How to prepare a salad of sprouted wheat? What can I add?

How to prepare a salad of sprouted wheat? What can I add?

  • I do not know how to whom, but these sprouts seem very tasty to me. They have a pleasant sweetish taste. You can mix them with cottage cheese and pour with liquid honey, there also add, for example raisins or dried apricots finely chopped. Or add sprouts to any fruit salad, such as an apple, pear, kiwi and banana. Experiment and have a pleasant appetite!

  • In order not to reduce the benefits of wheat germ, you need to prepare with the same addition a useful salad. To do this, cut the green or onion, boiled egg, cut into cubes, fresh cucumber, chopped greens, salt, fill with sour cream - a useful and satisfying salad is ready.

    There is a variant of sweet salad. Then, to the germinated wheat, you need to add the straw-cut straw, carrots and apples. You can also fill with sour cream, yoghurt.

  • The simplest thing is to add honey to the wheat, a funky treat. Delicious wheat germ with dried fruits, nuts, yoghurts. When there is time, I make a salad: 1 sweet pepper + 2 pickled cucumber + half a glass of rice + 50 gr. wheat, season with mayonnaise. For lovers of cottage cheese, this dish will suit: wheat (1 spoon) + prunes + cottage cheese (3 spoons) + yogurt (3 spoons).

  • It is very tasty to make a Korean salad of wheat germ in this way:

    Approximately 300 gr germinated wheat seeds rinse in cold water, then roll with boiling water or boil 5 minutes, after draining the water and put the grains in a deep cup, salt them, pepper with red pepper, add coriander to taste.

    Separately in the frying pan, heat vegetable oil and in oil very quickly fry the finely chopped 1 clove of garlic, but only so that it is quite a bit fried, you can also pour a pinch of coriander and pour this oil into a cup of wheat.

    After adding about 2 art. spoons of soy sauce, vinegar to taste, to taste and optionally you can add sugar.

  • I have also heard about the benefits of wheat germ for a long time and read a lot about it. You can add to the sprouted grains a variety of foods and prepare different dishes.

    Salad from sprouted wheat, carrots and dried fruits.

    Sprouted sprouts need to be ground, you can blender. Grate the carrots. Mix the chopped sprouts with carrots and add the dried fruits. Add honey.

    Salad from sprouted wheat and cabbage.

    For this salad, cabbage should be chopped, grate the carrots. Add salt, sugar to taste, a little bit of apple cider vinegar. After that, you need to mash everything, so that the juice is allocated. Then add the sprouts of wheat and fill with vegetable oil (you can sour)

    Salad from sprouted wheat with cucumbers and pepper.

    To prepare, you will need: 1 a handful of wheat germ, 2-3 cucumber, 1-2 pieces of sweet Bulgarian pepper, a large ripe avocado, 1 bunch of parsley, olive oil, salt, lemon juice.

    Pepper we cut into cubes, we cut a cucumber, we spread everything in a salad bowl and we add sprouts of sprouted wheat.

    We make refueling for salad. Avocados need to be peeled and removed. Place the pulp of avocado in a blender, add there parsley, according to 1 a tablespoon of olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt. We grind everything in a blender.

    We fill the prepared salad.

    How to prepare a salad of sprouted wheat? What can I add?

  • Despite the sweet taste of the sprouted wheat, I like to make a salad with garlic from it. To fry lightly, it's better to simply mix it into a hot oil, put it in a plate, add the garlic, salt to taste. It is important to make one portion differently grains quickly dry up, lose sight and vitamins.

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