Psychoneurological Institute Bekhtereva

Bekhtereva InstituteThe Bekhtereva Institute is a medical institution that has been engaged in clinical and research activities for many years. This state institution specializes in psychotherapy, neurology, psychiatry, narcology, psychodiagnostics, gerontopsychiatry and neurosurgery. The staff of this medical institution consists mainly of highly qualified specialists - candidates of science and doctors.

History of the Institute

Psychoneurological Institute. Bekhtereva was created by an academician, an outstanding Russian psychiatrist, the founder of the pathopsychological direction and reflexology in Russia - Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev. It was he who organized it in 1907 year as a research and higher educational institution. For many years the Bekhtereva Institute was the only institution in Russia that successfully combined clinical and pedagogical activities. Vladimir Mikhailovich rightly believed that for the future practical and scientific work of absolutely any doctor it is required to receive not only medical, but also legal and philosophical education.

The first stage in the life of the Institute

Psychoneurological Institute named after Bekhtereva

In 1911, the Bekhtereva Institute in St. Petersburg for the first time in Russian medical practice organized and conducted the so-called repetitive courses for specialists in the field of neuropathology and psychiatry. Lectures on recent discoveries and achievements affecting industry data were given by leading clinicians for six whole weeks. At these first in the history of Russian medicine advanced training courses have been trained twenty-five doctors. In addition, training programs of this type were prepared for doctors of other specialties. Unfortunately, the war that began in 1914 did not allow Vladimir Mikhailovich to carry out this project.

The second stage in the life of the Institute

In 1919, the Bekhtereva Institute was reorganized. The presented educational faculties, according to the relevant order, were transformed into such higher educational institutions as, for example, the St. Petersburg Academy of Chemical Pharmaceuticals, and became the basis of several departments of the psychological faculty of the university. It was the Bekhtereva Institute in the former USSR that became the first institution whose activity was aimed at establishing psychotherapy and reviving clinical psychology in Russia. Since the 1993 year, this medical institution is the basis of the World Health Organization in the field of scientific research, professional training and the organization of psycho-neurological care. In the 2001 year, as a tribute to the historical tradition, a training center was recreated at the Institute, which today implements the educational activities of the institute and is leading in the country.

Bekhtereva Institute

Natalia Bekhtereva and the Brain Institute

Speaking of Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev and his main brainchild, it is impossible not to mention Nataliya Petrovna Bekhtereva, the granddaughter of a famous academician. She followed in his footsteps and graduated from Leningrad Medical Institute in 1947. Natalya Petrovna was very interested in the works of Bekhtereva and later herself wrote far more than one book. In 1992, she was appointed head of the scientific group on the neurophysiology of consciousness, creativity and thinking of the Institute of Human Brain, Russian Academy of Sciences, the latter, by the way, was called the Bekhtereva Institute at that time. In addition, Natalya Petrovna worked for a long time at the Research University of Experimental Medicine. If we talk about the main contribution that the granddaughter of a famous academician left in the field of medicine, then this is a scientific school in the field of human brain physiology. Natalia Bekhtereva created it in her time. The Institute of Brain - the place of its last work - helped a lot and made it possible to lay the foundations for future fundamental research.

Institute Bekhtereva today

Bekhtereva Brain Institute

Currently, the Training Center organizes training in five main specialties. These are neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, clinical psychology and psychiatry-narcology. At the same time, all the necessary conditions have been created for future specialists to receive continuing professional education through the simultaneous implementation of basic and various additional educational programs. Also, everyone has the opportunity to master several curricula at once. In addition, individual training is available. The Institute provides students with the opportunity to participate in work, and visits to various regional and international scientific conferences, schools and seminars.

Professional programs of the Institute

The main professional educational programs that are implemented today by the Institute are postgraduate, residency and internship programs. In addition, soon the administration of this institution plans to launch a magistracy.

Bekhtereva Institute in St. Petersburg

In the role of additional professional programs are programs of thematic improvement, professional development and professional retraining. Persons who only receive or already have a higher professional education are allowed to master all of them. In addition, absolutely all programs combine clinical and theoretical training, supervision training and special skills.

Features of education

If we talk about the features of training at the Institute of Bekhtereva, then first of all it should be said that there is a lot of attention paid to educational work during the training of specialists. The latter is aimed at expanding erudition, at forming a high spiritual level, adherence to the traditions of this professional institution, as well as familiarizing oneself with national cultural values. For graduate students, residents and interns there are special lecture programs held in the museum of the Institute, as well as the compulsory attendance of an excursion seminar in the walls of the Russian Museum.

Bekhtereva Institute Address

Upon completion of the training process, each student receives an official document approved by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. It should be especially noted that at present the educational activities of this Institute are carried out not only on a commercial, but also on a budgetary basis.


This educational institution is located at number three on Bekhtereva Street. The institute (the address has not changed for a very long time) occupies a large three-story building. Today the administration of the higher educational institution, the advisory department, the laboratory of psychodiagnostics and clinical psychology, the department of community psychiatry and child psychiatry, the physiotherapy department, and the unit dealing with geriatric psychiatry are located here. In addition, there is a training center, a neurosis clinic, a center for diagnostic studies, and much more at this address.

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