"Deprenorm MB 35": instructions, reviews, analogues

Diseases of the cardiovascular system - one of the most frequent in the world, besides the mortality from them is quite high. A large number of cardiac ailments are accompanied by discomfort and pain. This forces modern pharmacology to develop drugs that can improve the quality of life of patients, prevent the development of the problem and normalize the functioning of the heart. “Deprenorm” and “Deprenorm MW” in the dosage of 35 mg with prolonged action are drugs that relieve pain in the heart due to the ability to normalize the metabolism in the heart muscle.

deprenorm medicine mv xnumx

Indications for admission

The drug "Deprenorm MB 35 mg" is recommended for the following health problems:

  • Ischemia of the heart, ischemic cardiomyopathy.
  • Vascular pathology of vision, hearing, vestibular apparatus.
  • Vascular dizziness, Meniere's disease, tinnitus.

In the treatment of ischemic ailments, “Deprenorm MB 35 mg” is used in combination with other drugs.

Therapeutic effect

“Deprenorm MB 35 mg” contains the active active ingredient Trimetazidine. According to the principle of exposure, it is similar to such a drug as Preductal. It has antianginal, antihypoxic, cytoprotective, metabolic effects. About a drug like Deprenorm MV 35 mg, reviews of doctors are more often positive. Experts speak of it as an effective and fast-acting medication. The expected effect is observed on average two weeks after the start of therapy.

Deprenorm mv 35 mg reviews of doctors

Pharmacological action of the drug is to improve the metabolism and function of cardiomyocytes and brain neurons. It reduces the degree of myocardial damage, enhances aerobic glycolysis and inhibits the oxidation of fatty acids. As a result, the energy potential increases, oxidative decarboxylation and rationalization of oxygen consumption is activated. Thanks to the drug, myocardial normal contractility is maintained, the depletion of ATP and creatine phosphate in the cells is prevented.

If the patient suffers from acidosis, the drug helps to normalize the state of the ion channels of the membranes and the content of potassium ions inside the cells, does not allow to accumulate calcium and sodium in cardiomyocytes. Lowers acidosis and phosphate levels in cells.

If the goal is to eliminate angina, then trimetazidine increases the coronary reserve, which slows the development of ischemia, which causes physical activity. This effect has been observed since the beginning of the third week of treatment.

Simply put, trimetazidine, which is in this drug, has a supporting effect on the heart, a positive effect on the brain and nervous system, as it protects nerve cells, normalizes their breathing and energy supply. At the same time, the myocardium retains the ability for normal contraction, as a result, the patient is less likely to suffer from angina attacks, and the blood pressure drops become less pronounced.

Therapy with this drug allows you to reduce the dose of nitrates that the patient takes. Tinnitus disappears, indicators of vestibular tests improve, hearing becomes sharper. Dizziness is less common. Increased stamina and ability to exercise. If the patient suffered from vascular pathology of the eye, his condition of the retina improves.

For those who consistently take “Deprenov MV 35 mg”, the feedback on the drug is generally positive: they note that in general there has been a noticeable improvement.

The drug is completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, the half-life is about 6 hours, excreted by the kidneys.

Forms of release and application rules

The drug belongs primarily to antianginal. It comes in the form of two-layer round tablets, coated pink.

There are two types of medication: "Deprenorm" and "Deprenorm CF" (with a modified release). The first is available in the dosage 20 mg. The second is in the dosage 35 mg. There is also a release form for 70 mg, but not for all, it is convenient, since you have to divide the pill into two doses, in contrast to the ready-made single dosage - “Deprenorm MV 35 mg”. The instruction recommends a standard daily dose of 70 mg, which must be taken with meals in two doses (the optimal time is breakfast and dinner).

Deprenorm mV 35 mg

Sometimes the dose of the drug can be changed to 70 mg one-time, that is, two tablets in one dose.

The duration of treatment is determined individually depending on the patient's disease, its duration and general condition. Tablets "Deprenorm MV 35 mg" have a prolonged effect.

The medicine is released only by prescription, since it is prohibited to use it without medical supervision. It is especially important to take it as it requires therapy with the “Deprenorm MV 35” instruction. Reviews of this drug practically do not report a negative impact on the patient's condition, there are no problems with overdose, there are practically no side effects from him, but nevertheless, like any other strong cardiological medicine, “Deprenorm” should be drunk with caution.


It is necessary to take into account certain conditions of the body when taking a drug such as Deprenorm CF 35 mg. The instructions for use do not recommend the use of the drug if the patient has serious liver dysfunction and renal pathology, including renal failure, in which the CC is less than 1 ml / min.

It is impossible to carry out therapy if the patient is pregnant or nursing. The drug has a negative effect on the fetus and even leads to malformations. When breastfeeding the drug enters the body of the baby with mother's milk and also has a negative effect on him. “Deprenorm MB” is not prescribed at the age of under 18 years, because the efficacy and safety of this medicine for children and adolescents (as well as for the fetus) has not been established.

Undesirable therapy with the medication in question, if the patient is more than 75 years old. If you need to take this particular drug, it should be used with extreme caution.

Deprenorm is not recommended if the patient has sensitivity to its components.

The drug can not be used as a means to relieve angina attacks. If a patient develops a seizure, the cardiologist should change the principle of therapy.

Deprenorm mv 35 mg instructions reviews of doctors

It is worth noting that taking “Deprenorma” does not interfere with driving a car and doing work that requires special attention, since it does not have a sedative effect, but it should still be taken with caution, as it sometimes provokes dizziness.

Side effects

Few drugs do not cause side effects, especially for potent drugs, which is what "Deprenorm".

Trimetazidine occasionally can cause reactions from the digestive system - gastralgia, nausea, vomiting. With individual intolerance, he is able to provoke allergic skin itching. Patients may complain of headaches, heart palpitations.

