“Covinan” for cats: instructions and reviews

All cat owners are faced with the phenomenon when a cute fluffy little ball turns into a screaming and fragrant creature placed everywhere. It is in the pet wakes up the breeding instinct. One of the most common questions that cat owners ask a veterinarian is “what to do so that she doesn’t ask the cat?”. The most reliable way is sterilization, but not all owners decide on it because of the complexity and high cost of the operation. There are many more different drugs, for example, Sex-barrier, Stop-intim and others. But they all have a temporary effect and soon cease to act on the animal. In this case, the exit for many owners becomes “Covinan” for cats. This injection protects pets for a long time from the problems associated with “sexual hunting”. Among the "cat owner" she got the name "magic injection."Covin Cat Drug

What is "Kovinan"

This is a veterinary hormonal drug in the form of a suspension, intended for injection. Its action is based on the main component - a synthetic analogue of the female hormone progesterone. This is proligestone, which is contained in 1 ml of 100 mg. The basis of the suspension is distilled water. In addition to the hormone, substances that improve its penetration and absorption are dissolved in it: dihydrogen phosphate, sodium citrite, sorbitan, and others. Doctors do not recommend the need for an animal injection. After all, this drug, like other hormonal drugs, is quite dangerous and can cause negative effects.catman for cats

What is Kovinan used for?

This medicine is most commonly used to prevent estrus in a cat. Hormonal drugs used in the event that the owners are planning to someday get from her offspring. They protect the animal from unwanted pregnancy. Many have heard about this effect of the drug and use it on their own, not knowing about the features of the action. After all, veterinarians use "Kovinan" in such cases:

  • to prevent the manifestation of sexual instinct in cats;
  • to prevent the development of false pregnancy and pseudolactation;
  • in the complex treatment of false pregnancy;
  • in the case when the bearing of offspring is dangerous for the health and life of the animal.

As a contraceptive “Kovinan” for cats, it is advisable to use to provide rest to pedigree manufacturers in nurseries. Do not do without such a tool and those animals that are medically prohibited from surgical sterilization.Covin for cats instructions for use

The composition and characteristics of the drug

The main active ingredient "Kovinana" - is proligeston. This synthetic hormone prevents estrus. It acts in several directions: it reduces the concentration of luteinizing hormone, increases the viscosity of mucus in the uterus and inhibits the activity of the mammary glands. This all provides contraception to the animal. In addition, proligeston has the following effect:

  • inhibits follicle development, which prevents estrus;
  • blocks the production of estradiol and other sex hormones;
  • in addition to effects on the pituitary gland and estrogen receptors, can change the metabolism in tissues.

"Kovinan" for cats: instructions for use

The drug is administered strictly subcutaneously. Injections into the deep layers of the skin or into muscle tissue should be avoided. Therefore, it is better if a specialist inject “Kovinan” for cats. In addition, it is important to accurately follow the dosage depending on the purpose of the drug. To prevent sexual hunting, it is used in this dosage: 7 ml of suspension is administered to an animal weighing up to 1 a kilogram, and a larger one, 1,5 ml. In the treatment of pseudo-pregnancy, 1 ml of the drug is used, regardless of the weight of the cat. After the introduction of the drug, the sexual cycle in a cat is restored somewhere in six months. In order to avoid a single heat, the drug is administered once a month before its intended onset.Covin cat manual

Long-term contraception with Covinan

Sometimes injections are used to get a lasting effect. In this case, the drug provides in the animal's body a very low concentration of luteinizing hormone and, accordingly, sexual rest. Proligestone can accumulate in fat cells and have a long lasting effect. To do this, you need to regularly inject the drug "Kovin" for cats. The instruction recommends moving them according to the following scheme:

  1. The first injection should be done after the end of estrus in an animal or a month before its intended start.
  2. Repeat the injection need in three months.
  3. The next injection of Covinan is through 4 of the month.
  4. All further treatment is regular injections every 5 months.

It happens that against the background of the use of the drug, cats still show signs of estrus. In this case, you must immediately make an extraordinary injection. After that, further injections are continued according to the scheme, but the first must be done earlier in a month.

Who should not give an injection

Despite the "magic" properties of the drug, not all owners can use it. It is desirable that the injection of “Covinan” be made in the veterinary clinic. Cats are examined before the injection, because the drug has many contraindications. You can not use it:

  • during estrus;
  • pregnant and lactating animals;
  • those who have diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • young cats before the first heat;
  • those with vaginal discharge;
  • animals treated with hormone preparations containing progestogens and estrogens.

Precautions need to treat cats with diabetes. In this case, you must constantly monitor the level of glucose.Covin's injection for cats

Side effects of the drug

The owner of the cats who want to find the "magic" means of preventing sex hunting, it is important to know that such drugs can not be completely safe. In addition, it is necessary to observe special rules when conducting the injection, it is necessary to carry out treatment only after consulting with a specialist. He will warn you about the danger of “Covinan” for cats. Side effects are not as common, but they are rather unpleasant both for the animal and its owner:

  • many cats have an increased appetite, and they begin to gain weight;
  • some owners note the lethargy and apathy of the animal after treatment;
  • mammary glands may increase and even develop a tumor;
  • sometimes there is purulent inflammation of the uterus;
  • endocrine system activity may be disrupted;
  • among local reactions, hair loss or clarification at the injection site is observed.

Feature of application

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous doctors sometimes give an injection to an animal, despite contraindications. They succumb to the persuasion of the owner, who is tired of the howls of the cat and asks to do at least something. As a result, side effects occur. After all, the use of hormonal drugs is still unsafe. catman for cats reviewsTherefore, doctors recommend that those owners who decide to use "Covinan" for cats, do it right:

  • the drug is injected strictly subcutaneously, it should not be allowed to fall into the soft tissue;
  • injection should be done only in the absence of heat;
  • Before injection, the vial with the suspension should be shaken well, and the injection site should be thoroughly wiped with alcohol;
  • A person giving an injection should take precautions to prevent the medicine from getting into the mouth or mucous membranes.

Does the cat's behavior change after “Kovinana”?

This question interests all owners who come to the veterinary clinic with a similar problem. Not always doctors can give a detailed answer and explain everything in detail. Therefore, it is advisable to know in advance what effect the drug "Kovinan". Cats after its use become more docile and calm. Techka no longer bothers them, so the tenants do not suffer from the concert of neighboring cats. The animal becomes obedient and does not run away.covinan for cats side effects

Reviews about the drug

There are animals for which Kovinan has been constantly injected for several years. They feel good, and the owners are happy in general. They note that the cat has become calm and docile. But doctors do not recommend treating the drug for life. With age, the animal is more able to get complications.

Not everyone likes “Covinan” for cats. Reviews of the drug, there are negative. Some owners say that treatment is quite expensive, and the scheme of its use is complicated. The injection causes severe pain to the animal, so the cat will bite and break out.

There are negative reviews not about the medication itself, but to the veterinarians. Some doctors do an injection without warning the owners about the possible consequences and not having examined the cat. Therefore, the owners of the animal must know when it is impossible to do the injection, because they will have to cope with its consequences.

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