Colored lenses without diopters: reviews of lenses, photos of colored contact lenses without diopters

There are various ways to change your appearance. Eyes of a different color or shade will arouse admiration and surprise of others and friends. To make the iris brighter, colored lenses without diopters will help to completely change the face. They are designed for decoration.

The world in other colors

Contact lenses consist half of the water placed in the shell. They are designed to correct vision and replace glasses. To change the appearance, colored lenses without diopters are produced, having a hole in the center according to the pupil size. By color intensity and natural appearance, they are divided into:

  • tint;
  • saturated tones;
  • multi-colored.

Colored lenses without diopters

All products are made to the size of the eyeball and slightly limit the access of oxygen. For the duration of wearing colored lenses for eyes without diopters are:

  • one-day - put on for several hours and thrown away;
  • average period of use - 3 week or month;
  • quarterly - designed to be worn for 90 days.

The lenses are selected individually. Before buying, you should consult with an optometrist, especially if you have vision problems.

One day or one-time

Start using better day contact lenses. They do not require care, are discarded after use and are the cheapest. Such products are thin and soft. This is a great option for gradually adapting the eye to wearing lenses. In some salons are allowed to try on and help to choose the optimal color and model.

Colored contact lenses without diopters

55% one-day color lenses without diopters consist of water. They let in more than a third of the air, and the eyeball breathes freely. No need for daily care. They are sold in packs of 15 and 30 pairs. For vision correction, you can buy them in extreme cases, since with diopters, the products are expensive.

The feedback from women using disposable contact lenses is mostly positive. Ladies say that such products are easier to wear. Movement must be as accurate as that of a jeweler. Light gelatinous membranes gradually accustom the eyeball and eyelids to a foreign body. In addition, do not waste time on care.

Durable lenses

Designed for long-term wearing, color contact lenses without diopters are sold on the 2 package. On the box there is a photo where you can see the color. Products are stored in a special bottle with liquid. After removal, they must be put back in the case. Before use, it is recommended to drip clean water or a special agent into the lens. After use, the product must be washed before storing it.

Colored lenses without diopters. Reviews

The eyes are very sensitive to bacteria and dirt. Colored lenses without diopters are items for personal use. You can not give them to try on another person, even a relative, and take strangers. To avoid dirt in the eye, you should regularly clean and wash contact lenses. Caring for them is the same regardless of the purpose: correction of vision or just for beauty.

Specified on the packaging period is designed for daily wear. There is also a date before which lenses can be used. If you don them occasionally, if properly stored, they are suitable until the second specified number.

Shading products

Tint colored contact lenses without diopters are designed to create a more saturated color of the iris. They give the image of expressiveness and mystery. Enhancing the natural color, tint lenses are less noticeable on the eyes. The paint content in them is less than in the rest. Due to this, they are softer, thinner, let in more air, allowing the pupil and the cornea to breathe.

Colored lenses without diopters. A photo

In addition to changing the image, tint lenses are applied:

  • to protect the eyes from bright light, replace sunglasses;
  • used in case of hypersensitivity to UV radiation;
  • if necessary, hide the defect of the iris;
  • correct vision;
  • hide the thorn

According to statistics, more than a third of women constantly or periodically wear colored lenses without diopters. Reviews about them are good. Many people are simply delighted with the opportunity to make their eyes more expressive, to charm the man they like or to shock their colleagues and friends.

Color lenses

For a dramatic change in appearance fit lenses with rich colors. The paint is inside and does not touch the eyeball. In the salons you can pick up natural deep tones and make the iris of an unusual color: purple, mauve, emerald. For bright eyes fit any shades.

When buying colored lenses without diopters, you should pay attention to the contrasting transition around the pupil. In the daytime, with good lighting, the eyes strain less. The hole in the lens does not limit the review and is designed for a relaxed state of the organs of vision. In the evening, the pupil narrows, and a strip appears around it, through which the natural shade of the cornea is seen.

Colored lenses for eyes without diopters

In the direction of the light from the lamps on the lenses with a rich color appears artificial luster, and the rays are reflected. This must be taken into account when the presence of contact lenses you want to hide. The most popular eye color in young women is bright green. Next in demand - dark blue.

Fans of shocking others and representatives of show business wear lenses of bright unusual colors for the eyes: scarlet, gold, silver. In luminous products can be several hours and not more than once in 10 days.

Multicolor lenses

Multicolor lenses are those in which the pattern is from 2 to 5 tones. Golden rims smooth the transition to the pupil and make it invisible even in the evening. Black stripes outside give eyes expressiveness, visually increase them.

It is impossible to distinguish colored lenses without diopters made in several tones from natural irises. Photos of products on packaging and catalogs confirms this. Sophisticated drawing technology increases their cost. Such products are tougher and thicker than monochrome. Air is passed only on 34%. We need a thorough daily care in the form of cleaning.

Colored lenses without diopters for brown eyes

One-day contact lenses are bought less frequently. It is recommended to select and wear such multi-color models after consulting an ophthalmologist. After the examination, he will recommend eye drops for stress relief.

Discoloration of bright eyes

Girls with light eyes can change the color of the cornea even with tinted lenses. Blue turns to green, gray - to blue and even brown. For this you need to choose the right tone. This can be done only in a practical way - fitting. Choose a salon in which you are allowed to try on. The consultant will tell you the best option.

Lenses are multicolored and bright for any bright eyes fit any. The iris does not shine through a thick layer of paint and does not change the shade. You can choose any tone from the catalog.

Colored lenses for dark eyes

Holders of brown and black eyes harder to change their tone. The lenses are filled with a little paint and more than half water. Shading patterns shine through. The result is a mixed unexpected color and sharp contrast around the pupil, along the edge of the hole.

Natural colored lenses without diopters for brown eyes with a special substrate are well suited and look good. It suppresses dark color and makes it possible to turn eyes into bright ones. The lack of products in high cost and density. The air practically does not pass to the iris, and the eyes quickly get tired, begin to itch.

Disposable color lenses without diopters

Of the thinner and softer models should pay attention to the multicolor lenses. They look natural, less transparent and hide the natural dark color of the eyes.

Reviews dark-eyed women of light dense lenses are different. Some do not feel irritation in their eyes. Others complain of itching in a few hours. To help choose the right lens can only an ophthalmologist. He will determine the causes of the disease and prescribe preventive medications.

Color lenses with dioptries

Lenses for correction replace glasses and hide vision imperfections. They do not have a hole in the center. Instead, there is a transparent synthetic hemisphere with diopters designed for vision correction. Such products are selected only by a doctor who constantly monitors the state of the organs of vision and prescribes therapeutic procedures for their health.

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