Cough does not go away, even after taking antibiotics.

Cough does not go away, even after taking antibiotics.

  1. I recommend syrup Erespal - it is checked up on itself and the relatives repeatedly.
  2. possibly the onset of chronic bronchitis. if you smoke a lot, then the onset of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). I also advise you to donate blood to pulmonary chlamydia. They are transmitted by airborne droplets. I was ill with them.
  3. Bronchitis without temperature antibiotics can not be treated. Antibiotics are prescribed only with the addition of bacterial infection (this condition is usually accompanied by a temperature). Then the reception of antibiotics is justified. After taking antibiotics and with a prolonged cough, allergic organism is started and you are very similar to allergic bronchitis. I advise (I'm not a doctor!) KETOTIFEN 1T. at night.
    You need to know that the pills give some soporific effect, but they are VERY helpful!
    Be healthy!
  4. why antibiotics?

    and go already to the doctor.

  5. And did or made a roentgen? Mozh, there is generally tuberculosis. Or pneumonia.
  6. a long dry cough, a night cough sometimes up to vomiting and even more without the temperature can be a sign of an allergy. sputum for a day goes badly and accumulates overnight in the morning, causing a gag reflex-for better separation it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids and expectorants (broth mother and stepmother root inhalation with eucalyptus and soda). from allergies-loratodine, claritin, suprastin, tavegil, take for the night t. cause drowsiness. if after taking the drug from an allergy cough at night will not mean exactly it! better consult a specialist! (such symptoms as you had with my child for six months it was an allergy) smoking especially can aggravate the situation
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