Cat Worms: Signs of Infection With Parasites

Probably, for many owners it will be a pleasant message that it is easy enough to understand whether the cat has worms, and how to completely eliminate the parasites. How to detect the presence of worms in the body of your pet and properly diagnose, this article will be worms signs

Cat Worms: Signs of Infection

The owners need to remember that even an animal that has never been on the street can be infected with worms. The disease is most often observed in immunocompromised cats, undernourished or suffering from chronic diseases.

Symptoms of the presence of parasites sometimes manifest weakly: the cat is apathetic, moves little, sluggishly reacts to others. But most often they are noticed by attentive owners quite easily: the appetite is disturbed, the animal has chronic diarrhea, purulent discharge from the eyes, constant attempts to scratch the area around the anus, weight loss.

Cat worms: signs of roundworms

The most common parasites in cats are roundworms (roundworm). They have a brown or white shade and look like spaghetti. You can find them in the feces of the animal, and sometimes in the vomit.

Take a closer look: if your pet's tummy is rounded and your appetite increases excessively, this may be a sign that it has roundworms. By the way, these parasites from animals are transmitted to humans.

Drowsiness, chronic stool disorder, and intermittent vomiting are also signs that uninvited parasites have started a cat.

Cat Worms: Signs of Nematode InfectionDoes the cat have worms?

Nematodes invisible to our eyes. They stick to the inside of the intestines and drink the blood of the animal. Nematodes, however, are more common in dogs, but cats also become infected with these parasites. And in the kittens, they can even cause death due to blood loss. The main sign of the presence of your pet is the development of anemia.

Cat Worms: Signs of Solitaire Infection

This type of worms is also not particularly common among cats. Tapeworms are small and white in color. If you look closely, they can be seen even under the cat's tail, in the fur. Small pieces of tapeworm that look like rice grains can be seen on the spot where your pet likes to sleep. And infection occurs through fleas that are bitten out of the cat's fur.

When an animal's tapeworm appears in the body of a cat, there is a decrease in the weight of the cat with a good appetite, ruffled coat and upset to identify worms in cats

How to identify worms in cats

As you already understand, only a veterinarian will help you to make an accurate diagnosis after examining the cat's feces. But remember that it is not always possible to detect parasites from the first time. It depends on how long the infection occurred. After all, if there are parasites in the animal’s body that have not yet laid eggs, then the test result may be incorrect. Therefore, repeat the analysis will have a couple of times. But thanks to such a study, it will be possible to choose an adequate drug that will deal with the detected type of worms, without hitting the well-being and health of your pet.

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