Why does it burn tongue?

Why does it burn tongue?

  • According to the state of the language, many diseases can be identified. If the tongue burns, it may be due to a lack of vitamins in the body, inflammation of the skin of the tongue, eating too spicy foods, and it can also be associated with many diseases, such as anemia, gastritis, stomatitis, peptic ulcer.

  • You can get tongue from different reasons. There are permanent and temporary tweaking of the tongue.

    Constantly twitched tongue in case of candidiasis of the tongue. Sneezing occurs always - during or after a meal, at any time of the day, no matter what you have in your mouth. Here it is necessary to consult a doctor, tk. this disease is very rare and difficult to treat.

    Temporarily tweak the tongue, for example, from menthol toothpaste while brushing your teeth. Has washed off paste, has rinsed a mouth - and here any more the shchipet. Only a small percentage of people react to menthol, the rest of it is successfully transferred.

    Very often the tongue is plucked from fruit, where there is a lot of ascorbic acid. For example, from kiwi, especially those that are still solid.

    Can pinch the tongue and from bananas, apples, plums, currants. Each person has this individually. In this case, you must choose a diet that promotes the most comfortable absorption of food.

  • The tongue is plaiting for various reasons.

    Sometimes from mechanical or chemical irritation. Sometimes, if there are long berries with a bone, then there is a mechanical effect, friction. And if there is, for example, bird cherry, then this effect will arise even faster.

    Sometimes with infectious diseases the tongue becomes inflamed, blushes, and becomes very sensitive, irritated. Can be as complication ORVI.

  • If the tongue burns, there can be several reasons:

    1) If you have eaten something hot or sharp. In the language, there is a feeling of tingling.

    2) You have inflammation of the tongue skin due to an allergy or infection.

    3) The tongue can pinch because of unhealthy teeth. The cause may be stomatitis, or the tongue is traumatized about a broken tooth.

    4) Glossitis is a disease of the tongue.

  • The tongue is a very sensitive organ. You can feel tongue from anything, hot, sour, sharp, cold and so on, tongue can become sensitive, especially the tongue becomes sensitive when a cut or burn appears.

  • Tweak the tongue can for different reasons.

    It can be an allergic or infectious inflammation of the skin of the tongue.

    Getting on the tongue of hot pepper or any other similar thing also provokes a burning sensation.

    The tongue can be touched by touching the battery.

    There is another disease, such as the "geographical language", in which the tongue in places becomes very thin and thus (by burning, tweaking) the tongue reacts to some food. The disease is not dangerous, but methods of treatment have not yet been found.

    In addition, tweaking the tongue can accompany such diseases as gastritis, anemia, peptic ulcer, hypovitaminosis B12, leukemia.

  • The tongue does not often clap and not everyone. Here I have it after I have a long time popping the seeds.

    Others can pinch the tongue from the inflammation of the oral cavity.

    When the tongue accidentally bites, he also hurts and pins for a long time.

    There are many taste receptors in the language. When they hurt something - it burns.

  • Acids, enzymes contained in consumed food, can cause tingling of the tongue, the so-called "irritation"; tongue papillae. The language is divided into "zones"; - one quot; zone; feels sour, the other - sweet and so on. Pineapple, for example, can cause tingling of the tongue due to the content of the enzyme bromelain (bromelin) in pineapple, which promotes the digestion of proteins.

  • If in the human body there is a lack of vitamin B12, which is involved in the formation of red blood cells, the tongue outwardly may look like a polished and burning sensation and tingling in the tongue will be felt. The advice here is one - to fill the lack of vitamin B12, and perhaps even to turn to an endocrinologist, since the lack of such a vitamin is felt in vegetarians.

    If you feel that your tongue is burning, you feel discomfort in your mouth, eating food causes pain, then consider your language more closely. Perhaps there is a white coating on the tongue, longitudinal or transverse grooves are visible, the tongue is smooth and red in areas, then a fungal disease - mycotic glossitis develops. This disease can be the result of taking antibiotics.

    The tingling and pain at the root or tip of the tongue can be a consequence of diseases of the stomach and intestines.

    Tingling of the tongue can be a consequence of allergies, for example, to the filling material.

  • Sometimes it happens that tongue bites due to the fact that on some of the teeth appeared a cleft with a sharp edge. When the tongue rubs against this cleft, a wound appears, which causes a sensation of tingling. Often pinch the tip of the tongue and after a man for a long time snapped sunflower seeds.

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