What causes cellulite? And how to deal with it?

What causes cellulite? And how to deal with it?

  1. Metabolism was disturbed (((
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  2. Actually, it's an age. But if hunting with something to fight. Massage + diet + sports. Ointment and cream is tuff.
  3. Nutrition.Procedures.Fiz exercises. Together.
  4. Cellulite is a sign of impaired metabolism and hormonal failures in the body, so only fiz-ra and only anti-cellulite creams will not help. It's amazing that cellulite has now become such a common phenomenon, unfortunately most do not understand that this is a disease of the whole organism. And you need to treat the body, and not lose weight, etc. By the way, often and thin women have cellulite. Thus, it is necessary to be engaged in correction of a metabolism and a hormonal background. And this is for every woman - individually. For example, if this is the result of inflammatory diseases of the female genital area, then until you cure this disease with cellulite, nothing can be done, even the more expensive anti-cellulite massage will help only for a while.
  5. Cilulite is naturally a distinctive sign of the female sex from the male, and so that there was no horrible sight it is necessary to eat and exercise properly
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  7. One of the reasons for the appearance of cellulite is the effect of female sex hormones as a result of dysfunction of the ovaries. In men, the concentration of these substances in the blood is extremely low. As a result, among women, cellulite occurs in 80-95 percent of cases.
    Why it happens? Among the many factors that are direct or indirect causes of lipid metabolism and, therefore, the development of cellulite, it is possible to identify with certainty the violations of protein metabolism, the violation of the correct diet; hypodynamia, that is, a sedentary life; chronic stress, chronic fatigue.
    In winter, the risk of cellulite increases several times. Why is this happening? There are several reasons.

    1. hot water procedures. In winter, much more want to lie in the tub than to take a refreshing shower. And this is a mistake: frequent and long soaking in the bathroom degreases the skin, strengthens both the stretch marks and the tuberosity of the skin, deprive it of elasticity and internal moisture. How to deal with this? Take a shower, avoid frequent baths, apply after each wash, moisturizing creams and milk.
    2. dry air. It is typical for the office environment, where the air is additionally dried by appliances, but in homes it is often very dry. In the office you can hardly, from time to time moisten your feet, but if you wear a skirt with enough thin pantyhose, then why not? The spray in the can will cope with this task. By the way, this total moisturizing is useful not only for the actual fight against cellulite, but also for health as a whole. If for you this method is unpleasant or unacceptable in the morning, apply a lot more cream on your feet.
    3. tights. Yes-yes, the constant wearing of even anti-cellulite or supporting tights, even with moisturizing microcapsules is actually a risk factor for your skin. Dermatologists recommend wearing pantyhose with minimal supporting effect (if there is no varicose veins), and at least one day a week to go without pantyhose, for example, in winter in warm trousers and cotton socks.
    4. sharp changes in temperature. From the frost to the office, and all this in pantyhose and short skirt Old good breeches have become unacceptable for many for image reasons, but can the leg status be more important?
    5. Swimming pool and gym. Sport is fine, but when swimming in chlorinated water or taking too much shower, we additionally dry and weaken the skin.
    6. Plus everything - in winter we just traditionally stop taking care of the body a little, relax. In stores, the boom for the purchase of anti-cellulite and moisturizing creams begins in April, which you understand, is late

    How to deal with cellulite
    1. Do not neglect contrasting dousing (up to buttocks) is a cheap and very effective way to keep cellulite in check.
    2. Creams are effective enough with their regular application and a small manual massage. But their price does not matter much.
    3. In winter it is necessary to arrange cream masks for the whole body. Heat the bathroom with air using a heater. Apply a thick layer of mask or cream and sit for 10 minutes. The recipe for a nutritious mask: 2 yolk, a tablespoon of rum or cognac, a tablespoon of fatty sour cream rub all together and apply to the hips.
    1. Massage with a brush against cellulite: the brush with stiff bristles will ideally help to look the skin, every time taking a shower, vigorously in circular motions, go through it on the hips, stomach, buttocks, back. Every day, do this complex, and cellulite lurk for a long time.
    2. Vacuum massage with honey from cellulite: take honey natural and a bowl (cup, jar) for massage. In a bath (in a bath) it is good to steam out, then to take in a palm of honey and to rub in circular motions on problem sites of a body. Take the bowl and circular motions, pressing the edge of the body to do a vacuum massage. When pressed, the air from the bowl is pushed out, and the body is slightly sucked into it. Periodically "tear off" the bowl from the body, and again do circular motions.

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