write. that you can not sit on the toilet in the bathroom for a long time, reading the newspapers, why? because of hemorrhoids?

write. that you can not sit on the toilet in the bathroom for a long time, reading the newspapers, why? because of hemorrhoids?

  1. Blood does not come to the feet because.
  2. For a long time it is impossible because others also want to sit in the bathroom, yes even on the toilet)))))))))))))))))))
  3. Normal, physiologically justified in the act of defecation is the squatting posture, when the pelvis and anus are lowered down, the hips are pressed to the stomach. In this case, less effort is applied to expel feces from the rectum. After all, each defecation is a transformation of stools of large diameter that fill the rectum into feces, a diameter corresponding to the anus of the individual. The denser the stool mass, the stronger the abdominal muscles need to strain. Not all patients have enough strength to convert the dense masses according to the diameter of the anus. As a consequence, the fecal masses that have lingered in the rectum return to the large intestine, where they become dehydrated and turn into even more dense formations - stool stones.

    Very painfully passing through the anus, fecal stones can cause cracks (the so-called genera of stool), aggravate the course of hemorrhoids, and in the intestine provoke bedsores, ulcers and other complications. Chronic constipation, accompanied by excessive compaction of fecal masses, as the cause of hemorrhoids, indicate more than half of the patients (50,5%). Constipation causes hemorrhoids, and hemorrhoids strengthen constipation.

    On the importance of the posture in the process of defecation is shown by statistics: people living in conditions lacking modern toilet comfort suffer from rectal pathology much less often, since in this position of the body the duration of the defecation act is much shorter - about 5-7 minutes per -Two strains. The reason that defecation is better in the squatting position is also in the fact that this posture provides the lowest position of the anus in relation to the body and the maximum spreading of the buttocks.

    When emptying the bow undesirable excessive straining. The deep breath helps to recover. You can not hurry, but you can not unduly stretch the time of emptying the intestines, as this leads to atony, constipation and their complications. A normal act of defecation should occur within one to five minutes. At the same time, it is necessary to close your eyes, turn off your thinking, relax, focus your attention on calm and even breathing.

    The next problem is the healthy technique of colon emptying - the minimum amount of muscle tension in the abdomen. The ideal option - to strain once (a one-step act of defecation). According to statistics, among healthy people, one-stage bowel evacuation is observed approximately in 70%, two-moment - in 20% and mixed - in 10%. From 70 to 90% of people suffering from diseases of the rectum, multimodal defecation was performed.

  4. Yes, all do not care
  5. a rat for a butt snapping. then inoculations from rabies do!
  6. I'm sitting on the toilet,
    I cry loudly,
    Why so much money
    And I'm so bad at croaking.
  7. what nonsense
  8. in the sewer divorced piranhas, they were brought by sea vessels-this was written about 10 years ago. and now they jump out of the toilet when they are hungry
  9. aha - the chocolate eye strains ...
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