Also, trimetazidine can, although extremely rarely, cause parkinsonism symptoms or augment them. Therefore, patients, especially the elderly, should be monitored regularly by a cardiologist. In the event of motor disturbances (tremor, increased tone, instability in the Romberg position and others), the drug is completely canceled, the symptoms disappear within four months. If they persist, consultation with a neurologist is required.

However, those who drink pills containing trimetazidine, as recommended to take the "Deprenorm MV 35" instruction, the reviews often leave positive. Patients talk about mild side effects or their absence. In most situations, negative reactions are eliminated by lowering the dose of the drug. In any case, when the appearance of unusual symptoms, the patient should immediately report them to your doctor.


As for the excess dose of “Deprenorma”, it should be noted that at present there is no information about cases of overdose with the drug. Nevertheless, it is extremely not recommended to take it in volumes exceeding the indicated ones.

Interaction with other means

There is no information about the interaction of the drug "Deprenorm MV" with others. But in any case, it is necessary to take into account the intake of other drugs and be sure to inform your attending physician about what you are already taking, if he prescribes “Deprenorm CF 35 mg.” Instructions for use of other medicines may contain information about the interaction with the means for the treatment of ischemic heart disease. Be sure to study this information, because when you take two or more drugs, the effect of them may weaken or increase. In the first case, there will not be an expected result from taking the medicine, in the second, overdose is possible up to poisoning.

Synonyms and analogues

If the drug "Deprenorm MV" for any reason does not fit the patient, it is easy to find analogues with the same active ingredient. The drug belongs to the antianginal. It also helps to get rid of vegetative dystonia and coronary heart disease. Based on the reason for which therapy is carried out with the drug “Deprenorm MV”, the analogue can be chosen from medications based on trimetazidine. Substitution should be prescribed only by a doctor. He will tell you what information the instructions attached to the “Deprenorm MB 35” instructions are given on this account, reviews.

Analogs are represented by the following means:

  • Angiosyl Retard.
  • Vero-Trimetazidine.
  • “Medarum 20” and “Medarum MV”.
  • "Preductal" and "Preductal MV".
  • "Trimektal" and "Trimektal MV".
  • Trimetazidine and Trimetazidine MV;

You can also pay attention to "Angital", "Antisten", "Rimekor", "Tridukard", "Trimet", "Preduktal", "Trimetazid", as well as "Trimetazid" produced by FPO "Ferrain", "Biocom".

deprenorm mv 35 mg reviews

Usually they have the same dosage and are taken in the same way as Deprenorm MB. They generally have the same contraindications and frequency of side effects. They are also appointed either as an independent drug, if it is sufficient for this disease, or used in complex treatment in combination with other medicines. All products containing trimetazidine are recommended by a doctor, are purchased by prescription, and cannot be taken uncontrollably. Please note that it is very important to consider reviews of only those patients who take this drug strictly according to the rules.

The group of drugs taken for vegetative dystonia also includes Cortexin, Cardio-Omega, Doppelgerts VIP, Ginkgo Biloba. The remedies prescribed for heart ischemia include Benzaflavin, Atenolan, Atorvastatin.

Doctors reviews about "Deprenorm"

If a cardiologist prescribed trimetazidine to a patient, he will be interested not only in the instructions attached to the Deprenorm CF 35. Reviews are often crucial, especially if they are left by doctors about the effectiveness and feasibility of taking this tool, both independently and in complex treatment.

Unfortunately, there is no unambiguous attitude of cardiologists to “Deprenorm”. Some of them believe that it can not significantly affect the condition of the patient. But most of them still quite often prescribe “Deprenorm CF 35 mg.” The instruction reviews of doctors in general confirms: the action claimed in it is proved by the results obtained as a result of patients taking the drug.

deprenorm mv 35 instruction reviews

And those and others have arguments and evidence of their point of view, so it is worth finding out the opinions of patients who took this drug.

Patient Reviews

Many patients - supporters of this drug. They take it and feel better. If you do everything as recommended by the “Deprenorm MB 35” instruction, the feedback will be positive.

Patients to whom the drug was added to the usual treatment regimen noted that angina pectoris happens less and less, pain and shortness of breath do not bother, and even visual acuity improves

But there are consumers who consider those actions that give “Deprenorm MB 35 mg” to be a placebo effect. Patient reviews suggest that there is a temporary improvement as a result of self-suggestion, but in fact there is no proven effectiveness.

And yet, most patients believe that it makes sense to take this drug. In addition to the persistent effect, reduction of pain and overall improvement of health, he has rare adverse effects, an affordable price, he does not have any noticeable negative impact on his health, but only if the concomitant diseases allow treatment with “Derenorm”.

Particular attention is advised to turn to contraindications: many patients began to take "Deprenorm", not taking into account the state of health. As a result, instead of improvements, they had side effects, they began to complain more about their health. Cancellation of the drug and the choice of another method of treatment normalized the condition, but in this case the problem is not in the medicine itself, but in the fact that the patient ignored contraindications to it.

Patients without contraindications who take this drug, note that with regular use improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure. After a long period of discomfort, they generally feel healthy. Many, after they began to be treated with the help of this remedy, noticed that they began to walk more easily, shortness of breath was gone, the heartbeat was even and calm. Some begin to climb the stairs without stopping and respite, to exercise.

deprenorm mv 35 mg instructions for use

Of the weighty advantages of this drug, patients note that it is possible to drink it constantly, without interruption, for an arbitrarily long time. This reduces the need for other drugs (for example, nitroglycerin), and even in a stressful situation, the heart continues to work without interruption and pain. It is especially noted that the effect of treatment turns out to be more noticeable and significant when switching to “Deprenorm” therapy.

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