How many calories in dark beer?

How many calories in dark beer?

  • The calorie content of beer does not depend on its color, it is determined solely by the initial density (extractiveness) of the beer wort, that is, the more malt is initially laid in the wort, the more nutritious the beer, and even what malt is put there, strongly roasted or weakly - it does not matter . The strength of beer with caloric content is weakly connected, you can put a lot of malt and do not ferment the beer to the end, then the beer will be with high density, but with low strength, but you can do the opposite - put a little malt, but ferment the beer completely, then we get the inverse proportion.

    The most common beer in our country has a caloric content from 25 to 55 kcal per 100 ml.

  • Good day! Usually, the stronger the beer, the more nutritious it is, and as we know, dark beer is stronger than light beer. On average, one liter of light beer with 4% 200-250 strength of calories means more calories per liter of dark beer on 50-80. Thank you for your question!

  • The calorie content of dark beer on 100 g averages from 45 to 50 kcal. I think this may depend on the position of the extractive extract of the wort as a percentage (this parameter is necessarily indicated on the label) and on the proportion of sugar in the product.

    Here is a product value calculator, you can use it and check it out.

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