At what age do girls have to start menstruating?

At what age do girls have to start menstruating?

  • Monthly starts from 9 to 21, on average from 12 to 14 years. In hot countries before, in the cold, later. With good nutrition and health, reguli start earlier than with poor nutrition. After the first menstruation, the next one may come in a couple of months, only with time everything is leveled.

    Also, puberty can begin earlier: quot; Can a six-year-old girl get pregnant? Quot;

  • Since my younger sister is also approaching this age, I recently decided to read, when to wait for the "hour of iksquot ;.

    In general, normal, the girls' menses begin at the age of 12 to 14 years. Recently, the shift in age to an earlier one, apparently due to acceleration, has been noticed. The upper age limit is 19-20 years, but most often this delay is associated with hormonal disorders.

  • Each girl's menstruation starts at different times, usually in 11-14 years. But the cases are different: one of my friend's monthly started at 8 years, and the second - in 15 years. Some believe that menstruation begins earlier in full girls, and in thin people - later.

  • Everyone has a different development, on average, it is assumed that this is 13-14 years, but there are cases as an earlier beginning, 9-10 years, there are cases even in 6 years, and the later beginning of 16- 17 years, there have also been cases of delay until 20 years

    So, about the lack of monthly for your daughter, who is only 12 years old, I would not worry, but if on 15-th birthday the girl will not have a period, then I advise you to see a doctor, although you need to control the development of girls every year, regardless from whether there are monthly or not

  • Monthly starts at an average of 12-15 years. At me for example, in 13 years, at my close girlfriend in 14 years, I remember, she very strongly experienced, that at me have begun, and at it still is not present. At one girl in a class where I studied, there was no monthly till 16 years and anything, now she already mum of two children.

  • Normal development of the girl is considered, if the monthly it went in the interval from 12 years to 15. In your case, it's too early to panic. I went to 14 years, each in different ways. But if the girl and 16 years did not begin the cycle and the breast does not grow, then always consult a doctor, it may be something with hormones.

  • Of course, normal! And another year 2 you have left. But the child already now enlighten on this, especially on the occasion of the first time, and then suddenly it will not happen at home, it will be confused, and embarrassment in the school can happen. Tell me what to do in this case, what to say to the class teacher, let me go home. So wait - you will soon wait, only quot; pampersquot; cook!

  • Menstruation in girls should normally begin before 17-year-old age. If this does not happen, then definitely it is worth turning to a gynecologist for advice.

    In general, ideally, the beginning of menstruation among adolescent girls is 11 - 15-year-old age.

    So you definitely should not worry about the dying of puberty daughter.

  • The median age of onset of menstruation is 12-13 years. Then everything is individual and depends on heredity: most likely the girls will have a monthly period at the same age as their mother. Non-entry of monthly in 14 is not an anomaly, but if it's 15, then you should consult a doctor and check whether the development is right.

  • On average, we can say that the girls' menses begin in 12 - 14 years. But, it is worth noting that these age limits are individual. If a girl 12 years, and no monthly, then worry early.

    Monthly can begin in 10 - 11 years, and in 15 years, which is not a deviation from the norm. It's worth worrying if the girl is 17 years old, and there were no monthly ones.

    There have been cases when the monthly started at 8 - 9 years, but this is rare.

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