How to bring down the temperature in an adult: practical advice

How to bring down the temperature in an adult? This question is rare, but there was almost every person on our planet. A sudden increase in temperature always indicates that any inflammatory processes occur in the body. Most often, this symptom is associated with a banal cold. If this is true, and the mercury column does not rise too high, then the temperature can be brought down independently, without going to the doctor.

What temperature can you shoot down for an adult?

what to bring down the temperature in an adult

Unlike young children, the adult's immune system is already formed, so a slight increase in temperature can not be shot down (37-37,8 оWITH). However, if the thermometer values ​​began to approach the 39 degrees, then it can be normalized on its own. If the temperature exceeds the above figure, then the patient is recommended to urgently take to the doctor. But you should call an ambulance only in those cases if the thermometer indicates that the person has a fever in 40-41 degrees. It should be noted that with such values, the patient may even have convulsions or hallucinations.

By the way, quite a few people are interested in the question of whether it is necessary to bring down the temperature of an adult? Indeed, according to experts, such a deviation can kill viruses and prevent their further reproduction in the body. That is why the temperature should be brought down only in those cases if it exceeds the value in 37,8 оC.

How to beat down the temperature in an adult (drugs)

whether to churn the temperature of an adult

With a significant increase in temperature, the person feels overwhelmed, his performance decreases, headaches appear, as well as pains in muscles and joints. To improve their condition, the following medications can help an adult:

  • "Aspirin";
  • Fervex;
  • Panadol;
  • «Ринза»;
  • "Paracetamol";
  • «Терафлю»;
  • «Колдрекс хотрем» (может быть со вкусом черной смородины, лимона и меда).

Если у больного слишком высокая температура, то, чтобы ее сбить, каждые 4 часа следует принимать 2 таблетки «Парацетамола», «Аспирина» или «Ацетаминофена». При этом требуется обязательно пить много воды.

Folk ways to help lower body temperature

Very often the answer to the question of how to bring down the temperature in an adult is the usual folk recipes that absolutely anyone can use. So, we will present the most effective and proven methods.

  • what temperature to churn an adultIn a hot strong tea should add a large spoonful of vodka or brandy, slowly drink, warm shelter, go to bed and sleep.
  • During the period of elevated temperature is required to drink plenty of fluids. Hot tea with the addition of honey and lemon is well suited for this.
  • Instead of the usual food, it is recommended to use citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit or orange.
  • If the temperature is too high, the patient's body can be crushed with table vinegar, diluted with water in equal proportions.
  • Also, from an elevated temperature, it is recommended to drink decoctions from a mixture of medicinal plants such as chamomile, hawthorn, motherwort and dried eggs.

Now you know how to bring down the temperature in an adult, what means for this can be applied without any fear.

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