“Noofen”: reviews of doctors, analogues and instructions for use

Psycho-emotional disorders are not always associated with any developmental disabilities. Practically each of us experienced stressful situations with which it is sometimes impossible to cope on our own. And here special preparations can come to the rescue. One of these is the Noofen tablet. Reviews of this drug are positive and come from a huge number of doctors and patients. However, this fact can not serve as a basis for self-treatment.noofen reviews

All the information below is also given for review and can not serve as a basis for the unauthorized taking of the drug. Remember: self-medication can adversely affect health. It is especially important to observe the doses recommended by the neurologist so that there are no side effects from taking the medicine.

Description of the action of the drug

The main component of the drug "Noofen" - a substance Phenibut. Apply it as an antianamnestic agent and antihypoxic drug. What effect does Noofen have? Reviews of doctors say that this drug has the properties of a tranquilizer, can reduce the severity of cognitive impairment, anxiety, and fear. In addition, the active component has a positive effect on the performance of the brain, without causing such side effects as excitement and irritability.

In addition, unlike the usual tranquilizers, the drug "Noofen" does not affect the attention and speed of reaction.

The drug is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and penetrates into all tissues and cells. Excreted through the kidneys and can be monitored in the blood after two days of the reception field.

Indications for admission

When is the Noofen medication prescribed? Instructions, reviews of doctors say that this tool can be used in the treatment of the following pathologies:

  • anxiety and obsessive feelings;
  • asthenia;
  • neurosis and psychopathy;
  • senile disorders in elderly patients: sleep disturbance, anxiety at night;
  • nervous disorders of young patients: enuresis, tics and stuttering;
  • nervous disorders in menopausal age;
  • osteochondrosis of the thoracic and cervical departments in women (as part of complex therapy);
  • vestibular disorders."Noofen": reviews of doctors, analogues and instructions for use

Dosage regimen and recommended doses

The average dose of the drug for adults - 250-500 mg three times a day. If necessary, the doctor can increase the dosage to 2,5 g. At the same time, 0,75 g is the maximum dose for a single dose. Older people older than 60 years at a time cannot be taken more than 0,5.

What doses do Noofen use for children? Instructions, reviews of experts say that for young patients the dosage is calculated individually, the existing recommended doses are as follows:

  • 3-4 babies are prescribed no more than 0,1 g twice a day;
  • for children 5-6 years the dose is 0,1 g 2-3 times per day;
  • at the age of 7-10 years you can take 0,1 g 3- times a day;
  • with 11-14 years you can take 0,2 g three times a day;
  • Adolescents with 14 years are prescribed the same dose as adults.

For the treatment of young patients use a special form of the drug "Noofen" - powder for children. Reviews about him are positive (both from doctors and from parents).

In order to prevent motion sickness in case of violation of the vestibular apparatus, the medicine is taken on 0,25-0,5 g an hour before the planned trip, flight or journey by sea.noofen doctors reviews

How do you prescribe the drug "Noofen" in case of alcohol dependence? Instructions for use, reviews of doctors recommend taking medication for 0,25-0,5 g three times a day and 0,75 g immediately before bedtime. This scheme should be followed about a week, after which the dose is gradually reduced to the recommended for adults.

Interaction and overdose

With the simultaneous use of the drug "Noofen" with other psychotropic drugs, the dose of these drugs is reduced to a minimum, since the interaction has a potentiated effect.

A long-term use of high doses of a drug (from 7 to 14 grams) can cause a hepatotoxic effect. Overdose has the following symptoms:

  • signs of liver failure;
  • vomiting and nausea;
  • hypotension;
  • lethargy and drowsiness.

In such conditions, the drug is canceled and symptomatic therapy is carried out: gastric lavage, taking sorbents.


During pregnancy and when breastfeeding the drug Noofen, which reviews are so good, experts do not recommend taking, because there is no data on research in this area.

Contraindications and adverse effects

What do reviews of doctors say about contraindications to the preparation "Noofen"? Specialists and developers of this medication say that individual intolerance and renal failure can cause the drug to be taken.oofen instructions for use reviews

Side effects can be only in the first days of treatment and manifest nausea and drowsiness. As a rule, all the symptoms go away on their own.

special instructions

Patients with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract should be very careful with the use of tablets "Noofen". Reviews of doctors suggest that the drug is very irritating to the gastric mucosa, and therefore the drug should be administered in smaller doses.

With a long course of treatment is required to systematically check the composition of the blood through a detailed analysis.

