Taking the drug transbukkalno - it's like?

If taking pills or other drugs prescribed buccal is how to use a candy or other "long-playing sweetness." That is, the medicine must be placed between the upper lip and gum, or simply dissolve, leaving it behind the cheek.

Methods of taking drugs

methods of taking drugsIf we consider enteral (through the digestive tract) routes of drug administration into the body, we can distinguish the 4 method. First, it is oral (normal ingestion). Thus, they use tablets and powders, capsules and mixtures. That is, drugs in a liquid, solid or bulk state. Tablets or lozenges can be administered transbukkalno (this, as a rule, applies to drugs of instant action, but there are exceptions). The method consists in the resorption of the tablet or lozenges in the oral cavity, that is, cheek.

The third method is sublingual (placed under the tongue). It is used in cases of undesirable contact of the drug with tooth enamel, or when there is a risk that the patient, having lost consciousness, may choke on the pill.

The fourth option is rectal (through the anus). Thus, candles are mainly used in the treatment of small children or in local therapy. Or in case of problems with the digestive organs that interfere with the normal absorption of the drug. Which option to apply in a particular case, the specialist determines.

What does transbukkalno mean

Literally, the term is translated from Latin means "cheek". Many people who are far from medicine, not understanding the specifics of terminology and having forgotten to ask the attending physician for the meaning of this word, begin to invent their own variants.

buccal is likeTherefore, experts recommend when communicating with patients to minimize the use of such complex terms. The patient has no idea what it means to take pills buccal, but he will perfectly understand that it needs to be absorbed by placing him on the cheek. And already in his documents and the patient's medical record it is quite possible to write an appointment using the appropriate terminology.

What drugs are prescribed transbukkalno

Of the most common drugs, it is glycine (improves brain metabolism). It is used to elevate mood and general well-being in depressions, in stressful situations, in various diseases of the nervous system, strokes, as ancillary therapy in the treatment of drug dependence and in some other cases. Recommended to use sublingually or buccal. This method was chosen to accelerate the entry into the blood of the active substance.

what means transbukkalnoBy resorption, some antiviral, hormonal and topical medicines are also consumed. For example, if a patient has acute toothache, he is prescribed analgesics orally or buccally. In the latter case, the effect is achieved much faster. There is a mass of lozenges for dental or otolaryngological use.

When it is better to choose a sublingual method

If the patient is in a state close to the unconscious, swallowing is difficult and there is a high risk that the drug can get into the respiratory tract, it is recommended to put a pill under the tongue. In this case, the resorption process will slow down slightly (due to insufficient copious salivation), however, the risk of inhalation of the pill or its accidental ingestion is minimized.

Sublingual, as a rule, prescribe validol and other sedatives. Thus, they use products, the impact of which may adversely affect the tooth enamel. To minimize contact of the active substance, the tablet is placed under the tongue.

The disadvantages of the method

what does it mean to take pills transbukkalnoDespite the fact that buccal medication is considered to be one of the most effective, simple and quick in terms of its effects, it also has its negative sides. First, this is the sensation of the taste of the drug. It is well known that most drugs have an unpleasant bitterness. If orally the patient accepts them without any problems, then during resorption he may experience quite bright unpleasant sensations up to the gag reflex. For this reason, not everything and not everyone can be assigned transbukkalno (it is, as a rule, quite individual, someone can suffer a little for the sake of benefit, but others can not).

This method is also unacceptable for taking drugs that can adversely affect the mucous membrane. For example, if the medicine is so aggressive that it can cause inflammation or even mouth ulcers, it is better to swallow it whole.

In general, the decision on the method of taking the drug should be made by a specialist. As a rule, in the annotation all the options are registered (in case the doctor forgets to mention them). True, not everyone understands, transbukkalno - this is how, or that means sublingually, but in the instructions for drugs a simple colloquial form is unlikely to be appropriate.

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