Rotokan - how to apply? What are the indications?

Rotokan - how to apply? What evidence?

  • Ротокан - это растительный препарат в виде раствора для местного применения. Ротокан является жидким экстрактом из цветков ромашки , календулы и тысячелистника.

    In the dentistry, Rotokan is used to treat mucous membranes of the oral cavity, periodontitis, stomatitis.

    Применяют ротокан в виде раствора, который готовят перед употреблением: на стакан теплой вскипяченной воды добавляют одну чайную ложку ротокана (при нормальной переносимости можно добавить и больше, до трех чайных ложек). Полученный состав применяют путем аппликаций на 15 или 20 минут. Также можно делать ротовые ванночки на 1 2 минуты (набрать в рот раствор и держать) не менее 2 раз в день в течение примерно 3 5 дней.

  • Most actively Rotokan used in dentistry, rinse with stomatitis and problems with the gums. Contains extract of chamomile, calendula and yarrow. 1 teaspoon should be diluted in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth. Still they say that with angina this remedy helps.

  • Rotokan. Even in the intelligence state, even on healthy mucous it has a strong irritating effect, what can we say about the sensations of stomatitis! It is used for the treatment of the oral mucosa locally, with periodontitis, for insertion after removal of the teeth. I never use it - there are more effective and less annoying means.

  • Rotokan - это лечебный препарат, который применяется в стоматологии. Это прекрасное противовоспалительное,с восстанавливающее поврежденную слизистую и кровоостанавливающее средство. Показания к применению: стоматит, пародонтоз. Перед применением рекомендуется удалить зубной камень. На десны прикладывают смоченные ротоканом ватные диски, на 20 минут. Лечить можно шесть дней через день, в день можно делать одну аппликацию. Можно сделать теплый раствор - одна чайная ложка ротокана на стакан теплой - для полоскания ротовой полости.

    Rotokan - how to apply? What evidence?

    • Rotokan is used only as a solution, and never in its pure form. The solution is prepared immediately before use.
    • Start with a small dose. Shake the bottle, add a teaspoon of 1 to a glass with warm water (preferably boiling, 30).
    • 30 ml in the mouth and rinse and rinse for one minute until the glass is empty (total 10 minutes, no more). So rinse three times a day, preferably after eating.
    • If after five hours there are no bad feelings, then there is no allergy, then the medicine suits you. In this case, you can add two, and on the third day, even three teaspoons per glass. As for the total duration of the application, it is better to consult a doctor.
    • A child up to twelve years of age, use Rotokan only in a weak concentration - 1 teaspoon per glass of warm water. First half a cup, and then, if the reaction is normal, you can continue.
    • If there is an allergy - a rash, redness, itching - you need to immediately stop using, and consult a doctor.
    • During pregnancy and breast-feeding, you can use Rotokan, but only if there is no allergic reaction, and only under the supervision of the attending physician.
  • I periodically use a tincture of rotochans to rinse my throat with sore throat. But I do not see a special difference from the decoction of chamomile. Especially for the treatment of angina is not enough. Tonzilotrene tablets are better. They cope well with inflammation and quickly get rid of the pain when swallowing.

  • Rotokan is a great thing. There is an extract from chamomile, calendula, yarrow. Apply in the form of a solution - 1 teaspoon per glass of water. Rinse your mouth with periodontitis, pharynx with sore throat, and it's very good to do douching with female diseases

  • Rotokan-alcoholic extract based on medicinal plants, which has been sold in Russian pharmacies for many years and is inexpensive.

    When tonsillitis rinsed rotokan throat-diluted one tablespoon to a glass of water, a course of treatment for about one week, with bronchitis can do inhalation.

    Препарат может применяться при воспалительных заболеваниях ротовой полости, при лечении хронического энтерита, энтероколита, гастродуоденита, оказывает местное противовоспалительное и антисептическое, а так же гемостатическое действие.

    Before using the drug, it is advisable to consult with a specialist.

  • I used rotokan! And repeatedly.

    Very good for rinsing and inhalation.

    Yes, rotokan on an alcoholic extract of calendula, yarrow and chamomile, but it's necessary to dilute it: rinse the rinocaine with water: 1 a teaspoon of rotocan for a glass of water at room temperature, and for inhalations: for 3-4 ml of sodium chloride, add 10 drops of rotochak.

    I have a compressor nebulizer.

    When buying a nebulizer, there was an instruction on the recommendations of inhalations.

    Rotokan was among the first drugs to treat throat.

    Rotokan acts anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing in angina, stomatitis, pharyngitis, pain in the throat.

    Sell ​​rotokan in small bottles in a dark glass, like a menovazine, with a plastic stopper, is inexpensive.

  • Rotokan - how to apply? What evidence?

    Preparation Rotokan is a herbal preparation used to improve the digestive system, as well as metabolism. Yet one of the goals of this medication is the use for the purpose of a dental medical device.

    Rotokan can also be used for gynecology, cosmetology, angina, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis and many other diseases.

    Instructions for use and dosage.

    Rotokan - how to apply? What evidence?

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