How to treat chronic pharyngitis?

How to treat chronic pharyngitis?

  • Try to protect your throat from cold, because the main thing is not to bring pharyngitis to a new exacerbation, and so you can live with it. Completely cure is not always possible and only in the hospital with the supervision of a doctor-lora, but you can quickly heal exacerbations by rinsing the throat with oak bark, for example.

  • Treatment of chronic pharyngitis.

    Pharyngitis is an infectious disease. About the causes of chronic pharyngitis - here is a separate discussion. Since this is an infectious disease, the treatment must be appropriate for the type of infection.

    If the infection is viral, then it can not be killed, since the viruses are not alive. With viral pharyngitis, you just need to wait for the end of the disease. It is possible to use drugs that facilitate the course of the disease. But viral pharyngitis does not develop into a chronic one.

    And if the pharyngitis lasts for a week, a month, and years (!!!), then the disease is the result of a bacterial infection. And bacteria is useless to treat with tinctures, homeopathy and other folk remedies. Only antibiotics can defeat a bacterial infection. And only the doctor should choose the necessary antibiotic taking into account the severity of the disease, the patient's body weight and other specific circumstances.

  • С таким заболеванием надо конечно врачу показаться, тем более если болезнь хроническая. У меня с детства хронический фарингит, болезнь не смертельная, но весьма неприятная, обострение начинается осенью и зимой. Лечится долго. Мне помогает гексорал, когда боль сильная, а затем ингаляции с эвкалиптом. Полоскания при таком заболевании не очень эффективны. Таблетки Фарингосепт нельзя долго употреблять, они сильно сушат слизистую горла. Надо побольше употреблять продуктов с рыбьим жиром, покупаю печень трески и каждый день съедаю кусочек с ложкой масла. По утрам после еды можно рассасывать кусочек сливочного масла, делать глоток персикового масла. Помогает прибор физиотерапии, у меня есть Ультратон.

  • I do not know the people's means, but in my time, I was helped by Thoringgocept.

  • It is necessary first to find out the cause of your pharyngitis, and then to prescribe the treatment.

    If it is covered in the disease from pathogens, then it is necessary to be treated with antibiotics, inhalations, gargling. And if it's from poisoning caused by smoke or other poisonous substances, then no medicine will help, you just need to gargle and leave for clean air.

  • Even if pharyngitis is chronic, it is likely to be cured!

    The doctor will better determine the reasons, he will prescribe the treatment. I can advise Tharyngept and other antiseptics. There is also a collection of herbs for colds. A chamomile broth removes inflammation.

  • All diseases that are associated with the throat and pharynx are very unpleasant.

    First you need to recognize pharyngitis. What are the symptoms?

    1. Viscous sputum.
    2. Pain when swallowing.
    3. Dryness in the mouth.
    4. Dry cough.
    5. Nasal congestion.

    First you need to try to restore normal breathing with your nose.

    And the pharyngitis itself can be treated by rinsing 2% solution of soda, lubricating (with severe forms) with protargol 2% solution (manufactured in pharmacies). It would be a good idea to combine all these procedures with inhalations of essential oils.

  • You can rinse your throat with a warm water solution of soda and iodine, or a decoction of the leaves of eucalyptus, or chamomile, or calendula. I'm better served by eucalyptus. And still, if there is no high temperature, make a compress for the night from vodka and on top a warm (best woolen) dressing. And another blueberry tea. Only not very hot, but warm.

  • If the sun is already running and the throat continues to hurt badly, then you should drink a course of antibiotics. Folk remedies do not exactly help you. What antibiotics - you should choose a doctor. There are different groups for different bacteria. Address to other doctor. I'm not a doctor, but sunflower oil in the nose seems completely stupid with chronic pharyngitis.

    To treat it is necessary and a throat: a gargle of a throat (it is possible to buy or purchase in a drugstore a solution Malavit, very well helps or assists), it is possible to splash Geksoral or Tantum verde. They helped me. But anyway, you need to consult a doctor. You can do warming compresses, but if there is no temperature and if the disease is chronic, keep yourself warm and take warm baths with sea salt.

    In pharmacies also sell instruments Dune or Hesk (just different manufacturers, but the only one) for conducting home physiotherapy. Acquire, bask, help. I have a hester, I warm up my throat, nose, when I'm ill and sometimes just for the prevention of 10 sessions. Most recently I went to a sanatorium, so they have such a device in the physiotherapy room, they appoint practically everyone. We were a bit surprised, since we have such a house.

    PS By the way, after all, the correct spelling of "quot; through and.

  • With chronic pharyngitis it is difficult to fight. When exacerbation helps rinse throat with iodine solution, a few drops on half a cup of water. Several times a day after meals. Or buy a pharmacy spray for the throat with iodine - Iox or Lugol. Between the exacerbations, take care of the throat for a cold. Cold drinks are excluded. At the first signs of an exacerbation, immediately apply a spray or rinse and take a tablet of biseptol inside.

  • It is necessary to try to protect your throat, do not catch cold, do not speak loudly. And with chronic pharyngitis, it's good to squirt the throat "Hexorol", drink milk with smoked, warm your legs and need to gargle with the broths, for example, oak bark. I was helped when I used the "Bioparox"; and tablets "Pharycoceut", you can still use some candy for the throat.

  • Pharyngitis is a disease in which the mucous membrane of the pharynx inflames. But the appearance of this disease affects smoking, cold air, dust, bacteria. Sometimes pharyngitis is chronic or acute.

    In order to treat pharyngitis, have always used folk remedies, such as decoctions of sage, chamomile, calendula and eucalyptus. Such broths can be rinsed several times a day. Decoction is done this way: about ten grams of dry collection pour steep boiling water (one glass), cover with a lid and hold for about twenty minutes, after which we filter and let cool to about forty degrees Celsius. Now you can use the broth.

    Infusions and decoctions of some forest berries, for example, blueberries, blackberries, are also considered very useful. In this case, they can be used as a mouthwash for rinsing and for ingestion.

    It is very prized with pharyngitis and also the juice of cabbage. It is also used in a slightly heated form to rinse the throat.

    Употребляйте достаточно жидкости - как минимум полтора-два литра в день. Пейте побольше напитки, которые содержат витамины, особенно витамин С. Это, к примеру, компоты, морсы, кисели, чаи с лимонным соком или лайма.

    With acute pharyngitis, for better separation of sputum, drugs like Ambroxol, Acetylcysteine, Bromhexine are taken.

    During illness it is not necessary to drink and eat too hot, cold and sharp. Therefore, it is better not to eat marinated, too sharp, sour dishes, since they even irritate already already inflamed and irritated pharynx.

    If you smoke, drop it! If you like strong alcoholic beverages - tie it!

    Little to the diagnosis:

    • In the case of acute pharyngitis, there is a sharp pain in the throat, it becomes painful to swallow, there is a temperature and a strong cough, with which sputum often goes away.
    • In the case of chronic pharyngitis, this is often a swelling in the throat, a constant sensation of dryness, a prolonged, dry cough.
  • Do homemade inhalations, breathe over the pot with hot water, taking cover with a large towel, remember how Andrew from "33 square meter"; potatoes breathed? In the water add a collection of herbs. or soda, I even breathed a decoction of buckwheat, the main thing to warm up your throat.

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