What is the use of male sperm?

What is the use of male sperm?

  • Sperm consists not only of protein, but of a very large amount of nutritive fat. And this fat does not cause blockage of blood vessels, but is even more useful than fish oil. In addition, sperm accumulate drugs, so that consuming e in food is an effective way to save on medicines!

    Кстати, также сперма может помочь от прыщей. Механизм описан в ответе на этот вопрос Правда, что потребление спермы помогает от прыщей?

  • On a fat skin of the face, probably, it is possible to do or make in the form of a mask. But, firstly, only for fat or combined. At all, not on dry, as it is pure protein and skin is pulled as if plastered with ordinary chicken protein. There may be irritation. And secondly, often you can not do it!

    Remember the movie "Moscow does not believe tears"? There was an episode, about masks just from the sperm. It contains a lot of microelements and substances that help to keep the skin toned.

  • Norwegian scientists have proved that swallowing male sperm ... a woman becomes smarter. In the laboratory of reproduction at the National Medical Center in Oslo, under the guidance of Professor Sven Norberg, the experiments have been going on for a year now. Weekly 15 female volunteers swallow the tested fresh sperm that their husbands or lovers rent in the next room. As a result of the research, Professor Sven Norberg discerned that the male protein has miraculous properties. The sperm contains prostaglandin hormones that stimulate the production of estrogen hormones in women. And this means that the metabolism improves, skin diseases go away, the breast increases. But this is not all: if sperm regularly enters the body of a woman, then memory and intellect improve significantly.

  • If you understand the chemical composition of sperm, then you can determine that it has a lot of citrate ions. It is these ions that help the sperm to be a strong buffering agent, and they also manage the production of a very large amount of calcium citrate, that's what gets a deficiency in the body of these trace elements, and that can be useful.

    What is the use of male sperm?

  • heard that male sperm is useful, it is used as a face and hand cream. rejuvenates the skin. they even told me that they were probyval and it's true, but I did not check it myself. and honestly I do not believe in it ...

  • It is known that semen, as well as in plant seeds, contains a lot of useful substances, practically the entire Mendeleyev's table. This is practically a multivitamin complex. As they say - everything is valuable for children. Well, from the field of fantasy - it is assumed that it rejuvenates the skin, eliminates wrinkles. I do not know, did not check.

  • It is very strange that everyone in this topic has forgotten the most important benefit of sperm and switched to looking for alternative methods of using this product life. I will answer the question this way: The most important benefit of male sperm is that with the help of it children are obtained! )))

  • Male semen is very useful as a cosmetic for cleaning the skin of the face. Regular rubbing into the skin of the face cleanses the pores and makes the skin smooth and "silky"; It is also very useful as an additional source of protein

  • Male sperm is very useful to the entire body of a woman. Male sperm has a beneficial effect on sleep, improves mood, improves the relationship between spouses and, of course, the mask from sperm gives the skin of a woman freshness, youth and beauty. Sperm is like saying the weight of gold.

  • The doctor said that male sperm helps relax the uterus when it is in tonus, there is some substance that relaxes the muscles of the uterus. In general, somewhere I read for a long time, that sperm even increases immunity!

  • sperm is a source of high-grade proteins, but to fill them you need to eat a liter of two sperm! Look for a donor!

  • Еще поржите -у меня подруга давным-давно все хвасталась,-quot;смотри,какая у меня кожа на лице хорошая! Думаешь,почему так?? -Я сперму глотаю!quot; Типа,присоединяйся!! Сейчас ей уже 50,и она далеко-далеко за границей,кожу ее я вряд ли увижу даже по Скайпу,интересно было бы спросить -до сих пор действует??))) И в 50 помогает?? А маски мы делали,-правда,стягивает,но интереснее процесс омоложения -помогает?? Я настолько не переношу ее запах,что не могу позволить себе такую роскошь,к сожалению!! А хотелось бы узнать,- что для этого лучше делать,-глотать или мазать?? Может,кто подскажет???

  • What is the use of male sperm?

    Male sperm is useful as follows:

    Women who regularly have sex get the life-giving protein contained in the male seed, which triggers all these processes.

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