Fern: useful properties. Use in traditional medicine

From ancient times, many nations firmly believed that in the middle of summer, on the night of Ivan Kupala, the fern spreads a flower of unprecedented beauty, to which miraculous properties were attributed.

Fern descriptionfern useful properties

This is a herbaceous perennial plant whose height is from 30 to 100. It has a brown and thick rhizome with a large number of appendages that resemble threads. The stem of a fern is underground. In May, young leaves (fronds) appear, at first they are very similar to snails, and over time they unfold and become like hooks. Rachis is a leaf stalk. Fern breeds spores, so it can not have any colors in principle.

Bracken fern properties are well known to people. The fact is that it is one of the most ancient plants on Earth. Fern Leaf - scaly, pinnately complex. In the autumn, sporangia appear on them, from which disputes are poured a little later.


Fern, the useful properties of which are used by folk healers, grows throughout the world. It can be found in the northern countries (Norway and Finland), he feels fine and in hot Mexico or Central Asia. Even in some arctic regions you can meet him in the summer. In Russia, the fern grows everywhere: from the Kola Peninsula to Siberia. Most often it is found in forests, preferring spruce, fir, beech and mixed massifs.


The fern root contains starch, alkaloids, eagle-tannic hydrocyanic acid, essential oils, tannins, flavonoids, and fat. The young shoots are saturated with vitamins, tocopherol, riboflavin, carotene, and nicotinic acid.fern leaf

Fern: useful properties, application

Bracken fern contains protein, which in its composition and properties is close to the indices of this valuable substance in cereals. It is easily absorbed by the human body. Fern is included in the diet of the taiga in the Far East and the inhabitants of Korea and Japan. Eating it contributes to the proper formation of the skeleton, normalizes metabolism, normalizes the nervous system, improves human performance, removes radionuclides from the body, improves the endocrine system.eagle fern properties

Some nations of the world use fern in cooking. Salads are prepared from young leaves and shoots, and stalks are fried, boiled, salted and pickled for the winter. They are an excellent seasoning for meat and resemble mushrooms in taste.

Modern researchers are still amazed at the healing properties of the plant root: it contains many unique components that help remove toxins from the human body and purify it. In skin diseases fern is quite effective. The use of drugs based on the root has a positive effect in the treatment of nonhealing wounds, eczema, rheumatism, chronic constipation, relieves headaches. In addition, recent studies have shown that such drugs improve the condition of the cardiovascular system (but they are contraindicated in some heart diseases, so you need to consult a doctor).

Medicinal properties

Basically fern-based drugs are aimed at combating intestinal parasites. The healing properties of the fern in the fight against this disease are explained by its chemical composition. It contains substances that paralyze the tapeworm muscles.

Folk healers use water infusion of fern roots to treat seizures, rheumatism. Infusion in these diseases is applied externally.fern application

Root harvesting

Fern in traditional medicine is most often used in the form of infusions of plant roots. They are collected in September and October. Thoroughly cleaned from the ground, remove the scaly leaf of fern and small roots. Dry the raw materials, usually in ovens or in rooms with good ventilation. Store them in a tightly closed container. Raw materials can be stored no more than one year. The roots that are browned inside cannot be used for making medicines.fern in traditional medicine

Fern: cooking recipes

In order to prepare the decoction of fern roots, you need to take 10 g of dried and well-crushed raw materials, pour it with a glass (200 ml) of boiling water. The composition is boiled until the volume is reduced by half. Take it with honey on 1 teaspoon. You can knead it with flour, divide the resulting mass into 10 equal parts and take it inside. However, you need to know that only a doctor can prescribe you. You cannot take such drugs yourself. This is a very powerful remedy for intestinal parasites.fern cooking recipes

It should be remembered that after taking it you must take a laxative (salt) and make several cleansing enemas. Another laxative is not recommended, so as not to cause the absorption of this agent in the blood.

External application

Fern, the useful properties of which are very versatile, can be used for external use: bath, wiping. Take 50 g dry root (or 100 g fresh), boil it 2-3 hours in two liters of water under the lid closed. Add the composition to a cool bath (+ 27-32 degrees).

In Russia, a thick extract of fern root has been approved for use. It is used when infecting with a swine, bovine or dwarf chain. This is a fast-acting drug, so after a minute of 30, a laxative must be taken to remove the parasites from the intestines.

For the same uses a folk remedy, which is based on a fern. The recipes for making potions from this plant are simple, but the dosage must be strictly observed. From dry fern root, prepare powder (60 g). Divide it into 30 parts. Powder and castor oil to take the scheme:

1 day. During the day, take only liquid food. At night take 2 tablespoons of castor oil.

2 day. Every 2 minute for an hour on an empty stomach take the 1 portion of the powder mixed with 2 ml of ethereal root tincture. Food does not take 6 hours, then take a laxative.fern application


Remember that fern extract is the strongest poison, so all preparations based on it should be used only for its intended purpose and under the control of physicians. They are strictly contraindicated for people with chronic liver disease, with duodenal ulcer and stomach, fever, tuberculosis, anemia. In addition, they can not be given to children up to 2 years.Fern: useful properties. Use in traditional medicine

Overdose can cause nausea, vomiting, seizures, severe headache, a sharp decrease in blood pressure, dizziness, weakening of the heart, respiratory depression and even death.

The use of fern during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. In case of overdose, it is urgent to clear the stomach, take a laxative and immediately seek help from a medical institution.

Fern, the beneficial properties of which can help with fairly serious diseases, can be very dangerous if you take it uncontrolledly and do not follow the dosage.

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