With what put a dropper when a person is "cleaned" from alcohol poisoning?

With what put a dropper when a person is "cleaned" from alcohol poisoning?

  • Physiological saline, Antiemetic drugs, Drugs that cure convulsive syndrome,

    Sleeping Pills, Potassium and Calcium, Magnesium Preparations - These are all the ingredients that go into the droppers.

  • If you suspect an alcohol overdose, it is recommended that you call an ambulance immediately. To remove mild alcohol intoxication doctors put a dropper with glucose-salt solutions: 10% glucose solution and saline solution. The fact is that with alcohol poisoning there is a deficit of the liquid part of the blood and an overabundance of it in the tissues of the body. The above solution has a diuretic effect and helps to release the body from harmful toxins.

    In more complex cases, with a strong alcoholic pathology (for chronic alcoholics), hepatoprotectors, vitamins and detoxicants (sodium thiosulfate and unitiol) are added.

  • In Moscow and large cities, the ambulance began to be evoked also by citizens who overbought. For an additional fee, they can put a dropper directly at home. In this case, dispense a phial of a fizrastor with the addition of vitamins and then a vial of glucose. Can still prick a light sleeping pill.

    In hospitals, treatment is more serious, medications that will be administered together with saline are prescribed by the doctor based on the patient's condition and indications.

  • Judging by our hospitals, no matter who hurts, for some reason everyone is injected with the help of a dropper glucose solution, at times the truth is injected into it all sorts of medicines, but it is the basis of the basics chtoli. Probably because it contributes to detoxification, that is, it helps to remove toxins from the body, and makes up for the loss of fluid.

  • In hospitals, clean orgasm from the effects of alcohol poisoning with glucose solution with the addition of vitamin and riboxin. More accurate proportions and composition was written by the author of the best answer to this question. I do not need to repeat myself

  • I work in narcology. Just want to warn that it is better to remove from drinking-bout with the help of infusion therapy, in a narcological hospital under the supervision of a doctor and nurses. The doctor examines the patient, assesses the severity of his condition, the nurses measure the pressure, do an ECG, and on the basis of this, the doctor prescribes preparations that will be added to a physiological saline solution of sodium chloride 0,9% or a solution of 5% glucose. But I can write that the standard is added to the dropper. So: in the physical. solution, pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) -5 ml (5 ampoule), magnesium sulfate-10 ml (2 ampoules), riboxin-10 ml (1 ampoule) is added. Into glucose is added ascorbic acid-5 ml (5 ampoule), Panangin-10ml (1 ampoule), 100 IU cocarboxylase (2 ampoules). First, put what is on the physical. solution, they dig up to the end, then, they change the bottle, and put what is on glucose. And so, for three days, as a rule. When the condition of abstinence is very serious, then to the above, as a rule, with an interval of not less than 3 hours, droppers with solutions of blood substitutes are added-saline solutions: disul, trisol, acesol, plasmalite, reamberin. But once again I repeat, it is better to do this under the supervision of a doctor, since for a long time in a man's binge, one can "wash out" (the term from a narcological hospital) and provoke the development of acute alcoholic delirium (white fever), besides, there may be a reaction on the very infusion therapy, from this no one is immune. It is necessary to keep under control the arterial pressure of a person, heart activity, general condition. In addition, after a dropper, as a rule, intravenously, in a syringe, you still need to inject lasix or furosemide, and intramuscularly-something from tranquilizers-phenazepam, tranquiz, sibazon or relanium. All this, the doctor should appoint. And keep the situation under control, at least, a competent nurse or paramedic.

  • I do not know what this solution is called, but it is put specifically to remove a person from toxins and toxins, and in general from all the nasty things that he accumulated during his solicitation and the destruction of his liver.

  • that for the psychotropic drugs they give after the dropper, the withdrawal state of the horror turned, the swallowed fled to the toilet, got laid a little bit, then drank the pills of the carousel for two days started) there were two small reds, three white so large and one big) I think from these preporatov and wanted to climb the wall for two days. Tell me what else they give in addition to a dropper?

  • A qualitative formulation of a dropper from mediocre can be distinguished. There are different positions, someone argues that the glucose dropper does the right thing, others believe that only with sodium chloride the dropper will be better. But in fact, more importantly the amount of drug solution to be injected. And the role on which this solution is prepared is greatly exaggerated. I dare say that in a dropper for blood purification physiological saline, glucose and even hemodez fit equally well. For chronic alcoholics in severe alcohol intoxication in hospital, sometimes more advanced methods are used to purify blood from alcohol and its toxins in special facilities - hemodialysis or blood transfusion, but this is rarely used. Even in a narcological hospital, infusion-detoxification therapy is usually used. The volume in 400ml from the clinical position will be better than 200 ml., But the use of sodium chloride or 5% glucose in the dropper from drinking will not bring significant differences. Differences can be seen only with a daily infusion!

  • Well, when there are centers in the city, where a person can be put on 21 day, to get him out of the binge. Some last for five days to understand that this is no longer possible, others lie all 21 day.

    As part of the dropper can also be a five-percent solution of glucose, antiemetics, magnesium, potassium. There may be substances that support the work of the heart or sleeping pills.

    Many people start to wash down problems, and it would be better to have them eaten.

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