Teraflex - what are Russian analogues?

Teraflex - what are Russian analogues?

  • Teraflex is the best drug from chondroprotectors, which is used for arthrosis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, restores cartilage tissue in the joints and in the locomotor system.

    Price Teraflex from 1000 to 1500 rubles, treatment course 3 months, take an 1 capsule twice a day, then 3 months break and treatment should continue.

    From Russian analogues the most suitable in its composition and closer to Teraflex only Chondrosamine, which is also accepted during 3-4 months, should be taken on 1 capsule three times a day, but the break 1 month and treatment should be continued.

    Chondrosamine in our pharmacies is twice cheaper Teraflex.

  • Teraflex is sold at a price of 1340 rubles, but there are analogues with the same active core substance that cost several times cheaper, only in none of the pharmacies of our city do they.

    Analogues Teraflexa, which includes glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sodium sulfate Chondroglucose, Chondroitin ACOS, Elbona, Hondrolon.

    Only it is worth considering that not all analogues act like Teraflex, the resistance of the achieved therapeutic effect can be less prolonged. However, after all, you can first try the analog, because if you still maintain proper nutrition, drink plenty of water, do exercises, then recovery comes faster.

  • Teraflex is a medicinal compound used for diseases of the joints and spine: osteochondrosis. The drug includes glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which stimulate the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue. Russian analogues of the drug: Arthrin; Arthrin; Glucosamine; Glucosamine sulfate.

    Teraflex - what are Russian analogues?

  • Teraflex is one of the most famous and effective chondroprotectors, which increases the cartilaginous tissue of the joints. Its price is quite high, about 1400 rubles per package. In Terraflex, the active substance is chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulphate. The most similar in effect will be the combined preparation, which in its composition has these 2 components.

    You can try to replace with analogs, but they may be inferior to Teraflex by efficiency.

    Analogues are: chondrozamine, chondroitin (there is chondroitin sulfate), Arthra, Don (there is glucosamine sulfate), Arthron complex (there is only chondroitin sulfate), Moveks (combined) and Artocels (this drug is BAD).

  • Where to find this Moveks and Elbon? In pharmacies claim that these drugs are not in stock, but it is hard to believe - they are just profitable to sell teraflex and other expensive drugs. Who knows where the analogs are sold?

  • Teraflex is a very effective modern drug, it actively enhances the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. The drug is in high demand, but the price is not always and not all can arrange and it is necessary to look for analogues of this drug.

    Teraflex - what are Russian analogues?

    Teraflex - what are Russian analogues?

  • You come to the drugstore for medicine and in shock from the prices of medicines, and when you ask a similar analog, they say that there are no analogues. And it is not surprising - the pharmacist-seller receives a percentage of the sale. It is not profitable for him to sell us cheap drugs, so they put the most expensive ones.

    Teraflex in pharmacies costs about 600 rubles for 30 capsules (1200 - for 60 capsules and 1800 rubles for 120), but absolutely cheap preparations that repair cartilaginous tissue well are not on sale.

    The American preparation quot; Arthraquot; price is the same as in Teraflex, there is, of course, analogue of Russian production, it's Hondroflex, but the price for it is not much cheaper (rubles per 100 - 150).

    Teraflex - what are Russian analogues?

    And there is another Indian drug quot; KONDRONOV;, it costs about 350 rubles for 30 capsules and is a complete analog of Teraflex.

    Teraflex - what are Russian analogues?

  • Nowadays, any medicine has its own analogue, it is either more expensive or cheaper than this medicine !!! I will list a small line of these analogues of this medicine:

    1) Structum;

    2) Arthron;

    3) Arthra;

    4) Arthrocem.

    Analogues of this drug of course there is another, but I just know these !!!!!

  • Of course, it is still advisable to heal Teraflex, because it is he who gives good results in problems with joints. But there are analogues cheaper, for example, Hondroflex or Moveks. It is better to ask the doctor what analogue to use if the finances do not allow Teraflex to be purchased.

  • Age-related disorders of cartilaginous tissues require specific treatment with the use of - stimulants for the rapid regeneration of cartilaginous tissue. It is this stimulant or chondroprotector that is the drug Theraflex specially designed for the rapid synthesis of connective tissue and the treatment of diseases such as arthrosis, osteoarthrosis of the joints and parts of the spine.

    Teraflex - what are Russian analogues?

    Recently Teraflex has more and more pharmacological analogues, the main active ingredient of which are the same constituents - glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate.

    Among them is Arthra; Artra MSM forte; KONDRONOV; Hondroflex.

    But in analogues, the concentration of the main components may change, and therefore the effectiveness of the whole preparation as a whole. Although this is not always possible to hear from the pharmacists when buying.

    Teraflex - what are Russian analogues?

  • The Russian medicinal *** analogue is Moveks, all the rest are dietary supplements. But the best, and tested not only on me, but also by a lot of other people, will be Arthra, manufactured by the USA, also a drug that differs from badas in that it passes clinical trials and proves its effectiveness.

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