With special care is required to prescribe the drug "Noofen" people whose work is associated with a high concentration of attention.

Reviews of doctors and patients

What they say about the drug "Noofen" reviews after the application of those who have experienced its effect? The majority of people who took this medicine, leave positive feedback, saying that the drug helped to cope not only with a depressed and broken state, but also to reduce the intensity of headaches, dizziness and improve brain activity and memory.

Many mommies, who left a review about the use of medication in children, noted in the responses a positive result. Children have ceased to be excessively moody, improved sleep and emotional state in general.

The main positive quality, which is evidenced by the reviews about the drug "Noofen" reviews, is that after the application does not occur addiction. And at the end of the course of therapy, well-being does not deteriorate.

What do the reviews of doctors say about the preparation “Noofen 100”? All drug evaluations are more positive, many neurologists advise him to prescribe for the treatment of not only adults but also children.

However, among the mass of positive assessments, one can also find negative responses with threatening tales of harmful effects and addiction, with which experts in the field of neurology fundamentally disagree.

How to choose analogs

The main criterion for the choice of replacement should be the mild effect of the drug. Strong tranquilizers will not work as a counterpart. The most benign medications that can be used as a sedative are the tablets "Glycine" or "Glyced". How to drink these medications is written below.

noofen powder reviews

How to choose an analogue, if the child was prescribed the drug "Noofen" (powder)? Reviews of doctors say that the tablet "Glycine" can be easily dissolved in a small amount of water.

There are also so-called synonyms, or generics of the drug "Noofen". These include the sedative “Beefren”, the main component of which is the substance Phenibut. This medicine has similar indications for use, regimen, side effects and contraindications.

Drug "Glitsised": instructions

Tablets "Glitsised" have anti-anxiety, sedative and nootropic effects on the body. The basis of the drug is the substance glycine. The latter, in fact, is an amino acid that is contained in all cells of the human body. This is the main component due to which the synthesis of lecithin - the basis of phospholipids.

noofen reviews for kids

The action of the drug is aimed at reducing aggressiveness and irritability, and also normalizes psycho-emotional reactions.

Indications for use of this drug are as follows:

  • asthenic conditions;
  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • as maintenance therapy to improve performance and memory;
  • depressive conditions;
  • increased irritability;
  • to reduce craving for alcohol;
  • to normalize sleep;
  • infectious diseases of the nervous system;
  • disorders of cerebral circulation;
  • encephalopathies of various etiologies.

The regimen of tablets "Glitsised"

Tablets are absorbed by placing under the tongue. Reception does not depend on the use of food. Dosage regimens for various diseases are as follows:

  • in case of overstrain of psycho-emotional and intellectual character and memory loss - on 1 tablets three times a day for one month;
  • for asthenia, 2 tablets are prescribed three times a day for 30 days in a row;
  • if you have a bad dream, take 1 tablets 20 minutes before the end;
  • to reduce the craving for alcohol once one tablet under the tongue, if necessary, repeat through 20 minutes for 2 weeks;
  • babies under three years old are not prescribed the drug, older than this age, children with a high level of excitability are prescribed one tablet three times a day for a week or two;
  • For children with mental retardation, the doctor may prescribe 1 tablets three times a day for a month.

Side effects and contraindications to the drug "Glycised"

In some cases, the application may appear negative effects: nausea, itching, skin rash, headache, urticaria. As a rule, such manifestations can be in case of overdose or in case of individual intolerance.

In no case can not exceed the dose recommended by your doctor! Otherwise, the condition may worsen. If one admission is missed, the scheme is continued as planned.nofen xnumx reviews

Drug "Glycine": instructions

Glycine tablets are a means identical to the Glycised preparation. This medicine can also be used as an analogue to the drug "Noofen". Due to the fact that the main component of this drug is a glycine substance, all indications and recommendations for taking Glycised and Glycine are similar.

Once again about the main thing

In the treatment of any disease can not rely on the advice of relatives, friends and other information sources. Adequate treatment can be prescribed only by a specialist.

It should be remembered that before starting treatment and in the course of a long course of therapy it is necessary to examine blood for cellular composition.

Before prescribing drugs with a tranquilizing effect to an adult and child, the neurologist must examine the patient and prescribe a clinical blood test in order to have a complete picture of what is happening in the patient's body. That is why it is impossible to prescribe a medicine for yourself, no matter how good the reviews about Noofen are. For children, the correct dosage of the drug is especially important, based on the recommended doses described in the instructions. That is why in such an important matter you need to rely on specialists.

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