Lyuli, explain to me what a contrast shower is and how to take it right?

Lyuli, explain to me what a contrast shower is and how to take it right?

  1. Contrast shower is a very good preventative against cellulite. In addition, that this procedure is pleasant (when you get used to it) and is very useful for the nervous system, it also has a beneficial effect on the woman's skin, makes her healthier and more beautiful. Contrast shower not everyone likes, because at first it causes a feeling of discomfort. Look at it, and very soon you will have fun. The contrasting soul has several contraindications.

    Contrast shower is inadmissible for:

    diseases of the blood and cardiovascular system,
    malignant tumors,
    acute thrombophlebitis.

    It is undesirable to take contrast shower during the period of exacerbation of any diseases, also during menstruation. But this applies to almost any physiotherapy procedures.
    For those who suffer from vegetative-vascular dystonia, neuroses, hypertension in the initial stage, a contrast shower will certainly help to normalize and improve one's health.
    In addition, tempering the body, contrast shower relieves colds, makes the skin supple and elastic, helps to lose weight.

    The explanation of the benefits of a contrasting shower can be described as follows: under the influence of hot water, the vessels, especially the capillaries of the skin, expand, and the cold water narrows them.
    It turns out training for blood vessels, which eventually makes them more elastic and less prone to adverse effects.
    You need to start with a small drop (the temperature of warm water is about 38, cool about 28) and short intervals (one and a half minutes under warm and half a minute under cool water). One change will be enough for a start. Gradually increase and contrast, smoothly bringing it to the range of 20 - 40, and the duration of 3 minutes stand under hot and a minute under cold water. So three or four times. Soon you will feel that the procedure, first, has become a habit, and secondly, it has a beneficial effect on well-being.

    You can do more frequent temperature changes. Say 20 seconds under warm, 10 seconds under cool.
    To finish reception of a contrast shower it is necessary cool water.

    Since this is a stimulating procedure, it is better to make a contrast shower in the morning get a charge of vivacity for several hours.
    But it is possible and in the evening, for an hour or two before sleep, but in this case the procedure must be completed by dousing not with cold, but with warm water.

  2. The Vodka is colder, the head is stronger and with shouts "A-ah-ah," you can correctly take a contrasting dusk! :-)
  3. All is solved very simply - open the textbook on physiotherapy and read normal medical recommendations on a contrasting soul. There everything is painted, including the fact that this is a medical procedure and is carried out with a course with obligatory breaks between courses. And more - consult your therapist and talk with the physiotherapist.
  4. Very good question !!! for me it's like torture, so it's likely that I'm taking such a shower wrong) or do not know how)
  5. Source: link is blocked by the decision of the project administration
    How to take a contrast shower:
    Experts advise to take a contrast shower in the morning, before breakfast. After eating, the contrast shower will be perceived as stress for the body and will harm digestion.

    The best thing is to introduce the habit of taking a contrast shower after charging (but taking a contrast shower after yoga complexes is NOT worth it, as it creates too stressful a situation for the joints). Because the blood circulation is strengthened, the muscles, the vessels are warmed, accordingly, the use of the contrasting shower will be more! By the way, charging by itself is very useful!
    A contrast shower after a workout in the gym is also welcome.
    In the evening, you can take it, but not right before going to bed, because he is very invigorating.

    The main rule, as in sports and nutrition is regularity. Practice doucheing every day. The first time it will be very hard to force yourself to turn the tap with cold water, but we are smart, brave people who want to be healthy and beautiful!

    For the first time there may be discomfort, but after 4-5 sessions it will go away.

    You need to pour all parts of the body, not staying long in one place. In total, three contrasts are made (the transition from hot to cold). I read about 15-20 O_O transitions in one article on the Internet. This is complete nonsense, it's terrible to imagine what will happen to your pressure, blood vessels and well-being. At best, you get rid of fainting. And meanwhile, an article on one of the first positions of the extradition search!

    Always it is necessary to finish cold water

    Before cooling the whole body, it is advisable not to forget to wet your face.

    The head under a stream of cold water is not necessary to substitute, even if you are a very healthy person, only your body. I do not want to scare you, but it's quite a stroke.

    When starting the procedure, do not rush to take an icy or hot shower. First, warm yourself under warm water, and then gradually increase its temperature until the water becomes hot, but comfortable for you.

    In no case should not be tolerated and scalded. Wait a minute under hot water, and then turn on the cool one sharply. Only it should not be icy, to this it is necessary to aspire gradually, approximately during 2-4 weeks. Do not be cunning and do not feel sorry for yourself, twist the tap with hot water completely, and let the pressure of cold water be strong! You will get used quickly, I assure you

    Cold water is poured over the body from the top down, but by no means the other way around.

    Jump from one foot to the other during douches, so that the feet also receive their portion of energy.

