Which high pressure tablets are the most effective and not expensive?

Which high pressure tablets are the most effective and not expensive?

  • I can not advise the medicine, because it can be dangerous. Everyone has allergies, and the medicine has contraindications.

    The best way to find out the medicine for you is an ordinary trip to the doctor. He will prescribe medication for you, and will give you some useful advice on recovery.

    The only medicine that I can recommend and it should not cause any negative reactions is physiotherosis. Only use a small fraction so that nothing happens.

  • Increased pressure is not a joke and, of course, it is impossible to solve this problem without a doctor. And if the doctor prescribed the pill, then they should be drunk strictly according to the prescription, and not as many do: only when the pressure goes off scale. If the pressure is not constantly elevated, Elena Malysheva advises drinking regularly aspirin, as a preventive measure, to prevent pressure spikes. I will not recommend specific pills for pressure, as I'm not a doctor, but I can only say that any other advice not doctors can not listen and joke with your health.

  • I work as a cardiologist and as a doctor I want to pretend, it is very dangerous to take any medications, especially drugs from pressure, without the doctor's recommendation. Very often I have to face the fact that patients take 2 similar drugs from one group, because the neighbor advised.

    In the appointment of the drug, doctors are guided by many indicators, there are a lot of nuances in which a person without medical education is difficult to understand.

    The only thing I can advise is a drug that is recommended as an ambulance for crises against the background of the rest of the therapy - physiotherapy 0,2 -0,4 mg under the tongue depending on the pressure. But if you have a rare pulse, then take it with caution, be sure to control the pulse. On a regular basis, he is recommended in the last place, since he is not included in the main groups of drugs against pressure. This drug is a reserve.

  • You can give a lot of advice, but only your doctor can pick up your medicine. The causes of blood pressure are many. I have cramps. Therefore, I can reduce the pressure by drinking a glass or two of ordinary water. The vessels expand and the pressure drops, and sometimes I use drotaverine and pentoxifylline. But it does not say that can help you. One of the reasons for high blood pressure is increased PTH (when the blood is thick, like jelly) in this state it is useless to drink pills. Will not help. Need to revise your diet. Watch out for cholesterol. In hypertension, it is necessary to have within 3-4. Not more, and PTI within 80. Take enough water (your urine will serve as an indicator (should be colorless). Normally, drink 30 g water per 1 kg of weight.

  • Tablets for constant reception at a hypertension should select only the doctor observing the patient in dynamics. As an ambulance, before going to the doctor or calling an ambulance, Kapoten will do. Also, if the pressure does not often rise, you can take Enap. Just remember that all drugs must be taken carefully. If you take it for the first time take a minimum dose and divide it in half.

  • Treatment should appoint a doctor. For example, beta-blockers help me (for not only pressure is reduced, but also work against tachycardia and arrhythmia). But they can cause heart failure in another person. And what is high blood pressure? Which one? And what kind of work? If the hypertensive crisis, then you need to urgently call an ambulance. They inject magnesium (it's magnesia, magnesium sulfate). But you need to go to the doctor anyway. For it is necessary for diagnostics:

    1. Cardiogram.
    2. Echo-KG (ultrasound of the heart).
    3. General blood analysis.
    4. Blood test for sugar.
    5. A blood test for cholesterol.
    6. I would even have an ultrasound of kidneys appointed.
    7. If there is pain in the back, then ultrasound of the vertebral arteries.
    8. And many other interesting things, from which the pressure increases.
  • When I was at the annual medical examination, I suddenly found an increased pressure of about 150 on 90. My therapist doctor prescribed me a tablet of "quot; Coronel ", having drunk the floor of the pill for an instant, I froze all morning, and when I came to the doctor she said that too much pressure was brought down and canceled me these medications. For myself, I noted that this drug probably is very effective in terms of reducing blood pressure. But I strongly recommend that you do not experiment and do not self-medicate, and if you have problems with pressure, consult a specialist.

  • At us the grandfather Enalapril 10 mg. takes a long time, but only occasionally when the pressure really jumps.

    Then the same medicine was prescribed to her husband, he had a period, Kanda also had to drink Enalapril, he also helped with these pills. They are by the way not expensive, so we always have in the medicine cabinet and this is good, because two or three times a year they even save us from the pressure increase.

  • There are "simple", but inexpensive and effective tablets from high blood pressure - enalapril. If you use them sporadically. then this is what you need. Tablets are available in different dosages, from 5 mg and above. If necessary, use these tablets (episodically) it is better to start with 5 mg tablets, and maybe even a half of such a pill. After the manifestation of the drug, it becomes clear whether such a dose is sufficient to achieve the desired result.

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