Frigid woman

Frigidity of women is defined as the complete coldness and the absolute absence of sexual interest. The true state is characterized by the lack of sensitivity of the erogenous zones and indifference to sexual intercourse. A woman who has no sexual desire, does not experience excitement during stimulation and does not reach orgasm is called a frigid woman.

The reasons for the development of the condition may be psychological or organic.

Lack of sexual desire and satisfaction can be caused by family conflicts, fear of rape, unwanted pregnancy, the effect of parenting, the lack of effective sexual stimulation, depression and other factors. Of great importance is the presence of infectious-inflammatory pathologies in the pelvic organs (inflammation of the appendages, uterus, chlamydia, and others).

Frigidity can manifest itself in different ways. Someone can be unpleasant copulation. In this case, the frigid woman simply performs her marital duty through force. Others may experience just pleasant sensations, not more.

According to experts, for the correct formation of sexuality in a girl in her first three years of life, she should be surrounded by affection and attention.

Many women, it should be noted, are often believed (after reading novels or watching movies) that an orgasm is like an explosion or a salute. However, it can often be hardly noticeable.

Sex is mainly love and tenderness. A woman, for her part, should do everything possible to ensure that the inclinations and sexual taste of her partner meet her needs.

Many ladies complain that during sexual intercourse they feel much less pleasure than with masturbation. According to statistics, three times less frigidity occurs in women who engaged in masturbation before sexual activity. This is due to the fact that they already have some experience in experiencing orgasm.

According to statistics, more than 40% of women are frigid. Every third marriage ends in divorce. At the same time, the frigid woman does not go to the monastery. She wants to get married and be happy. However, it often brings misfortune to a man.

As well as impotence, if you change your sexual partner, frigidity in women may disappear.

How to treat a condition, there is no single answer.

Often, the monotony of sexual life leads to a decrease in attraction. In this case, experts advise partners to discuss their sex. A frigid woman is often afraid to talk openly about her desires. Thus, she herself brings unhappiness to herself and her partner with her shyness.

It should be noted that the lack of female attraction is very detrimental to not only the mental state of the man, but also the health of the woman herself. She becomes irritable, she has frequent headaches. A man begins to think that the lack of desire of a woman is due to the fact that she just stopped loving him. In addition, prolonged abstinence can provoke various diseases of a urological nature.

Treat frigidity necessary. However, both partners should be involved. Only by mutual efforts can a man and a woman be able to solve the problems of family problems. Equally important is the choice of competent specialist.

It should be remembered that not always orgasm depends on the number of partners or sex technique. You can not experience it with your loved one. A woman, no matter how difficult or unusual for her it was, needs to relax, start talking about her needs with her partner.

Of course, the assistance of a specialist can provide significant assistance in resolving the situation. And even if the expert cannot completely eliminate the problem, he will tell you in which direction to go.

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