    Repeat positive affirmations (conscious attitudes) in the shower, for example: My body becomes healthier and more beautiful, I create my own health and beauty, etc. I personally sing at the top of my voice or breathe like a racehorse, believe it or not, helps a lot.

    In general, you need to pour from 5 to 10 minutes. But this result needs to come gradually. At first, it will be enough 2-3 minutes.

    After the shower (we remember that it always ends with cold dousing) you need very well, rub the body with a hard towel until pink.

    Do not just go out on the street. It is advisable to stay at home for at least an hour.

    Diagram of contrast shower:
    Warm (to warm up and calm the body body)
    Hot (of course, not boiling water, but that maximum PERSONALLY FOR YOU temperature that you can withstand) Cold (20-30 and more seconds)
    Hot (20-40 seconds)
    Cold (up to a minute or more)
    Hot (20-60 seconds)
    Cold (how much nice)

  6. This is first hot water, then cold, then hot again, then again cold. That's the whole secret.
  7. contrast shower is the alternate use of hot and cold water, you need to start with a hot
  8. contrast-this alternation of hot and cold water ... very tones and strengthens the immune system
  9. Well, this is the alternation of hot and cold water. And so several times.
  10. Contrast is when cold and hot water alternates. I do not know how to take it, because I do not like to rush from an extreme to an extreme.
  11. A contrast shower is a very useful procedure for the whole organism. It enhances blood circulation, improves the functioning of the immune and nervous system, imparts a charge of vivacity. The meaning of the action of the contrast shower is that sudden short-term cooling activates the body's defenses.

    Ideally, they do this.
    The person becomes in a bath and pours out water of pleasant temperature. Then it is made as hot as possible (of course, not scalding).

    After 30-60-90 seconds, the hot water is blocked and one cold one is started. Having poured out the whole body (20-30 and more seconds), they again include the hottest water, they cover the whole body and, especially for a long time not chilling, let the cold go. This time under a cold shower it is better to stand longer (up to a minute or more).

    Then again, not a very long hot shower and the final cold.

    You need to pour all parts of the body, not staying long in one place. In total, three contrasts are made (the transition from hot to cold). You should always finish with cold water. Before cooling the whole body, it is advisable not to forget to wet your face.

    Here is an approximate shower scheme:

    Warm (to get used to the body)
    Hot (so far nice)
    Cold (20-30 or more seconds)
    Hot (20-40 seconds)
    Cold (up to a minute or more)
    Hot (20-60 seconds)
    Cold (how much nice)

    Getting used to the contrast of the soul, as well as to any new effects, should be gradually. First, during the 2-x - 4-x weeks, daily take a comfortable shower (a shower of pleasant temperature). Then make only one contrast and do not stand very long under cold water (5-10 sec.), In a week or two, go to two and then three contrasts.

    Sometimes in the beginning it is possible to reduce the temperature drop, that is, to pour not the cold and hot water, but warm and cool.

    For "swinging" of very sick organisms, it is desirable to do so. But having reached the sensation of apparent cold, you still have to make a sharp jump and go straight to the icy water.

    Not knowing this rule, many beginners "burn", trying to further reduce the temperature gradually. They reach, say, up to 19-20С, and then, continuing hardening, begin to ache. The secret here is simple. Water of this temperature already significantly cool the body, but it is not yet cold enough to "turn on" the dormant protective forces. A sharp short-term pouring with ice water does not have time to take away a lot of heat, but it has a powerful effect on the nervous system, triggers a thermoregulatory and immune mechanism.

    And what if there is no shower (or hot water)? Blow out of a bucket or take a cold shower. You can always find a way out if you want.

    Contrast shower is very desirable to do at least once a day, in the mornings, after gymnastics (but not after yoga complexes!). Although it is better to wash your body twice a day.

    With daily douches, there is no need to wash with soap often. People with oily skin are recommended to apply soap not more than once a week (except for washing hands and hair), and with dry skin - no more than once a month. It is enough to even wash with soap once a quarter. From this, the skin, and the sebaceous glands and, accordingly, the entire body, will benefit.

    Another version of the contrast shower

    Stand under the shower. Make the water hot. Stand under the hot shower 10-15 seconds, then let the cold water and take a cold shower for 10-15 seconds. So repeat the three cycles.

    Always start with hot water, finish cold. To chill the body does not bring.

    The head should not be washed with hot water: hair falls out and vision deteriorates. You can pre-steam the body, wash with a brush or washcloth (coarse) without soap.


    Rubbing (or, if you like - wiping) the body after the shower with a terry mitten, brush or towel enhances blood circulation and skin nutrition, removes dead skin cells, the skin becomes smooth and soft, retains its youth.

    Rules for rubbing:
    start with the head, rubbing it from the periphery to the prices

  12. showers in clothes: DD
  13. Contra-shower - cold and hot dousing with water !!!! it is recommended to do five times at least b, all this improves the circulation of the skin, but if the eye area is rinsed, it is warm and cool - sharp changes are unacceptable
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