What do the red spots on the body say

If there are red spots on your skin, then this may indicate that something is wrong in the body. So, the appearance of spots can be the result of internal disease, an allergic reaction or a sign of hormonal imbalance.

Red spots on the skin, which often still itch, can appear with excessive use of sweets, honey beet, citrus, nuts. Also, the reason may be excessive consumption of fatty foods, as well as fried, spicy food, alcoholic drinks and carbonated water with dyes and other additives. In this case, you can just change your diet a little, and the spots will pass by themselves.

Red spots can also be symptoms of infectious diseases, such as rubella, measles, scarlet fever, meningitis, chicken pox, hepatitis. Most often in such cases, they itch or flake.

In addition to all of the above, there are a number of diseases that can cause the appearance of red spots on the body. We will only talk about the main reasons. Although, this information can not be used as a final diagnosis, because even doctors after examining the spots can doubt the reasons for their appearance.

Main reasons

Today we will consider the four most common diseases that lead to the appearance of red spots on the body:

• Ringworm. Such a disease can trap us at any age and more than once. In order to become infected with the disease, it is not necessary to have direct contact with the person or animals that are carriers. Simply use a towel or any other thing infected. The spots that have appeared on the body can be both red and pink. First, single spots appear on the body, and then the whole body is covered with them, and they flake and itch. Most often, large red spots on the body appear on the scalp, in the groin and armpits, between the fingers and on the feet. In rare cases, the patient may have a fever. Treatment of this disease takes place by taking antifungal drugs. The course of treatment usually takes about three weeks.
• Atopic dermatitis. This disease is allergic. So our immune system responds to a specific allergen. Atopic dermatitis may have a genetic predisposition and occur very early - even before three years. Most often, the first red spots are the result of severe stress, environmental changes, as well as errors in food. That is, a person can say for sure after what event he had spots. This disease is also characterized by the fact that it can be seasonal. So, signs become aggravated by fall-winter, and by spring they begin to pass. Most often, spots appear in the auricles, on the scalp and on the face. In addition, the spots are very itchy, and if they are torn apart, suppuration may also appear. When this disease is prescribed a course of anti-inflammatory therapy.
• Seborrheic eczema. This is a skin disease that is acute or chronic. It does not apply to infectious and rather indicates that the skin needs proper care. The causes of seborrheic eczema include heredity, emotional stress, hormonal disorders. The treatment of such a disease is reduced to the constant treatment of the affected areas. In parallel, you should also treat the disease, which led to eczema.
• Psoriasis. This disease is chronic and has an autoimmune nature. In psoriasis, a spot may appear first, then a couple more. Spots in appearance are dry and at the same time rise above the surface of the skin. Also in parallel there may be spots of white or pale pink. They can appear on any part of the body, often on the buttocks, knees, elbows, soles. When exacerbated by stains, the whole body may be covered. Psoriasis treatment is carried out comprehensively and is very expensive.

Better safe than sorry

Do not neglect to treat their health. Especially, if your family already had cases of the above diseases. It is better to periodically conduct self-examination. It is most convenient to do this after a shower. Red spots in this case will be immediately visible. Use the rule: “Be forewarned - forearmed!”

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