treated so that no more fluid accumulates in the cyst cavity. And as a rule, on control after six months or a year of traces cysts on ultrasound are not found. In this way we treat cysts of small sizes: from 4 and a maximum of 6 centimeters in diameter. Cysts that are large and those that used to be treated, they are called recurrent, it is recommended to operate with a laparoscopic method. Using special equipment through three or four punctures on the front abdominal wall, tools and an optical system are planted. With the help of these tools, the kidney is exposed above the cyst and not only the liquid content is removed, but also the wall that is the cause of the formation and accumulation of fluid is excised. This method of treatment refers to the radical. After the operation, there are no retsedivov. The postoperative period is painless, on the second or third day a person is discharged from the hospital. The rehabilitation period, that is, the time when a person can start working, is significantly reduced in comparison with open operations.

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  2. I also found a cyst! Have told or said, what is it from reception of antibiotics! I've been living with her for 5 years! Do not worry, it's not scary!
  3. At me here too on US a cyst in a kidney have defined or determined, the doctor has told or said, that she can be in general congenital, no trouble, it is necessary to observe of her once a year and all.
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