Is it possible to remove-squeeze molluscum contagiosum by the house itself?

Is it possible to remove-squeeze molluscum contagiosum by the house itself?

  • You can delete it and I know who did it. But here's the problem: by removing you can spread the bacterium, thereby increasing the area of ​​damage to the body's mollusk.

    When I myself faced this problem, I did nothing with these rashes. They passed by the child themselves about a year later.

  • In general, you can do at home, of course, whatever you like. In some cases this, of course, can be done, and sometimes strictly contra-indicated. In the case when it comes to rashes, about molluscs in a child, it is possible to exclude the possibility of malignant skin tumors, which are sometimes confused with molluscum contagiosum. If you are not afraid, then you can do it yourself (yes, the wrath of the gods in white coats does not come to you! :))) We also do a lot of things ourselves at home. But all the same, precautions are simply necessary! First, it is better to use only disinfected tools - so that you do not use to remove shellfish - always disinfect this tool in the most thorough way. Also do not forget that sometimes there is no need to delete - or you can use folk remedies that are very helpful.

    For example, if you are dealing with single eruptions, when not too many bubbles, then take and rub garlic paste in half with butter. Rub this remedy on three to four times a day for a month - and there will be improvements, or completely passed.

    Try the following: this is generally a folk drug "bomb"; ))) We need to take walnut leaves, celandine and calendula flowers, fill them with two-thirds of a half-liter can and fill honey. alcohol (90%) to the top. After insisting for three weeks, without filtering the tincture, smear it with rashes also several times a day all month.

    If you want, you can use direct rubbing of garlic, since this is a more effective method than if it is interfered with by oil. Only carefully consider the possibility of allergies. Cut the garlic in half and rub the rashes several times a day. A month later, there must be serious changes.

    Кстати, обратите ещ внимание на следующую ссылку к похожему вопросу об удалении моллюсков, там немного более подробно вс объясняется.

  • It is possible, only carefully. You can do yourself at home absolutely, the main thing is to know how to do it in a stylish way. If a dermatologist at the clinic advises you to do it yourself, then you need to learn more about the procedure for removal.

  • Что думает врач? Лечение контагиозного моллюска: диатермокоагуляция, выдавливание пинцетом или выскабливание острой ложечкой Фолькмана с последующим смазыванием 2-3 % спиртовым раствором йода и 2 % оксолиновой или теброфеновой мазью.

    But the patient suggested. "I want to share my experience, I'm sorry for the children who are being cut out and other sadism." Parents try the child not to wash the 10 days whenever possible !!!! us no ointments and other things did not help and somewhere we read that he needs water for reproduction and we have dried it up for 10 days and he passed by himself. And that only the doctors did not talk and cut and burn.

    And here is another patient - Hello! I want to share my experience of fighting with the cacti molluscum! I read that you can defeat him with the help of oxalin ointment 3%, and it turned out that this method helps! Smeared with ointment 3-4 once a day with a cotton swab on the acne for a week, then as rashes, and over time they gradually passed. Oksalinovaya ointment should be necessarily three percent, and small bluish after the application of the ointment is easily washed off. You can also try to soften the end of the toothpick, lubricate the toothpick with iodine and slowly rub it with pimples. I hope you'll get better soon!

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