because of what can be a brain tumor

because of what can be a brain tumor

  1. Risk factors for developing brain tumors

    The share of malignant primary brain tumors accounts for about 2% of all cancers. However, in children, tumors of the brain and spinal cord are the second most common type of cancer (after leukemia). According to the American Cancer Society, about 24 000 new cases of malignant tumors of the brain or spinal cord are detected annually in the United States.

    In general, brain tumors appear somewhat more often in men than in women. At the same time, some types of tumors, for example, meningiomas, are more typical for women.

    Most brain tumors develop in adults aged 65-79 years. In addition, the formation of such tumors is typical for children younger than 8 years. In children, malignant brain tumors are the leading cause of death from single neoplasms.

    Primary brain tumors in white individuals are much more common than in people of other races. For example, gliomas are found in Caucasians at 2 times more often.
    Production risk factors and the impact of the environment

    The only environmental risk factor that is definitely associated with the development of brain tumors is the effect of ionizing radiation. In patients who receive radiotherapy for head organs for cancer, the risk of developing brain tumors after 10-15 years is high. The high-risk group also includes workers in the nuclear industry.

    Despite numerous studies, evidence of the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields from power lines or household appliances is lacking.

    Several recent epidemiological studies have proved the safety of cellular phones, radiotelephones and wireless devices. Their use does not increase the risk of developing gliomas.

    Also, researchers studied the effects of certain metals and chemical compounds, such as vinyl chloride, lead, mercury, arsenic, petroleum products and pesticides. At present, there is no clear evidence of the effect of any industrial chemicals or metals. Studies in this area are continuing.
    Health status

    The risk of developing central nervous system lymphomas is high in people with impaired immune systems. Factors that weaken the immune system include organ transplants, HIV infection and chemotherapy.

  2. the simplest blow to the head injury
  3. If there was an answer to this question, then it would be much easier for doctors to be involved in prevention and not bring to the operation.
  4. the most unmotivated is a concussion
  5. People who have been exposed to radiation or atomic explosions.
    The exact causes of tumors at present remain unknown.
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