What is the name of the eye doctor? What is his responsibility?

Many are interested in what is called an eye doctor. The name of this profession is an ophthalmologist. Remember it is very easy. What is ophthalmology? It is a branch of clinical medicine that investigates the causes, origins and symptoms of visual defects and eye diseases. Also, ophthalmology offers new ways of their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. what is the name of the eye doctorThis industry has two branches. The first is children's ophthalmology, which studies the age-related features of the appearance and function of the eyes in babies, the development and course of their various pathologies. The second is neuroophthalmology, which studies the relatedness of the defects of the central nervous system and all sorts of elements of the visual analyzer. The value of this industry is very large, so it's a shame not to know what the name of the eye doctor is.

Invaluable vision value

It is clear to everyone that the most important source of information about the surrounding reality for an individual is vision. It is so important that many can not imagine life without him. Vision allows us to contemplate the surrounding space in all its glory: to evaluate the shape of things, their distance from people, color and a whole list of other properties. An ophthalmologist is a person who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ocular ailments, as well as swelling of the lacrimal glands and eyelids. His job is not easy. Crowds of people every day have to take an ophthalmologist. What treats this doctor, they know all people who are faced with visual defects.

The most frequent diseases that a representative of this profession deals with are barley, excessive discharge of tears, keratitis, glaucoma, blindness, thorn, blepharitis. ophthalmologist that treatsAlso common illnesses include myopia, cataracts and hyperopia.

The most common types of diagnosis performed by an ophthalmologist

  1. Tonometry - checking the pressure inside the eye. This is a fairly simple procedure.
  2. Ophthalmoscopy: a magnifying lens is taken, and then it is used to visually inspect the bottom of the eye, as well as its inner surface.
  3. Iridology is a rather unusual way to check the body for pathological and constitutional disorders. It is based on the study of changes in the structure and shade of the iris. Even these things are done by an ophthalmologist. This work is sometimes truly surprising.
  4. Biomicroscopy - visual inspection of optical tissues, as well as the medium of the eyes. This is made possible by the strong contrast between light and dark places.
  5. ophthalmologist workVisometry is a way to check visual acuity and its other properties.
  6. Skiascopy - used to set the type of refraction of the eye, the severity of myopia, astigmatism, etc.

What is the difference between an ophthalmologist and an ophthalmologist?

Many people refer to an ophthalmologist as an oculist. This speaks of their illiteracy. An ophthalmologist differs from an oculist in that he is a part-time surgeon who performs operations aimed at correcting visual defects and treating ocular ailments. It is necessary to remember this once and for all. In addition, the workplace of such a specialist is often optics. Ophthalmologist checks the vision of people ordering glasses.

Why do many require consultation ophthalmologist?

Research results suggest that a huge number of people now need to consult this doctor. The terrible environmental situation, constant stress, poor lighting, long-term work on the PC and many other factors contribute to the reduction of vision and the occurrence of eye diseases. To prevent such problems from spoiling your life, remember to regularly visit an ophthalmologist. It is not surprising that many already know what the eye doctor is called.

Children's ophthalmologist

Are there any kids or junior pupils among your relatives? ophthalmologistIf yes, then it is necessary to go with them from time to time to a pediatric ophthalmologist. Taking care of your baby's eyes will provide him a happy future. Someday he will thank you for it.

A pediatric ophthalmologist assesses the condition of the eyes and their functions in babies. Many pathologies of the organ of vision, not giving rest to adults, appear at an early age, quite often the cause of ailments is rooted in childhood, and sometimes even in the womb. Parents often come to an ophthalmologist to find out if their baby's eyes are normal, and also to understand what these or other symptoms may indicate. However, some of these issues are quite possible to resolve without the help of a doctor. To do this, you need to know at least the most basic information about the function and structure of the baby’s eye, to notice its non-standard external signs, discoloration, etc. But in most cases it is still necessary to visit an ophthalmologist. This concerns mainly the damage to the eye and the ailments of its bottom. In such situations, you should hurry to see a doctor. So the child learns the name of the eye doctor.

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